A nice soundtrack is essential for an enjoyable motorcycle trip. The best motorcycle speakers come in a variety of models and configurations, but their designs are remarkably similar. This may make the selection process quite difficult for you.
Many motorcyclists use Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmets or high-quality headphones to absorb their favorite music, but what if you wanted to share your music with others? The motorcycle speaker enters the picture at this point. Though there are also units on the market that will provide some fantastic noises for when you are hanging out with your motorcycle riding mates, these devices are mostly designed to attach to your handlebars and deliver some awesome acoustics back at you, the driver.
It’s a great joy to ride a motorcycle and listen to your favorite music while you’re doing it. You can listen to music while riding a bike in a number of ways. The best option for a full-face helmet is to wear cordless earphones or a motorcycle Bluetooth headset. Nonetheless, employing motorcycle speakers can be a more sensible choice if you wear an open-face helmet. These larger and louder headphones are superior to in-ear headphones, and can even be left on after cycling.
Suitably mounted to your handlebars, premium motorbike speakers are impervious to water. You may listen to your music collection by simply connecting it to any contemporary audio device, like a smartphone or MP3 player, thanks to Bluetooth technology.
It might be a little complicated to try to identify the best of these kinds of devices because there are so many of them on the market these days. We’ve made things easy for you by compiling this guide, which includes some of the greatest gadgets available right now along with some pre-purchase advice you should go through before making a choice.

A Guide For Selecting the Best Motorcycle Speakers

Selecting the best motorcycle sound system is a difficult task. There is a motorcycle audio system out there for every style of rider, whether they prefer something simple and uncomplicated or something powerful and loud.

To select the ideal speakers, adhere to the following guidelines:

Be Ready for Any Weather

Mother Nature has great power. Nothing gets in her way when she wants to make her presence felt. You never know when rain, strong winds, or a host of other hazardous weather conditions will move in, even if you only ride on clear days. Having said that, you should buy motorcycle speakers that are weatherproof.

Additionally, give dust-resistant speakers top priority. When you’re buying, try to find products that can function well even in dusty or dirty environments. The performance of a motorcycle audio system can be significantly impacted by even a small grain of sand, so it’s crucial to ensure reliable speakers.

Think About the Power

The energy source for your motorcycle’s sound system should be taken into account while selecting speakers. You’ll need an amplifier for this.

But you need an amplifier that meets your needs; any amplifier won’t do. Consider everything in your speaker kit that needs power in order to accomplish this. This covers the radio, tweeters, speakers on your motorcycle, and maybe a subwoofer. To ensure that all of this equipment operates at optimal efficiency, search for amplifiers that can meet the demand for power.
One last thing to think about is how loud your music can get. You need a high-volume amplifier to block out wind, road noise, and your bike’s powerful exhaust. Be sure to take into account all the possible noises you may encounter while driving before selecting a motorcycle sound system.

Large-diameter voice coil speakers are what you want to seek in a speaker system if you want excellent sound quality. These aid in amplifying sounds without sacrificing quality.

Consider Speaker Wattage

Consider the power of the speakers when comparing motorcycle models. Your speakers will be quieter and less powerful the lower the wattage. This may result in decreased sound intensity as well as a decline in speaker performance.

When looking for motorcycle speakers, wattage is undoubtedly an important consideration, but it’s not the only one. Ohm rating is another crucial technical criterion to consider. The electrical resistance of a speaker is measured in ohms, and the majority of speakers found in cars and motorcycles are rated at 4 ohms. Generally speaking, a 4-ohm speaker will provide higher-quality sound and convert your bike’s electrical power into sound more effectively.
The speakers’ dimensions are also important, particularly in an environment like a motorcycle where room is limited. Sizing is frequently expressed in inches when discussing various speaker types. Whether you choose to install your motorcycle speakers on the fairing, handlebars, or in the back, a larger 6×9-inch speaker or a smaller 4-inch speaker is the best option.

A complete audio package is something Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts should think about if they want to enhance their audio experience. With two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers, these all-in-one systems are often built to provide incredibly high-quality sound. With their cutting-edge features and potent output, they may completely change the way you ride and make every trip unforgettable.
To enhance your motorcycle’s on-road audio experience, consider factors like wattage, ohm rating, speaker size, and your specific riding conditions when selecting the right speakers.

Installation Choices

Your choice of speaker location on your motorcycle can have a big impact on the look and sound quality. The location will determine how well the music matches your ride, whether you choose a handlebar, helmet, or rear-mounted speakers. In case you’re looking for the best possible sound quality, handlebar-mounted speakers are a great option. As you go down the road, these are positioned to project sound more directly at the rider, providing clearer and crisp audio.
Fairing speakers are an appealing alternative for individuals seeking exceptional audio performance. The motorbike fairing, the front cover that aids in aerodynamics and holds numerous pieces of equipment like lights and instruments, is incorporated with these speakers. Fairing speakers frequently provide the best possible balance between functionality and style. The device complements your bike’s aesthetics and generates a loud enough sound to compete with road noise.

