People may ask, which is better, M135i or M140i? Currently the quickest and most powerful 1 Series car available for purchase, the BMW M140i occupies the top spot in the small car hierarchy. The BMW M140i has the well-known 3.0L BMW B58 engine. With 335 horsepower, it isn’t nearly as powerful as the BMW M2, the 1M Coupe from the previous generation.

Although BMW renamed the vehicle from M135i to M140i in 2016, it was virtually the same car with additional power, stronger suspension, and increased efficiency

The M140i’s appeal lies in its ability to provide all the functionality of the base 1 Series along with the extra power of a 3.0-liter straight-six turbocharger. Rear-wheel drive is standard on all variants, which contributes to its excellent handling relative to other hatchbacks.
Sat-nav, DAB, Bluetooth, 18-inch alloy wheels, and an M Sport body kit are now standard on all versions. Although keyless entry, adjustable dampers, and a reversing camera are additional costs, leather sports seats, climate control, and rear parking sensors are standard features.

BMW M140i: Engine, Performance, and Drive

The M140i is an absolute pleasure to drive, and its superb engine is at the core of its allure. The six-cylinder’s nicely tuned exhaust tone and seamless operation extend to 7,000 rpm. It’s fast as well, reaching 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds, but what really stands out is the in-gear quickness. This is particularly impressive given the eight-speed automatic’s closely spaced ratios and 500 Nm of torque at just 1,300 rpm.

Although selecting the automatic increases the cost by about £1,500, it is almost as good as the A45 AMG with its double clutch, fast shifts, steering wheel-mounted paddles, and strong manual control. It also accelerates ever so slightly, cutting the manual’s 0-62 mph time by 0.2 seconds.
If you choose a manual, though, you won’t be sorry. It provides an ideal driving position for those seeking a lively ride. It has a hefty yet pleasurable shift action.

The M140i’s exquisitely balanced rear-wheel drive chassis is another major selling point. Plenty of grip and nimble handling go hand in hand with quick and accurate steering. While the Mercedes-AMG A45 has better body control, the BMW’s performance and handling don’t compromise comfort or refinement, thanks to a respectable ride.

BMW M140i: MPG and Running Cost

Given that the M140i boasts a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and performs almost like a supercar. The Hot 1 Series might actually be thought of as a bit of a deal. Even more so in light of the fact that it costs less than the new Audi RS3 and Mercedes AMG-A45.
Good residuals and fixed-price servicing are major benefits in terms of running costs. Additionally, because the BMW is less expensive than the Mercedes, company car users will still pay comparable monthly taxes despite the greater emissions. The manual M140i is 30% BiK, while the auto is in the 28% BiK range. The BMW M140i can be categorized as a fast car.

The vehicle’s stated fuel efficiency is 39.8 mpg, but in mixed driving, don’t expect it to average much more than 26 mpg.

Interior, Design, and Technology

Although the BMW 1 Series isn’t particularly beautiful. Its distinctive kidney grille and wide headlights make it stand out in the market for traditional family hatchbacks. The most recent model is no exception.
After receiving a facelift in 2015, the 1 Series received new exhausts, front and back lights, and bumper adjustments. The M135i was redesigned as the M140i in 2016.

The M140i’s modest body modification enhances the sporty design of the base car, giving it a wider stance on the road and flared wheel arches. The 3.0-liter straight-six’s exclusive grey alloy wheels may easily be confused for a less expensive standard 1 Series in M Sport trim at first glance.
But if you look closer, you can see the distinctive twin-exit exhausts, blue brake calipers, and gray mirrors of the M140i. The sporty BMW feels exceptional inside because of its well-designed cockpit, superb driving position, and premium materials. It also comes equipped with standard features like climate control, Bluetooth, sat-nav, and leather seats.

Cargo and Comfort

Though it prioritizes handling and performance, the M140i is as useful as any other 1 Series. Despite having a 30mm longer wheelbase than the first generation of BMW’s popular hatchback, the 1 Series is still somewhat smaller in the back than a VW Golf.

The 360-liter boot now holds 19 more liters than the Mercedes A-Class, despite the fact that the 1,200-liter foldable seat capacity is 43 liters less than the high-roofed Merc.

Nevertheless, the layout of the 1 Series boot is highly practical, and the cabin is well-stocked with compartments. Thanks to the addition of BMW’s Extended Storage option, which is now standard on all models.


The BMW 1 Series has received the maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating of 91 percent for adult occupant safety. Six airbags, seatbelt reminders, and electronic stability control are standard equipment on all models. However, lane departure warnings and a radar-assisted braking system, which slows the vehicle down to prevent collisions, are noteworthy additions to the extensive list of safety features.

Is the BMW M140i a Fast Car?

According to the report, it should be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds faster than the new M135i xDrive. Its maximum speed is also expected to be 155 mph. It’s interesting to note that the speedometer near the end of the movie shows a top speed of 160 mph, which is a little faster than the factory specs. This number, meanwhile, is most likely a little higher than the hot hatch’s real GPS-measured velocity.

BMW M140i Engine

The engine in the BMW M140i is the well-known 3.0L BMW B58 engine, which is also found in the MK5 Toyota Supra and numerous other M Performance cars. The B58 in the M140i generates 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) and 340 horsepower through the rear wheels alone. You did really hear correctly. The M140i was made with xDrive; however, it was never released in the UK.

The M140i comes with both an automatic and manual gearbox, while the new M135i can only be purchased with an automatic. Naturally, choosing an automatic will result in quicker shifts, better fuel efficiency, and the absence of gear shift anxiety. As aficionados, the manual option gives us the chance to carry on finishing that motion by hand.

Which is better, M135i or M140i?

BMW gave the 1 Series a facelift in 2016, significantly enhancing its appearance with a whole new face. Better yet, it has a completely new engine, along with a new moniker. First released as the M135i, it later became the M140i when the incredible B58 engine took the place of the N55 engine. Although the transmission options remained the same, output increased to 340 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. In terms of power, smoothness, refinement, fuel efficiency, and dependability, the B58 engine was superior. At the time, it was among the biggest engine improvements ever installed in a BMW.
The M140i exceeded the M135i in speed and excitement. Its performance and engine were superior, but it also handled better. Compared to the M135i’s excessively aided variable steering, BMW’s steering was better. Even though the steering system was still variable and electrically assisted, BMW was improving its settings.


Is there a V6 in the M140i?

A stunning 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 335 horsepower in standard form powers the M140i.

Does the M140i have two or one turbo?

In actuality, the new engine has a little larger sweeping capacity than the previous one, measuring 2998 cc as opposed to 2979 cc. The single twin-scroll turbo on the new engine is also marginally bigger, contributing to the 14 bhp gain in output to 335 bhp.

Does the M140i have dual clutches?

There are two gearbox options available: the M140i’s six-speed manual with updated linkage or BMW’s seven-speed DCT twin-clutch

Is operating an M140i difficult?

Driving the BMW M140i around town is no more challenging than driving a regular 1 Series. When navigating through dense traffic, the mild steering, which makes it feel slightly less athletic than rivals on a backroad blast, really shines.


The BMW M140i is a terrific option if you’re searching for a hot hatch that’s elegant and opulent but also a lot of fun to drive on a winding road, especially if you’re an avid driver. Although it lacks the aggressive styling of a Mercedes-AMG A35, it makes up for it with an incredibly thrilling driving experience.

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