The meaning of all rights reserved

The all rights reserved phrase appears in most copies of books, movies, and other creative works. What really is the meaning of “all rights reserved”? Is it still cool to include the notation in your creative work. Copyright Meaning: Copyright, just like trademark, is an important legal tool for protecting the intellectual property in original […]


The IRS Notice Publication 1450 (Rev. 07-2018) released by the Internal Revenue Service provides instructions for requesting a certificate of release of federal tax liens. The opening part of the notice reads thus: Section 6325(a) of the Internal Revenue Code directs us to release a Federal tax lien within 30 days of when the liability […]

Air Rights

The rights of landowners extend from the land itself to the use of adjacent water bodies. Importantly, he enjoys the right to use and sell the aerial spaces above the property. Landowners in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Tokyo stand to benefit more from air rights. This is more so where: Your property […]

Garrity Right

Introduction: Public employees, including law enforcement officers facing investigatory interviews or in a disciplinary setting, have some rights from their employer, such as the Garrity right. They can inquire as to the nature of the inquiry. The nature of the inquiry—criminal or administrative—determines the appropriate warnings—Garrity, Miranda, or the Reverse Garrity—they should receive. In addition, […]

Promise to pay agreement

A creditor and a debtor execute a “promise to pay” agreement when the debtor undertakes to pay a certain amount of money on a certain date or dates. Usually, the first payment must happen within thirty (30) days from the date of the agreement. It mainly states which amounts are outstanding and the dates of […]

Littoral rights

Owners of hotels, homes, or resorts near a shoreline are expected to know the extent of their littoral rights or riparian rights, as the case may be. As we shall see, property rights extend beyond land. They can also include rights to adjacent features, such as a body of water, and to air rights. Property […]

Is it illegal to write or draw on money?

The image that comes to mind of a dollar bill is a crisp paper bills or bundles of new bank bills. However, we often receive dollar bills with writings or drawings etched to the currency. Sometimes, out of emergency, people write on the edges of the dollar bill. Generally, defacing the dollar bill can earn […]

How long does it take to get a license?

You have probably completed your driver’s course, applied for a driving license, and now wonder how long it takes to get it. In most states, it takes up to 15 business days to receive a plastic driver’s license in the mail. That is about two or three weeks. Business days do not include weekends. On rare occasions, it […]