The 2019 Honda Civic Si is a tribute to a classic style, yet it nevertheless provides new ways to delight drivers who are fortunate enough to own it. This tiny car was recognized by Car and Driver as one of the “10 best” because it is both sporty and useful.
The Civic Si serves as a clear reminder that having fun on the road doesn’t require a lot of power. It is a performance-oriented and engaging vehicle that comes in both a two-door coupe and a four-door sedan, both with moderate outputs and a modest price tag.
The 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four used in the Civic Si is the same engine used in the Civic EX-T and Touring trims, but the Si beefs it up with bigger turbos and greater exhaust flow, resulting in a power boost of 31 horsepower and 25 lb-ft. 205 horsepower and 192 lb-ft are now the total output. The front two wheels receive this power via a short-throw six-speed manual transmission, which is the sole available option.
In addition, compared to the previous model, the Civic Si is lighter and more rigid. It has an electric variable steering rack, a two-mode adaptive damper system, a helical limited-slip differential, larger front brakes, and wider 18-inch tires. It also has a sports suspension.


A new infotainment system is included inside the 2019 Honda Civic, and it brings with it the Civic’s volume knob’s return. One of the most significant issues we had with the Civic last year is addressed by this minor improvement. What’s more, all Civic levels also gain extra features from the Honda Sensing bundle, which is now standard. Along with lane departure warning with lane keeping assist, it also has adaptive cruise control, front collision prevention, and other features. The Civic already possessed a number of advantages over rivals, and the inclusion of additional safety gear adds even more.
That turbocharger is the 2019 Civic Si’s major game-changer. Not only does it add more power, but that power also enters the powerband considerably sooner. The new Si has far more grunt on the left side of the tachometer, where you had to rev the old Si until its lungs burst to get any kind of power.
As usual, there are a few significant rivals that you may wish to consider as well. These include the Subaru WRX with all-wheel drive, the clever and fast Golf GTI, and the turbocharged Hyundai Veloster. However, the 2019 Honda Civic Si provides a comprehensive mix of features, comfort, and driving entertainment that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate.


  • Performance of turbo engines, particularly in Type R Handling
  • Feels solid
  • many practical storage areas
  • fuel economy
  • material excellence


  • As the base engine accelerates, it drones
  • Comfortable middle and rear seats
  • Silent exhaust (Type R)
  • Menus for the Touchscreen Multimedia System for Type R’s four seats only

What has changed for 2019?

The 2019 Si version maintains its exterior appearance while introducing some inside upgrades that are very welcome. The previously annoying touchscreen interface now has physical buttons and a volume knob for the music system (hallelujah!). The fan speed is also controlled by a hard button on the temperature control. Honda also enlarged the cupholders on the Si, upgraded the button for the electronic parking brake, and streamlined the controls on the steering wheel. Now, Platinum White Pearl paint can be applied to the sedan, and Tonic Yellow Pearl paint can be applied to the coupe. The factory-installed summer tire package is no longer offered, but customers who want the added traction can acquire a set from the dealer.

2019 Civic Si: Design

It is evident that beauty and pride are engraved into every square inch of the 2019 Honda Civic Si thanks to its exterior, which features an elegant style and a profile with racing influences. Its elegant grille and steeply slanted headlamps strengthen its commanding front appearance.

The 2019 Honda Civic Si’s interior is just as practical and eye-catching as its design. Your passengers will be riding in elegance as they recline and take pleasure in the high-quality materials used in the seating, which has enough for up to five people. For optimal on-the-go entertainment, passengers can also connect their Apple or Android devices to your Civic Si’s Apple CarPlayTM or Android AutoTM systems.
A boost meter, a rev-limit indicator, and a 7″ display-audio touchscreen are just a few of the smart features the Civic Si offers its driver up front for easy reference. The 2019 Honda Civic Si has a push-to-start button that makes driving even more convenient and effortless. Heated seats and on-wheel controls for car functions are additional luxuries that drivers can enjoy.


Those fortunate enough to be behind the wheel of a 2019 Honda Civic Si will be in charge of a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that can produce a monstrous 205 horsepower. The 6-speed manual transmission in the Honda Civic Si boosts the car’s power and can be sent into overdrive by pushing the “sport mode” button on the center console. Only the 2019 Honda Civic Si’s fuel economy elevates the excellent setup: It has a fuel economy rating of 28 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.
A limited-slip differential is built into the Civic Si’s design to improve cornering. To keep you prepared for anything the open road may throw your way, the 2019 Honda Civic Si also comes standard with improved brakes, 18″ metal alloy wheels, and an adaptive rear-dampening system.


