Any owner of a trailer will benefit from having an electric Jack for trailer since it makes it easier to connect and disconnect a trailer from a car. Important elements, including weight capacity, lifting height, and ease of use, were included in our research, along with consumer input. When choosing a jack, it’s crucial to take the lifting height and power supply into account. To guarantee smooth performance and avoid damage, our knowledgeable advice includes routinely cleaning and lubricating the jack.
A life-changing trailer handling experience is provided by the greatest electric trailer jack.

You can quickly and safely lift your travel trailer by yourself using this device.

What is an Electric Trailer Jack?

The front of the trailer can be raised and lowered using a trailer jack, which can be either motorized or manual and is installed on the tongue of the trailer.

You can level a travel trailer from front to back and connect and disengage from your tow vehicle thanks to the ability to raise and lower the front of the trailer.
The main distinction between electric and manual jacks is that the latter requires far less (or no) work to operate while the latter operates with the push of a button. It will smoothly lift the front of the trailer and lower the jack foot to the ground.

With an electric trailer jack, all you have to do is press a button to start the electric motor.

Does an Electric Trailer Jack need a Battery?

Yes. On a 12V battery, an electric trailer jack is powered.

Electric trailer jacks include a switch that you can turn to raise and lower the trailer’s tongue, unlike manual trailer jacks that need “RVer power” to do so. Of course, electricity is necessary for an electric jack’s motor.
Those electric currents originate from a 12-volt battery. The “house” battery in the case of a travel trailer is often located within the trailer.

Choosing an Electric Trailer Jack: Pros and Cons

Although more complex to install, an electric jack is simpler to use. Of course, leaving your trailer as-is requires no additional work or expense if you’re thinking about upgrading to an electric jack because you currently have a manual one.

In terms of price, electric jacks cost more than manual jacks and need 12V power to function.
You would still need to hand-crank the jack if the electric motor were to break down or if your 12V battery source failed to power it. assuming that is a choice.

Although a manual jack is less expensive and doesn’t need 12V power, using one does need some physical effort.

In essence, an electronic jack does not require any physical labor, but a manual jack does. For people who have weak hands or physical limitations, this might be a factor.
When it comes down to it, the power source is the only real distinction between an electric and manual jack. One requires physical power to work, while the other needs 12V DC power.

How Can You Operate an Electric Trailer Jack?

An electric jack can be operated with just one button press or toggle switch turn. Even more remote controls are available on some electric jacks, allowing you to control them from a distance from the tongue. In either case, using an electric trailer jack is unquestionably quite simple.

How do I determine the weight capacity that my trailer jack needs to have?

This is a crucial inquiry!

Naturally, the answer depends on how much weight your jack will be able to raise. Therefore, the primary issue in establishing the necessary weight capacity of your jack is the tongue weight of your travel trailer.

Calculating Tongue Weight

The front or tongue of your travel trailer must be able to be raised using your trailer jack, whether it is manual or electronic.

Tongue weight is the downward strain the trailer or fifth wheel exerts on the hitch on the vehicle towing it. It is often referred to as “hitch weight” or, in the case of a fifth wheel, “pin weight”.
In essence, you subtract the weight of your tow vehicle without the trailer from the weight of your tow vehicle alone.
An additional tool is a tongue weight scale.

Best Electric Jack for Trailer

Anyone who uses their trailer frequently needs the Lippert Power Tongue Jack Electric Trailer A-Frame. It can simply lift and lower your trailer with the push of a button and has a 3,500-pound weight capability. It can survive the elements thanks to the tough, textured exterior, and the 5.4-inch foot pad adds stability. Although the manual crank override enables you to manually raise or lower your trailer in an emergency. It fits most trailers well, with a retracted length of 10.75 inches and an extended length of 28.75 inches. The Lippert Power Tongue Jack Electric Trailer A-Frame allows for effortless trailer raising in place of manual cranking.
Simple to use, solid construction, with emergency manual crank override
maybe calling for more wiring.

JQ-3500B Power A-Frame

The JQ-3500B A-frame trailer jack is constructed with ease and usability in mind. You can tell you made the proper choice when you open the box and notice how well the A-frame jack is wrapped.

The plastic enclosure is tidy and stylish, and the electrical componentry is of exceptional quality. The molded plastic on top is another thing I enjoy. Some models have metal parts and screw holes that let water in and cause shorts. The power jack for an RV is sealed.
The JQ-3500B is simple to set up. Due to the 2.25″ post diameter, it fits most travel trailers. It may be readily installed into your existing mounting holes because it is the typical tongue jack size.
For drivers who typically struggle to crank the trailer up and down, the functionality of this electric jack for campers is excellent. Its wide 3,500 lb weight capacity makes it simple to hook and unhook trailers.

It makes some noise while under stress, but it doesn’t sound like it’s about to fall apart or chew itself up.
Most drivers are content that there is a circuit breaker present rather than a fuse. Short-circuiting is avoided. Additionally, the JQ-3500B has a cover and an emergency wrench.

