Moving Out of State with Child No Custody Agreement: Processes to Follow

Obtaining legal counsel from a qualified family law attorney is essential for managing child-related concerns in single-parenthood or post-divorce situations, potentially affecting parenting rights. Moving out of state with child in the absence of a child custody agreement or court order since statutes and earlier court rulings will determine your rights. Moving out of state […]

Malicious Mother Syndrome

Divorce and child custody battles can bring out the worst in parents. When tensions run high, divorcing spouses sometimes engage in destructive behavior called “Malicious Mother Syndrome or malicious parent syndrome.”  In this article, we will answer common questions about malicious mother syndrome and explain how it can cause irreparable damage to parent/child relationships and […]

Custody Exchange

Every time a kid switches from the physical custody of one parent to the other, an actual child exchange takes place. Exchanges of children fall under the “visitation rights” category under family law. This is founded on the idea that both parents have a right to spend time with their children. These issues include things […]

Malicious parent syndrome upgraded

“Malicious parent syndrome upgraded” Divorce and custody disputes are sometimes difficult high-stress situations that can lead to extreme behavior on the part of those involved. Some situations have been linked to what is now known as “malicious parent syndrome,” but was formerly known as “malicious mother syndrome.” The psychologist Ira Turkat first proposed this condition […]

What Does Child Support Cover? Full Details

Child support includes expenses such as food, clothes, housing, public school education, and health insurance for a child. While these are the fundamental prices, each category has additional charges. For example, in the general category of housing, child support is intended to contribute to the monthly mortgage or rent and utility bills where the child […]


Worrying about their children’s well-being is the worst sensation a parent can have, especially if their child is not currently in their custody. When parents establish a custody agreement, an order is created that specifies when one parent has custody of their kid and when the other parent has custody time. An emergency custody order […]