The design of the 2023 Infiniti Q50 is an odd and frequently perplexing blend. Although the engine is robust in terms of performance, any sports intentions are stifled by the mediocre tires and dead steering. Even the most tech-savvy customers will become frustrated with the awkward and disorganized two-screen infotainment system, despite the comfy seats within. For the same price, other sedans are just more well-built and sophisticated.
The final model produced by Infiniti is the Q50. All that’s left of Infiniti is an SUV because the full-size Q70 sedan was discontinued a few years ago and the Q60 coupe was killed off this year. The Q50 hasn’t seen a change since the 2014 model year, when the current generation sedan debuted. The Genesis G70, Lexus IS, and Acura TLX are among the other compact luxury sedans available with the Q50.


The 2023 Infiniti Q50 serves as a reminder that it’s not easy to bring all the parts together to make a fantastic sports sedan. With this version of the Q50, Infiniti has been trying for ten years, but they haven’t been successful. The Q50 has a striking exterior, but when you open the door, you find a dated interior in comparison to competitors like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW 3-series.
Both rear- and all-wheel drive are offered for the high-end sports car Q50. The automobile is speedy because of its powerful 300-hp turbo V6 engine and seven-speed automated transmission. However, the overall fuel efficiency is a thirsty 22 mpg. The ride is smooth, and the handling is pretty quick. Even for this class, the trunk is small, but the cabin and rear seats are reasonably spacious.
The age of this vehicle is evident in its poor fit and finish as well as its below-average level of amenities. The dual touchscreen infotainment system on the Infiniti is sluggish and difficult to operate. Simple chores require numerous stages, which adds to the distraction. There is also a 400-hp turbo V6 variant. AEB highway, BSW, and RCTW are examples of standard active safety equipment; pedestrian detection is not provided.
High-end little automobiles provide luxury at a reasonably affordable price. Infiniti’s offering in this class is the Q50. It is a wonderful option for busy commuters because of its cozy cabin.
Numerous competitors provide more at the same or lower price. For 2022, Mercedes-Benz fully redesigned the C-Class, which is now better in practically every aspect. Better technology and increased comfort can be found in the more reasonably priced, freshly remodeled Audi A3. Additionally, the Infiniti QX50 is more contemporary and starts at a cheaper price if SUVs are an option for you.

All about 2023 Infiniti Q50

The Q50, which debuted nearly ten years ago, simply has the necessary skills to compete in the compact luxury market and comes in dead last in our rankings. Performance is there, particularly if you choose the more potent Red Sport 400, which has a strong pull. However, a stiff and twitchy suspension and an odd and unpredictable steering reaction spoil the experience.
The Q50 is a pleasant place to spend time inside because to its high-quality materials and ample size for the segment. The dual-screen infotainment layout, which is unintuitive even when it functions well, is less nice. We have had occasional glitches with it. With its most recent model updates, Infiniti has shifted away from this arrangement and toward a larger single screen. Hopefully, Infiniti will remedy the problematic steer-by-wire system and subpar ride quality in its next model.

2023 Infiniti Q50: Power and Engine

A 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine producing 300 horsepower is standard on all 2023 Infiniti Q50 models, with the exception of the Red Sport 400. It is mated to a seven-speed automated transmission and rear-wheel drive. The V6 outperforms base-model four-cylinder engines featured in several competitors, including the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, in terms of acceleration and power. Additionally, for an extra $2,000, purchasers can upgrade to all-wheel drive on any trim level.
The same engine is available with an astonishing 400 horsepower in the Red Sport 400. Only its most formidable rivals can match the Q50’s forceful acceleration thanks to it. Additionally, the dynamic suspension and paddle shifters found on Red Sport versions increase driver feedback and improve cornering agility. Although the base Q50 vehicles ride comfortably, they lack the agility of the Alfa Romeo Giulia or Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

2023 Infiniti Q50: Fuel Efficiency

The 2023 Infiniti Q50 is predicted by the Environmental Protection Agency to achieve 20 mpg in urban areas and 29 mpg on highways. On the interstate, the Red Sport 400 gets 20/26 mpg. Superior vehicles have higher fuel efficiency. For instance, the Audi A4 achieves 24/33 mpg on the interstate and the Genesis G70 returns 21/31 mpg in the city.


Even on extended road trips, the front seats are cozy. There will be plenty of comfort for backseat users. However, there is a cost to the Q50’s riding comfort—or lack thereof. If the road isn’t flawlessly smooth, the Q50 feels nearly always busy. It is unsettling to drive over even relatively small irregularities.

Road noise from other cars predominates inside, especially while traveling at high speeds. The most likely culprits are thin windows and inadequate door insulation. Thankfully, even at maximum throttle, the engine produces a nice, quiet hum. The controls on the climate control system are not structured logically, but it nevertheless manages to maintain a predetermined temperature rather well.


The Q50’s front passengers will have no trouble getting in or out, and its driver’s seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to your preferred height. When boarding, taller backseat passengers should be mindful of their head and foot placement. The Q50’s thin roof pillars offer superior visibility from the front and sides, but the rear view is limited by the high trunk lid and short rear window.

The Q50’s control structure is the main drawback in this case. It’s rather strange to have two screens, and this makes it much more difficult to locate and use the controls. Infiniti requires a redesign.


This has had to be the least enjoyable aspect of the Q50 experience. Most consumers accustomed to well-integrated technology will find the dual-screen infotainment system confusing due to its patchwork of inconsistent fonts, resolutions, and menus. We spent hours of stress trying to commit the menu architecture to memory and encountered several navigational errors. Standard smartphone integration for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay reduces but doesn’t completely remove the annoyance of using the Q50.


Though the rather noticeable wheel wells encroach on the cargo area, the large trunk opening is a good feature. You can fill the Q50 to the brim without worrying about breaking anything when you close the lid because the trunk hinges are positioned outside of the cargo compartment. The cabin opens out to a modest and unusable extent when the back seats are folded down.


The Q50 is stylish and has a respectable amount of power; however, it is somewhat deficient in premium content. Although the cabin appears to be well-equipped for a modern driver at first glance, a deeper examination reveals that it lags behind several competitors in terms of technology and amenities. Although the fit and quality are satisfactory, the variety of materials and styles conflict with a simpler, more aesthetically pleasing design concept. The car’s opulent appearance is declining with the congested approach.


The 2023 Infiniti Q50 finds it difficult to stand out in the cutthroat luxury small vehicle sector. The Q50 has a powerful V6 engine and a long list of standard amenities, but the sedan’s antiquated interior, cumbersome infotainment system, and harsh ride quality outweigh these positive aspects.

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