The Mercedes-Maybach S is an inconspicuous luxury limo on the outside, unlike a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. The Brits are much more opulent inside, yet it’s still speedy and loaded with technology.
Don’t worry if driving a standard S-Class is too obvious for you. Mercedes offers a higher grade of their flagship luxury sedan that aims at competing with Bentley and Rolls-Royce’s models. The Mercedes-Maybach S from 2023 is extremely luxurious and exclusive, and its price reflects these qualities.
The article explores the potential impact of adding Maybach spiciness to the already luxurious S sedan. The 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S features only the finest caliber of opulent furnishings and finishes and is available with a 496-horsepower V8 or a 621-horsepower V12 engine.

History of Mercedes Maybach

Wilhelm Maybach, an experienced technical director from DMG, started Maybach back in 1909. Zeppelins, rail carriages, and aviation engines were all made in the original Maybach facility. The W 3 and SW 42 models were just two examples of the high-end luxury vehicles that Maybach, as a company, began to create in 1921. In 1940, auto manufacturing came to an end; it resumed in the 1960s. All models were subsequently given the Mercedes-Benz name and logo.
Maybach wouldn’t return under its own name until 1997, when it released two models: the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62. However, the worldwide financial crisis of 2007–2008 played a significant role in the weak Maybach sales. The company discontinued the production of all vehicles except limousines in 2012, with the end of limousine manufacturing in 2013.

What Is a Maybach Mercedes?

2015 marked the beginning of the Mercedes-Maybach brand as we know it today. As of this writing, Mercedes-Maybach manufactures highly regarded, ultra-luxury variations of the Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV and S-Class sedan. Another concept vehicle, known as the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, is an all-electric vehicle. Models from Mercedes-Maybach compete with Bentley and Rolls Royce at the pinnacle of the luxury auto market. Because of this, with the exception of a few Mercedes-AMG supercar variants, the Mercedes-Maybach cars are typically the most expensive in the whole Mercedes lineup.

What Kind of Car Is the Mercedes Maybach S?

The Mercedes-Maybach S doesn’t try to hide where it came from. This may appeal to wealthy individuals who prefer not to stand out in luxury vehicles like the Bentley Mulsanne or Rolls-Royce Phantom. Its outward design is nearly identical to that of the standard S.
The Maybach is remarkably identical to a conventional S from the driver’s seat. The S features a luxurious interior with leather and wood, a large digital display replacing traditional instrument binnacles, and stylish circular air vents.

The command-control infotainment system is highly functional and comes standard with nearly every option not found in a typical car.
The Maybach’s additional expense only becomes apparent when the expensive item is inserted into the back passenger compartment. In the conventional LWB S, there is additional headroom as well as more legroom. Customers can select from a range of leathers, roof liners, and trim finish options, which are all purchased together.

In terms of paint finishes, a First Class Cabin bundle is the only option. Given the cost of the vehicle, it’s challenging to imagine many owners choosing against it. The back bench has been replaced with two chairs and a champagne fridge with silver-plated flutes and temperature-controlled cup holders.
The Maybach’s boot has a capacity of 500 liters, which is 100 liters more than the basic S-Class’s. However, choosing the First Class Cabin option drastically reduces that space due to the addition of the back fridge.

Mercedes Maybach S: Interior

The back seats’ interior design is designed for comfort and space, utilizing premium materials and amenities from the S-Class template.
The Maybach S’s interior and dashboard first resemble those of the S-Class quite closely. But you’ll soon discover that it’s a significant step up; of course, only the finest materials are used. You will be enveloped in a premium-luxury setting with Nappa leather for the seats and headliner and wood trim when the soft-close doors silently close behind you. The motorized back seats have plenty of room to recline, and each features a power footrest with memory settings.
In addition to having a large digital screen area to handle every function, the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus further customizes the backseat area for chauffeuring by adding active ambient lighting, heated and cooled cupholders, and foldable tables. With all of the second-row window shades closed, the driver has very little visibility out the back. The Maybach S boasts parking sensors, a backup camera, a surround-view camera system, rear-axle steering, and an automatic parking system for self-driving.