The protective cover shields the power jack from bad weather and has a drawstring closure and plush inner lining.
This electrical jack also has a manual crank override, a leveling cap in the bubble design, and an LED light, which are all fantastic features.

The JQ-3500B is a fantastic purchase all around.


  • Positives Consistent performance
  • Resilient
  • Simple to use


  • Absence of mounting connectors and balls

Polestar 500LB Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack

Anyone who owns a trailer, camper, or RV needs the POLESTAR 5000LB Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack. With a single button press, this jack allows you to lift and lower your trailer thanks to its 5,000 lb weight capacity and 12V DC hard wiring. Its small size and light weight make it simple to store and move, and its sturdy design guarantees that it can handle even the most difficult jobs. Perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling and wants to simplify setup and takedown.
5000-pound weight capability and ease of installation

possibly not all trailers

Weize Power Tongue Jack

A heavy-duty electric trailer jack with a 600D polyester cover is the Weize 5000 Lb Power Tongue Jack. This jack has minimal issues lifting objects to 5000 lbs. thanks to its 29 1/2″ clear-floor lift. It is ideal for RVs, trailers, and boats and runs on 12V DC power. The jack has a manual override to protect your safety in the event of a power outage and is constructed of sturdy materials that make it resistant to rust and corrosion. It is a necessity for any trailer owner thanks to its user-friendly control panel and LED lighting that makes it simple to use.

Pros include
Simple installation,
Protective cover.

Loud motor

RAM EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack

Set your sights on the RAM EJ-3520-BBX Electric Trailer Jack if you’re seeking a convenient way to assemble and disassemble your travel trailer. You’ll find relocating your trailer a lot simpler as a result.

With a 3,500-pound weight capability, the RAM EJ-3520-BBX electric trailer jack will easily raise and lower the tongue of your travel trailer. Furthermore, a button press raises and lowers the power jack effortlessly. It’s not even noisy.

Although RAM’s jack-lifting efficiency is low, this aids in lowering the gear ratio and raising the strength. However, compared to hand cranking, it is considerably better.
The jack also features a drop leg for simple adjustment. You don’t have to run the leg out as far because of how long it extends. It’s a significant time-saving boost, but you must be careful not to extend it too far to level your trailer more quickly.

Another worry-free task is installing this crank. The jack comes with all the required hardware for a plug-and-play installation, making it simple. Installing this RV jack requires no more than 15 minutes after the old manual RV jack has been removed.
The jack is made of hardened steel gears, which make it durable and long-lasting. Instead of the bolts, the RAM motorized tongue jack package includes a washer. Additionally, the supplied power connection is long enough for my needs.


  • Plug-and-play
  • Option for manual override
  • Long-lasting


  • Insufficient guidance

Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

For lifting and lowering trailers, the Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack is a strong and dependable piece of equipment. This jack is ideal for large-duty trailers because it has a 5000-pound weight capacity and a 12V DC power source. The 7-way connector makes it simple to connect to the electrical system of your car, and the black finish gives it a slick, polished appearance. Any serious trailer owner needs the Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack, regardless of whether they are towing a boat, an RV, or another large trailer.

Pros include.

  • Ease of use.
  • Convenience.
  • Strength.


  • Loud engine noise.

Husky HB4500 Brute Power Electric Trailer Jack

A power horse is the Husky Brute Power, RV Jack. Compared to a lot of the other jacks on our list, it can support more weight. It can support 4,500 lbs. It makes raising the tongue of your trailer simple and quick.

Despite its size and capabilities, installing the Husky Electric Trailer Jack is not too difficult; the whole process only takes a few minutes. The sole requirement for installation is the presence of bolt connectors and bolts.
When compared to most electric trailer jacks, the Husky Jack is quieter to use, which lessens the annoyance of early or late campsite arrivals. Additionally, this power jack has a drop leg that is adjustable and shortens the time it takes to set up your campsite, allowing you more time to secure your trailer with wheel chocks.
Durability was another consideration when building this jack. The finest components were used in its construction, and the soldered connections and hardened steel gears can withstand years of regular usage.

The push-reset breaker’s presence also makes me happy. Knowing you don’t have to worry about the fuses blowing on me relieves a lot of pressure. The automatic shut-off for retraction and extension, which guards against gear and motor damage, is another safety feature.

Furthermore, the Husky Jack also has a storage bracket and a ball screw that reduces friction, which are both wonderful features.
The Husky Trailer is a fantastic addition to the equipment of any RVer. The fact that this jack only has three holes is my only problem with it. For the power jack to be turned at far greater angles, four would have been much preferable. It only rotates 120 degrees at the moment.


  • Large weight capacity
  • Perfect for heavy trucks
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet performance


  • Only rotates by 120 degrees.

Wrapping Up

There are several solutions available in the electric trailer jack category to meet the needs of every trailer owner. Although each device has particular advantages, they all aim to simplify and improve the effectiveness of trailer setup and towing. An electric trailer jack is advised to make towing easier, regardless of whether you are a frequent traveler or weekend warrior.

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