Texas Bans Consensual Sex

Texas bans consensual sex for anyone under the age of 17. When talking about consensual sex, remember that “consent” is a legal phrase defined by state criminal law.  Furthermore, there are times when consenting sex crosses the line and endangers another person’s well-being or disrupts public order. This article presents a summary of Texas bans […]

New York self-defense law

“New York self-defense law” makes sense to defend yourself from aggression. Who in their right mind would merely accept a condition that could endanger their lives? Self-defense actions typically take place nearly instinctively. Before we realize it, we’re defending ourselves and our loved ones out of muscle memory. But in New York, could you be […]

Self-defense law

“Self-defense law” A person may defend herself from injury, even if doing so would typically be considered a criminal act given the right situation. Self-defense refers to the use of force to repel an attack or imminent threat. Each state in the legal system of the United States permits a defendant charged with a serious […]

Quid pro quo harassment

Quid pro quo harassment: “Quid pro quo” is a Latin phrase that you may be familiar with. In plain English, it means “something for something.” You can use this specific term in a variety of contexts. However, it typically refers to claims of sexual harassment when it is used in the workplace. In actuality, hostile […]

Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery

Sexual Crimes: Sexual-related crimes are sexual assault, rape, and sexual battery. The three offenses share the common element of sexual intercourse forced on another without the person’s permission or consent. However, an offender can commit each of these offenses within the same incident, which they often do. You have to look at the laws of […]