Mercedes-Maybach S: Space

The Maybach S’ body, with nearly 134 inches between axles, offers ample internal space for the second row. Even the regular executive rear seats have motorized calf rests and footrests and can recline up to 43 degrees. With their own controls, the right-side rear passenger can pull the front passenger seat forward for even more legroom.
The seat is not designed for a fifth passenger, and despite the seatbelt being offered, it can fit in the center rear position. It’s just for sporadic use, possibly for a youngster. The Maybach S can be a four-seater model without the Executive Rear Seat Package Plus for enhanced comfort.


The Maybach S second row offers only 12.9 cu. ft. of trunk space, which is notably small for a vehicle of its size. Even worse, the trunk volume of the S680 is only 12.3 cubic feet. The Rolls-Royce Ghost, Maybach S, and Flying Spur S models offer varying luggage capacities, with the latter boasting a spacious 17.7 cu. ft. The wealthy owner, being ferried around in their Maybach, will presumably have their luggage provided in advance by supplementary transportation. The second row cannot be folded to increase the amount of luggage space.
In contrast, the Maybach has plenty of storage space inside its cabin, and its occupants may make use of a glovebox. A sizable center console storage bin with a lid and open storage space in front of it. Cupholders for each passenger, front seatback pockets, and sizable door pockets in each door. The Executive Rear Seat Package Plus offers a console with additional storage, heated or cooled cupholders, and fold-down tables, replacing the center rear seating position.

Information and Entertainment

It would be impossible to discuss every one of the luxurious features here due to the length of the list. With two executive rear seats that are electrically adjustable and power-reclining, the back passengers are very well taken care of. They have heating, cooling, and massaging features, as well as a neck-heating function, just like the 12-way power front seats. The second row’s windows have power sunshades, and the climate control system includes air-purification and aroma systems. The vehicle boasts dual front sun visors, heated armrests for all passengers, changeable 64-color ambient lighting, and soft-close doors.
The Executive Rear Seat Package Plus includes picnic tables, heated or cooled rear cupholders, electronic rear-door operation, and a rear-seat refrigerator with champagne flutes.

The driver sees a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with a 3D look and a 12.8-inch central touchscreen as part of the sizable cloud-connected MBUX infotainment system. Over-the-air updates can be made to the system. Standard features include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, augmented reality navigation, voice control, and “Hey, Mercedes” phrase activation.
The vehicle features face recognition, fingerprint readers for biometric verification, and MBUX Interior Assistant for both the front and back cabins. It also features Bluetooth audio streaming, HD Radio, and SiriusXM. The Burmester 4D surround-sound music system features 30 speakers, while the rear-seat entertainment system includes dual 11.6-inch touchscreens and Bluetooth headphones.


The only real benefit of choosing the V12 engine type is the perception of prestige, as the V8 is almost as quick and consumes much less fuel while also offering the optional E-Active Body Control technology that is not available on the V12.

The Mercedes-Maybach S’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine produces 496 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque with the help of a 48V mild-hybrid EQ Boost system. The twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 engine that powers the S generates 621 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque without EQ Boost. Both drivetrains use a nine-speed automatic transmission, and 4Matic all-wheel drive is standard. Despite the V8’s 125 fewer horsepower, it offers minimal performance and is not significantly slower. The V12 took 4.5 seconds to finish the 0–60 sprint in the Mercedes-Maybach S, while the V8 took 4.7 seconds. It hardly seems like all that additional power and gasoline were necessary.
Furthermore, the maximum speed is 130 mph. The Rolls-Royce Ghost offers comparable performance, but the Flying Spur’s 12-cylinder engine accelerates it to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The Maybach S is not equipped with a tow hitch and does not have official towing capability. Trailering is for trucks and SUVs. Just send Jeeves with the luggage in the Sprinter in advance.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles are opulent, but the Mercedes-Maybach series will blow you away with even more perfectly crafted interior decor. Maybach, a 1909 luxury brand, is now part of the Mercedes family of high-end automobiles, with prices starting in the high six figures. The Mercedes-Benz S580 and S680 sedans are extended versions of the S model, featuring standard luxury features and optional reclining rear seats. Celebrities or royalty may want to be chauffeured in a Mercedes-Maybach.

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