Functionality and Extras

The world of motorcycle audio has changed in the modern era of technical breakthroughs. Contemporary motorcycle speakers now focus on offering a flexible and integrated experience rather than merely great sound quality. Other manufacturers of audio equipment, including Harley Davidson, have advanced way beyond simple speaker configurations to provide a plethora of functions that were previously unimaginable for a motorcycle. There are several options available, ranging from Bluetooth motorcycle speakers that enable smooth smartphone connectivity to Harley 6×9 speaker lids that offer excellent sound projection.
Thumb controls are another feature that many of today’s high-tech systems have, so you can change tracks, change the level, or even answer a call without ever taking your hands off the handlebars. This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining focus on the road and preventing distractions while driving at high speeds. Apart from thumb controls, you need to take into account features like voice control, remote control, and smartphone apps that provide detailed customization options for your music.

Best Motorcycle Speakers

Best Motorcycle Speakers: Handlebar-Mounted Motorcycle Speaker

This set of Kicker speakers with pods and mounting hardware has a lot to offer. The speakers themselves are 3-inch PSM drivers, which Kicker does not rate IP-wise, although they have been shown to function effectively in damp and dusty conditions. This popular set of pod-style speakers for mounting on bikes, ATVs, and boats is the proof that fits in the pudding.

The speakers’ high-efficiency motor design allows them to handle power levels of 50 watts to 100 watts at their peak, and they sound great even on factory setups without amplifiers.
Although the small size prevents you from getting deep bass, these are quite good at creating mid-range frequencies at any volume without distortion, which is important if you want to hear good music while driving.

The six-foot speaker cables that are fully insulated to keep water and dust out of the system come with bullet-style speakers, which mount to crash bars or handlebars. They install perfectly on ATVs, motorcycles, and other power sports vehicles due to their tiny form, which also makes them ideal for limited places. They are available in two and four-ohm variants for both hues and in black or chrome.

Best Motorcycle Speakers: Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder

There is just one excellent motorcycle sound bar on the market! An easy-to-mount 4.1 Bluetooth sound bar for motorcycle handlebars is the Kuryakyn 2820 MTX Road Thunder. It has a 300-watt peak power output and a 1.0 Amp USB charging connector for charging. The product is weather-resistant thanks to its IP66 rating.

A 4-channel amp located inside the device powers the four 1 silk dome tweeters and two 2 x 3′′ full-range speakers with high frequency. At any volume, the crystal-clear sound produced by these strong speakers will be audible. Wireless streaming of the music is possible from your smartphone or other compatible device. All you need to do is launch the music player after pairing the two devices via Bluetooth. As an alternative, you can use the common 3.5-mm connection cable to connect older devices.
The Kuryakyn 2820 MTX Road Thunder motorbike speaker system is among the best-selling items on Amazon, with excellent user reviews. It’s a solid product all around, in my opinion, and you really can’t go wrong with it. Its mounting mechanism is its lone minor drawback. If your handlebars are 1″, you might need to add some rubber strips for better grip because the clamps might be too loose.

Black 1000 Watt Motorcycle Sound System by BOSS AUDIO MCBK470B

This 1000-watt motorbike sound system was created by Boss, the automotive and vehicle audio experts. It’s a fantastic system that’s simple to install and ideal for off-road vehicles like ATVs. The system is regarded as one of the top-tier motorcycle audio packages by both consumers and critics, offering all the necessary features. Since creating these kinds of systems in 1987, Boss Audio Systems has continuously and creatively improved its products over the course of its nearly 30-year existence.
First off, there are four speakers included with this motorcycle speaker system. You can put each of them on your handlebars to get a completely immersive sound. The mounting brackets are easy to install; just detach them and wrap them around your handlebars. Once this is finished, tighten to ensure that the speakers remain in the location you have placed them in. The amplifier unit can be easily mounted to the motorcycle’s body after its physical connection, either by screwing it in or placing it in a pack.
With so many amazing features, you can be sure that your journey will be comfortable and sound fantastic. First of all, this speaker system has Bluetooth capability. The device allows you to wirelessly connect any Bluetooth-capable device and enjoy your preferred music apps like Pandora and Spotify. Additionally, a wired remote control system will allow you to modify the sound’s volume.
The main amplifier box provides additional wired connectivity in addition to WiFi connectivity, allowing you to play music from older devices like CD and MP3 players. In order to broadcast sounds from AUX devices and generate a stronger stereo output signal, these connectors include a standard AUX input that uses a headphone-sized connector to produce sound on the right and left channels, as well as left and right RCA inputs for the speakers themselves.

GoHawk TN4-R Stereo Speakers

When compared to all the other speakers I have examined, the GoHawk TN4-R motorcycle stereo speakers are incredibly economical. You may purchase a high-quality product that won’t break the bank for about $50. Although they work well with all touring bikes, you can also use them with other kinds of motorcycles.

Two 4″ full-range stereo speakers and a powerful 2-channel 100W amplifier make up the GoHawk TN4-R motorbike audio system. The supplied cable makes it simple to attach them to a typical 12V motorcycle battery. The speaker modules can be installed on any 1 to 1.5′′ handlebar and are IP56 water-resistant.
The Bluetooth 5.0 technology that is included with the system is significantly quicker and more power-efficient than Bluetooth 4.1. As a result, you may take advantage of an incredibly quick connection between your audio-streaming device and the speakers. The connection is quite convenient when you get off your motorcycle because it may reach up to 15 meters.


A motorcycle radio system may enhance your riding experience and take it to new levels. It’s more than simply an accessory. Imagine riding your Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycle on the open road, accompanied by a high-quality sound system playing your favorite tunes. Choosing the ideal motorcycle audio system might be intimidating due to the vast array of alternatives available.

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