How Long Does a Title Search Take?

If you have a mortgage, you will be unable to consummate your deal until the test and title search are done. After the transaction is finished, you will receive the property deed and title insurance policy. So, how long does it take to clear a title? The entire process of a title search for a […]

WHAT IS AN ESTATE? Types, Planning, and Management

In financial law, an “estate” is all of the assets and property owned by a deceased person. However, depending on where the decedent’s estate is in the estate process, this definition can have a few distinct meanings. Estate planning is necessary to ensure that your possessions are handed to the estate beneficiary or beneficiaries exactly […]

Is California a No Fault State?

California is technically not a no-fault state. While a wounded motorist can still submit a claim with the other driver’s insurance company and that claim must be paid, the story does not end there. According to Los Angeles car accident attorneys, drivers in California still have the right to claim additional damages. To understand why […]

Does Phentermine Show Up On A Drug Test?

Drug testing is now a requirement for employment in many governments and private sectors, including healthcare, sports, schools and universities, and so on. Phentermine is an amphetamine-like stimulant used to decrease hunger. The FDA initially approved it for use in the short-term control of obesity in 1959. Because phentermine is chemically similar to AMP and […]