Gay Marriage Pros and Cons

“Gay marriage pros and cons” Same-sex marriage refers to unions between partners of the same gender or sex. They exchange vows during a religious or civil ceremony. By “same-sex marriage,” we refer to unions between homosexual men and women, between lesbian women and men, or between girls and women. Legalizing same-sex unions can enable a […]

Divorce Cost in Tennessee

The average divorce cost in Tennessee will set you back roughly $10,000 in legal fees and another $3,000 in out-of-pocket costs. This is a little higher than the average for the country. Alimony could be a good option for either spouse. You might be wondering why divorce costs are so unpredictable at this point. Keep […]

Conjugal rights

Conjugal rights refer to the rights and privileges that two people share due to their marriage. These rights include those of sexual interactions, affection, support, comfort, companionship, and other things of a similar nature. A lack of conjugal rights can also lead to a loss of consortium. This article will define conjugal rights, explain when […]


In the United States, the majority of couples marry by obtaining a marriage license and holding a legal or religious wedding ceremony. Some states, however, accept common-law marriage, which does not necessitate obtaining a marriage license. When the couple meets specific criteria, a common-law marriage might become a formal marriage. And even though most states […]