Honda has done a good job with the suspension of the Civic Si. Even on extended trips, there is a lot to enjoy here thanks to its excellent seats and smooth ride. On such lengthy travels, the loud road noise will get old, though.

Suitable Seating

functional, simple, and clever chairs. These seats are highly comfy and supportive enough for the car’s restrictions with manual reach, rake, and height adjustments. The grippy material is comfortable, and they are wide enough for Americans. The rear seat features a natural backrest angle, some form, and adequate thigh support.

Comfortable Ride

On actual roads, the ride quality is quite good. Even while driving aggressively, the car can “breathe” over bumpy roads thanks to excellent bump compliance. A hardly perceptible amount of additional damper force is added in sport mode.

Sound and Vibration

There is a lot of tire hum and rumbling on the road, which is audible at all speeds. Although the road noise is louder than the engine noise, the engine noise is noticeable, especially when accelerating. The optional summer tires on our test vehicle may have been noisier than the all-season tires.

Climate Regulation

Excellent temperature control and even air distribution are provided by the dual-zone automated climate control. The most often used controls are simple buttons or knobs; however, choosing manual air distribution or fan speed requires using the touchscreen. Excellent seat heaters are provided.

2019 Civic Si: Interior

Inside, the Civic is surprisingly roomy and simple to enter and exit. The Civic’s cabin, which gets the basics right, has a lot going for it.

Easy of Use

The driver won’t need to change how they use the principal controls because of their placement. There are numerous capabilities at your disposal, yet they are easy to use thanks to the straightforward design.

Entering and Leaving

Once more, the Civic drives like a bigger vehicle. Access is made easier by broad, wide front doors. For this part, the sill and roof are simple to maneuver. The back doors are quite lengthy. The main drawback is a body pillar that makes it difficult to swing your foot around.
driver’s seat

The telescopic wheel accommodates drivers of all shapes and sizes, and the range of seat height is excellent. The size of the steering wheel is perfect. Although the distance between the brake and accelerator is a little too great for comfortable heel-and-toe driving, the interaction between the seat, pedals, and steering wheel is good. The shifter is also easily grasped.


It has a spacious interior with enough headroom and knee room for a car in this class. Compared to rivals, there is a ton of room in the back seat. For 6-footers, there is enough headroom. However, if the front seat is put in the lowest position, there is little toe room.


Excellent front vision is provided by the somewhat low cowl and the thin windscreen pillars, although the height deck necessitates the use of the backup camera. Any passenger-side blind spot is advantageously eliminated by the LaneWatch technology. It’s also fantastic that the side mirrors are bigger than typical.


The Civic has the normal fit and quality that Honda is known for, which includes accurate assembly and excellent surfaces that are both long-lasting and appealing. Although it won’t blow you away with overt luxury, car-savvy consumers will appreciate the attention to detail. A constant, misleading low tire pressure warning was present on our test car.

2019 Civic Si: Technology

The Civic’s tech capabilities were one of its flaws, but the 2019 model now gets an upgraded infotainment system that should help with the majority of problems. Many of Honda’s safety features come standard, as do Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Navigation and Audio

The infotainment system has many features, although earlier versions weren’t always the most user-friendly. The system in the 2019 Civic has been improved, and this should greatly increase functionality.
mobile device integration
The standard inclusions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer more user-friendly interfaces than Honda’s. The texting feature is really useful and significantly lowers the distraction level.
driving aids
The excessively sensitive forward collision system frequently raises false alarms, which gets old fast. Even in the least intrusive setting, the sensitivity adjustment is a problem. Sometimes the LaneWatch blind-spot camera is more of a hindrance than an aid.


The new Honda Civic Si may or may not be successful. The Si isn’t lacking in visual or driver engagement thanks to its buttoned-down chassis and newly discovered turbocharged power, but ultimately it lacks the drama and thrill that comes with the rival Volkswagen Golf GTI. The Si, despite being powerful, doesn’t feel anxious to wake up from its slumber. Its muffled exhaust and distant engine don’t stir the pot.

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