A grease gun is an essential piece of equipment for many professionals and homeowners who own a variety of power instruments. They aid in lubricating the parts for smooth operation by minimizing friction between them. This, in turn, helps keep the devices from wearing out too soon.

Even though many automakers claim that their vehicles’ ball joints, steering knuckles, and other components are “lubricated for life,” possessing a grease gun is still beneficial.

However, component failures do occur, and aftermarket replacements may or may not be sealed, necessitating lubrication.

How Grease Guns Work

A grease cannon is needed for older automobiles, farm and yard equipment, trailers, and even some power tools that require periodic lubrication. It pumps heavy lubricants into mechanical components for suspensions and driveline systems.

Greaseable components are outfitted with a unique nipple known as a “Zerk” fitting. The grease gun has a nozzle that securely couples with the Zerk fitting and forces grease into the fitting under pressure. Typically, pressure is delivered manually with a pistol grip or lever.

Some more complex grease guns are pneumatic, powered by an air compressor, or powered electrically by a rechargeable battery. Grease guns are loaded from a huge container or a handy cartridge.
Grease guns dispense grease to lubricate equipment parts. It prevents pieces from rubbing against each other and causing excessive friction.

Many spots can be extremely difficult to apply oil to; grease guns can help grease these tight areas quickly and with little effort. Grease guns come in a variety of styles, including battery-powered, air-powered, and basic manual grease guns.

How to Choose a Grease Gun

Choosing the best grease gun is dependent on a number of things. A good alternative usually spreads the grease correctly and rapidly, with no mess.

When there are so many different options, it can be difficult to choose the perfect grease gun. Hence, we hope this guide can assist you in selecting the appropriate grease gun model for your application.

What Exactly Is A Grease Gun?

A grease gun is a tool for lubricating mechanical joints and fittings. Machines with moving parts generate friction, which wears down and finally destroys critical components. To reduce wear, each location where metal rubs against metal should be greased with grease or oil.

Machine joints might be difficult to access in many circumstances. A grease gun often has a long, flexible hose and a unique coupler that allows it to apply grease directly where it is needed.

It is a tool that is typically seen in workshops and garages since automobiles and other heavy machinery require greasing as part of routine maintenance.

Grease Gun Types

Grease guns are classified into four types:

Lever guns

These require two hands to operate via a hand pump and deliver the most grease per stroke of any gun. For best use, they can be outfitted with a variety of accessories and adapters. Because of their simple construction, lever-action rifles are ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

Pistol grip:

These may be used with one hand and are perfect for tight spaces. They emit less grease per pump than other guns but have a more precise aim, making them excellent for automotive applications.


For more portability, these feature rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. They are actuated by a trigger and deliver a small amount of grease per draw.


A steady stream of grease is delivered by an external air compressor. For high-volume applications, users typically pair this with bulk-loading equipment.

Important things to consider while choosing a grease gun

  • Pressure Rating: Enough pressure should be present for proper grease dispersion from the grease gun. These weapons are offered in a range of pressures, from 3000 PSI to 10,000 PSI. A low-PSI cannon does not apply enough grease to large equipment, but a high-PSI gun may damage smaller equipment.
  • Grease Loading Methods: Grease can be loaded in one of three ways: bulking, cartridge, or suction. The cartridge is the simplest and least expensive method of loading the grease. Suction is difficult to load, and bulking is a straightforward but time-consuming procedure.
  • Hose Length: Applying oil in tight areas and small corners is challenging and necessitates the use of a flexible hose. As a result, most grease guns have an 18-inch flexible hose to appropriately apply or discharge grease on car or tool parts or components.

Some grease gun types even have a longer hose length of roughly 27 to 42 inches. The type of equipment that will be lubricated using these guns should be taken into consideration while determining the length of the hose.

Grease Gun Accessories and Fittings

Many grease guns come with a common hydraulic connection adapter, although there are various variations depending on the application. For example, 90-degree adapters are good for reaching around corners and bends, whereas needle-end adapters are ideal for reaching into narrow crevices.

Depending on the grease-fitting type, ease of position, and type of gun, grease guns have either a fixed or flexible (flex) hose. Guns with flexible hoses are better suited for hard-to-reach areas. Grease guns, on the other hand, are often operated with two hands and employ fixed hoses for superior aim.

