What Is An Under-Sink Water Heater?

An Under-Sink Water Heater is a small electric appliance that can be installed under a sink to provide hot water right away. It is also referred to as a point-of-use water heater, and it can either heat water as it flows through it or pre-heat a small amount of water and store it until it is needed.

When your main water heater is placed far from where you need hot water or when there is a higher demand for hot water in your home, you should invest in an under-sink water heater. The little under-sink water heater units are an excellent option to increase energy efficiency in your home in these kinds of circumstances.

It is a water heater that fits under a sink can be installed in a bathroom closet, under a kitchen counter, or any other small area. Under-sink water heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, each with a distinct capacity. They are adaptable because of their numerous installation possibilities, including on the wall, the floor, or anywhere. Their performance is one of their primary qualities, and their compact shape offers versatility. To make it simple to modify the water temperature and set it to your preference, they use a thermostat control feature.

How Under-sink water heaters work

Instantaneous under-sink water heaters are made to provide hot water at the touch of a faucet. The equipment typically consists of an inline filter, a heating tank, and a valve or dispenser. In order to purify the hot water supply so that it is clean, the inline filter is connected to the cold water supply line. Water flows from the filter into the heating unit, which has two chambers: one holds the cold water supply while the other heats the water and keeps it at a constant temperature to produce instant hot water.

It heats water instantaneously whenever the tap is opened, while also drawing filtered cold water from the cold storage chamber and moving it into the hot water chamber, where it is heated. You receive hot water immediately after finishing the entire process, which takes no time at all.

Various Types

Under-sink water heaters come in two different types.

Tankless or Instant

The first type is a tankless or instant Under-Sink Water Heater. This water heater does not have a storage option; instead, it instantly heats water as it flows through the system, providing an unending supply of hot water as long as the water is running.

Due to the fact that it is not working nonstop to maintain the temperature of the water, this sort is also energy efficient. It can only function when water is detected passing through it.

Compared to the tank water heater, the quick under-sink water heater requires a little more setup. To ensure effective operation, make sure the wire is connected to the existing pipe and is correctly plugged in. However, following installation, you’ll have as much hot water as you need without using extra electricity.

Storage or Tank

The second type is a storage or Tank Under-Sink Water Heater. When using this kind of water heater, a tiny amount of water is heated and then stored for subsequent use. The size of this ranges from 2.5 to 7 gallons. If you don’t need water right away, this is a great choice.

Storage water heaters can be connected to a regular electrical socket and are typically quite simple to install. However, you must always bear in mind that the capacity is restricted, so after the hot water is consumed, it must be reheated

Features of Under-Sink Water Heater

Simple to Install

They come with instruction manuals, so you can follow simple recommendations that make the installation procedure quick and easy to do yourself if you have a basic understanding of electrical or plumbing setup.

Mini Size

Due to their small size, under-sink water heaters can be readily installed anywhere, including under kitchen sinks, kitchen wardrobes, on walls, and even on the floor.

Continuous Supply of Hot Water

The consistent availability of hot water from under-sink water heaters makes them ideal for multiple uses, including showers, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks where you want hot water all the time.

Quick Heating Procedure

The under-sink water heater’s recovery time is quick, so you won’t have to wait long for hot water to arrive.

6 Great Things to keep in mind Before Purchasing Under-Sink Water Heater

To choose the greatest under-sink water heater, you should always keep a few important factors in mind before making your purchase. We will go through these considerations in this article if you are considering purchasing an under-sink water heater.


One of the crucial factors to take into account before purchasing an under-sink water heater is size. Knowing the size of your kitchen or bathroom will help you choose the size that will fit there most readily after you’ve calculated the available space.


Under-sink water heaters often use less energy than other types of conventional water heaters. However, you should look at the energy efficiency of a different one because if you select an energy-efficient unit, your power cost will decrease.


Another crucial consideration is capacity; you should select the appropriate accommodation based on your needs. A larger tank is excellent for you if you require more hot water. Under-sink water heaters come in both tankless and tank (2.5 to 7 gallons) choices.

Safety Options

Purchase with the necessary safety features. Some water heaters come equipped with a thermostat, which makes operating them safer and simpler. You can also change the temperature of your unit to suit your needs.

Modulation, which enables the device to alter its heat output in response to the pace at which water flows through it, is another safety element that should be included on under-sink water heaters. No matter the flow rate, this function aids in keeping the water at the desired temperature.


Different types of installation and maintenance are required for various models. Some require only a simple plug-in to an outlet before being ready for use, but others need more plumbing and electrical work to be effective; thus, it is preferable to employ a professional for the installation process. Therefore, before and after making a purchase, always make sure you are aware of the installation and maintenance needs.

Warranty and cost

Last but not least, price is a crucial element that should be taken into account before purchasing a unit. You must first determine your needs and financial capacity. Our experience has taught us to always go for quality, even if it costs a little bit more.

Select a product that is covered by a lengthy warranty because this indicates how durable your product is.

So, these are a few crucial elements that must be taken into account before making a purchase.

The Benefits of an Under-Sink Water Heater

You need to upgrade if your current water heater cannot keep up with your demands. However, doing so does not need to entail replacing it. With an under-sink water heater, you can increase the quantity of hot water available. It is an affordable approach to satisfying your hot water needs.

An electric water heater that delivers hot water directly to your faucet is called an under-sink water heater. As their name would imply, they are typically positioned beneath a sink. They may also be referred to as POU (point-of-use) water heaters. Typically, they work by heating the water as it passes through. Tank-style versions heat up a specific volume of water and reserve it for later use.

Utilize a heater under the counter to shorten the wait. These devices are intended to quickly provide adequate hot water and are built to do so. They can also fit in your boat, recreational vehicle, office, or garage. These heaters will work perfectly in any setting.

However, under-sink water heaters shouldn’t be used in place of your main heating system. The ideal solution is to combine them. Use the under-sink device in line with your main heater or connect it to your shower or faucet. Utilizing these compact appliances has benefits such as saving water, energy, and space.


Your house or vacation may greatly benefit from having an under-sink water heater. They offer on-demand hot water and are small, strong, and energy-efficient, so you can save time, water, and energy. Read through our manual and list of suggested point-of-use warmers. Find one that fits your needs, space, and money. And tell us more about your experience utilizing a water heater beneath the sink.

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