Homeowners Rights: Against building inspectors

Property rights are the backbone of homeownership, yet this bundle of advantages and protections differs by state and community. Homeowners’ rights play a significant role in many ways, even against building inspectors. However, there are limitations. Continue reading to discover more about fundamental property rights and how to enforce them. What Are Homeowners’ Rights? When […]

What is a prescriptive easement?

What is a prescriptive easement? A prescriptive easement gives someone else the right to utilize land without the owner’s consent. On rural property, prescriptive easements frequently develop when a neighbor uses a portion of a property, without the awareness of the landowners. For instance, frequently prescriptive easements develops as a result of fences placed incorrectly. […]

Air Rights

The rights of landowners extend from the land itself to the use of adjacent water bodies. Importantly, he enjoys the right to use and sell the aerial spaces above the property. Landowners in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Tokyo stand to benefit more from air rights. This is more so where: Your property […]

Littoral rights

Owners of hotels, homes, or resorts near a shoreline are expected to know the extent of their littoral rights or riparian rights, as the case may be. As we shall see, property rights extend beyond land. They can also include rights to adjacent features, such as a body of water, and to air rights. Property […]

Who can override a Power of Attorney?

POA and Estate Planning Knowing the kind of power of attorney to give is important, knowing who can override a power of attorney is next important. A power of attorney is an important legal document that anyone in estate planning will use at some point. It allows a real estate owner to delegate his powers, […]

How Long Does a Title Search Take?

If you have a mortgage, you will be unable to consummate your deal until the test and title search are done. After the transaction is finished, you will receive the property deed and title insurance policy. So, how long does it take to clear a title? The entire process of a title search for a […]

WHAT IS AN ESTATE? Types, Planning, and Management

In financial law, an “estate” is all of the assets and property owned by a deceased person. However, depending on where the decedent’s estate is in the estate process, this definition can have a few distinct meanings. Estate planning is necessary to ensure that your possessions are handed to the estate beneficiary or beneficiaries exactly […]