A grease fitting, also known as a Zerk or Alemite fitting, is the lubrication point to which a grease connector is attached. For better application, the standard fitting can be upright or inclined. Button-head fittings are better for applying large amounts of grease, while flush-type fittings are best when space is restricted for protruding fittings.


A coupler is a handy grease gun attachment that makes attaching a Zerk fitting easier. The LockNLube coupler helps prevent leaking, saving time and money in the long run. The disadvantage of using a coupler is that it can be difficult to situate it in tough-to-reach spots that only a flexible hose can reach.

Which Grease Is Best For Grease Guns?

Your project will determine the optimum grease to use in your grease gun. There are three types of grease used for mechanical lubrication: all-purpose (AP), multi-purpose (MP), and extreme pressure (EP).

  • AP grease is intended for general use and is suitable for squeaky doors and some ball joints.
  • MP greases are more durable than AP grease, but they are also more expensive. These greases are suitable for use in automotive applications.
  • EP grease is the most long-lasting form of grease. This grease is thick and tacky, and it may contain anti-wear compounds such as molybdenum (thus the name moly-grease).

Best Grease Guns

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

With a motor that can provide up to 10,000 maximum PSI, the DEWALT 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Grease Gun is a strong tool that might easily force through clogged grease fittings.

For high-float applications, it has a high-quantity pump that can push up to 5.0 oz per minute. The 42-inch flexible hose allows easy access to hard-to-reach fittings, while the variable velocity trigger allows for exact control of the grease waft.

Additionally, the anti-particles shield the pump mechanism from filth and pollution, while the powerful LED light makes it possible to find fittings in dimly lit workspaces. A single DEWALT 20V MAX Battery (4.0 Ah) can power up to 16 cartridges per charge. Operators can also rest the gadget on flat surfaces thanks to the included no-mar foot design.

Best Qualities:

A 42-inch hose length is available.
Maximum permitted pressure of 10,000 PSI
includes a one-year warranty

Outstanding pressure rating
has a fairly long hose included.
provides excellent build quality

a little on the pricey side

2. Heavy-Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun, Black, Lumax LX-1152

This grease gun model is no exception to Lumax’s reputation for producing high-quality grease, lubrication, and fluid management solutions. With an 18-gauge steel barrel that should last for years, a built-in rod lock to prevent accidental discharge, and a high-quality air bleeder valve for the purpose of venting air, the Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun is a very tough and durable product.

We also admired how lightweight this product was, weighing only three pounds and enabling simple one-handed operation, making it the best lever grease gun we looked into.

This grease gun includes an oil-resistant contoured pistol grip, a handle that provides lots of leverage (unlike manual lever guns), and a cast-alloy head that is made to last. Consider looking into the best parts washer for your upcoming job.

A convenient 3-way loading system on this grease gun enables you to fill it with either a normal cartridge, a bulk fill, or suction. In order to release trapped air, it also has an air bleeder valve.

It has a sturdy design, an 18-gauge steel barrel, a modest weight of 3 lb, which enables one-handed use, and a rod lock that prevents unintentional discharge.

extremely robust construction with a heavy-gauge steel barrel The lightweight design enables one-handed use. The rod lock guards against unintended discharge.
Max 7,000 psi is just below the top pick. ships without any grease tubes

3. Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

The Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic Grease Gun has continuous operation and grease flow, and it is totally automatic. This makes it perfect for tasks that call for a lot of grease. Its 30.0-inch flexible hose, grease coupler, and attachment clip make it easy to access confined spaces without running the danger of a leak.

The Lincoln 1162 is perfect for one-handed usage due to its ergonomic rubber grip and trigger. The casting neck of this pistol has been shortened to increase grease flow to the piston, which also strengthens the unit, which is a characteristic that our review team appreciates.

The on-board motor’s maximum psi is 6,000, but still adequate for the majority of applications. This product’s inside is also filled with a lot of tiny parts, and we discovered that regular cleaning was necessary to prevent blockage.

Extremely simple to use, with a light form factor, an ergonomic rubber handle, and a comparable variable speed trigger as seen with our top pick. This is made possible by the option to utilize bulk grease in addition to cartridges.

It has an ergonomic rubber grip and is excellent for heavy work. speed-varying triggers of a 30″ high-pressure hose

Max. 6,000 psi frequently has to be completely cleaned

4.Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun by Bravex

If you’re in the market for a new grease gun but don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want good performance, Bravex can be a fantastic alternative to take into account.

This Bravex Heavy Duty Grease Gun is listed in third place because it provides decent performance for the price. The fact that this grease gun has a lower price than others while offering a pressure rating of 6000 PSI makes it a realistic option for most purchasers.

It employs an 18-inch flexible hose so that you may access all areas of a particular machine. For holding a large amount of oil at once, this grease gun uses a 14-ounce grease cartridge.

Although this grease pistol comes with a respectable 1-year warranty, its construction could have been improved.

Best Qualities:

An 18-inch hose length is available.
A maximum pressure of 6000 PSI is specified.
includes a one-year warranty

A 14-ounce cartridge is used.
reasonable performance for the cost
Attachments for extension tubes and couplers

Fair construction quality

5. REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

This REXBETI Premium Grease Gun is sent pre-lubricated, enabling you to start using it right away. We also appreciated the fact that it came with a ton of practical attachments, such as double-reinforced couplers, a flex hose, and several nozzles.

Positives included the lightweight stature and the high-quality air-release valve, which we found to function flawlessly and allow for simple one-handed operation. Additionally, it has a sturdy rubber handle with lots of leverage and comfort.

Although it is a small and lightweight grease gun, it does not have the capability to use 3-ounce cartridges and instead requires regular 14-ounce grease cartridges. The working pressure increases to 6,000 psi as well, which is lower than our top picks but still powerful enough for a range of jobs.

It possesses a built-in air-release valve, a variety of nozzles, double-reinforced couplers, and a light form factor that is ideal for one-handed operation. It also ships with a ton of handy accessories.

Excellent for one-handed use superior air release valve Pre-lubricated delivery saves time.
Lightweight yet not in the form of a miniature grease gun Maximum working pressure of 6,000 psi

6. Steinbrucke Grease Gun

As implied by the name, German power tool manufacturer Steinbrucke is renowned for providing incredibly adaptable instruments, such as the grease gun featured in this article.

If you need a grease gun with good performance and a lengthy hose length, Steinbrukce’s grease gun is a fantastic solution. This grease gun has a respectable 6000 PSI maximum pressure output rating, which is similar to many other alternatives on the market.

But the finest feature of this grease gun is that it comes with a flexible hose that is 27 inches long, far longer than the majority of other options available. You also receive good build quality and a one-year warranty with this grease pistol.
Best Qualities:

  • Offers hoses in 27-inch lengths.
  • A maximum pressure of 6000 PSI is specified.
  • includes a one-year warranty


  • has an extremely long, flexible hose.
  • provides sturdy construction
  • good-performing grease gun

Cons: A little heavier than average

7. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun offers features comparable to those of more expensive models at an extremely affordable price point. These features include a lightweight design, a pistol-grip handle for one-handed operation, and compatibility with all common 14-ounce grease cartridges.

We particularly adored the available accessories, which included a hose, an extension pipe, and a coupler with strong construction. Additionally, it has a better plunger design, which is advantageous for simple priming and grease loading.

Although only 18 inches long, the provided hose is on the shorter side, which may have an effect in some application cases. There is also much less power than what is seen with our top picks thanks to the working pressure, which is only 4,000 psi.

A product that is affordable yet has a ton of high-end features, such as a dual-positioning grease loader, a light design that enables one-handed use, and shipping with an extension pipe, a coupler, and a number of other accessories.

Lightweight (2.6 lb) and compatible with all standard 14-ounce cartridges Consists of extension pipe and coupler


Maximum working pressure of 4,000 psi. The included 18″ hose is on the shorter side.


If you operate machinery or work with cars that require routine lubrication, a dependable grease gun is a necessity. Finding the right grease gun for your particular needs requires knowledge of the various types because they can cost anywhere from $30 to over $100.

Grease guns provide vital lubrication that can help sustain your mechanical equipment, whether it is hand-powered or runs on batteries.

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