Use an accent wall to give your living room some visual interest. Even while the practice of painting one wall a different color from the rest is still popular, the possibilities for accent walls have expanded.

A good, inexpensive decorating option is installing a feature wall. This wall may add your unique style while making a large or small space feel cozier or bigger.

What Advantages Does an Accent Wall Offer?

A feature wall in your home will provide a focal point and also add intrigue, and change any room. There are countless options. Furthermore, an accent wall may also have a practical purpose.

A painted accent wall that contrasts with the rest of the room can also offer the character, a splash of color to enliven the area or break up a monochromatic style that needs something more.

The finest accent walls are ones that appeal to you personally and then provide comfort and visual appeal, and coordinate with your home’s decor as a whole. For one family and home, an accent wall may be ideal, but not for another.

Are Accent Walls Outdated?

It can appear that painted accent walls are obsolete. Not so fast, though… If you prefer accent walls, feel free to use them in your home whether or not current trends indicate they are out of date.

You don’t have to follow the most recent interior design trends because home décor is a matter of personal preference. By adding a bold color or bright hue to your bedroom or living spaces with a contrasting color, an accent wall is a terrific way to freshen up your decor. They are unquestionably still fashionable.

Consider unconventional methods for using to provide depth and texture. There are ingenious ways to highlight an accent wall without painting it also remember that it doesn’t have to take up the entire wall. Use some of the accent wall ideas listed below to add some wow:

Using an Accent Wall to Add Depth and Texture:

Think creatively. There are ingenious ways to highlight an accent wall without painting it. Remember that an accent wall doesn’t have to take up the entire wall. Use some of the accent wall ideas listed below to add some wow:

A wall of pictures

A feature wall with photographs is a great idea. A reassuring suggestion is to hang images of your family, favorite vacations, and beautiful places you’ve traveled. Including some of your kids’ artwork in the wall scene is a good idea if you have kids. To make it pop, keep the surrounding walls a neutral color.

Depending on your decorating taste, you may mix and match the frames with an eclectic collection or create symmetry with eye-catching matching options that are slick and streamlined.

A stone wall accent

Enhancing existing characteristics in an older home or one with distinctively exposed and rustic interiors is a powerful option. One concept for a great accent wall is a natural stone, together with exposed brick. It’s lovely to leave the internal walls of a warehouse or apartment-style building just the way they are.

If the room is completely walled in something like stone or brick, choose neutral colors for the remaining walls. Where a striking architectural feature is a feature, one such wall is typically sufficient.

Adding wallpaper to a wall

Wallpaper often be overlooked when looking for a quick and simple update. textured wallpaper creates an appealing and entertaining wall of interest by adding dimension and colorful designs to a living room.

If you’re in the middle of remodeling or aren’t sure what you want, think about using a cheap temporary wallpaper. Today, there are a number of great peel and stick solutions. Peel and stick wallpaper, indeed. As with painting, preparation is essential. If you put in the preparation work, you’ll get a nice, neat result.

An integrated media center

Make wall art out of storage. You can achieve similar results with open shelving and symmetrical art arrangements around a television wall.

Choose which wall in the living room is appropriate for the television area before continuing. Place the television in the center of the room and construct shelving for the other entertainment equipment, including extra shelves for books, artwork, or lamps. It should appear to have always been in the space.

A wooden accent wall

Options for wood paneling don’t have to be in a gloomy ’70s design. Depending on your theme and design style, consider using shiplap or repurposed wood. The wood will be enhanced and made to shine out more by selecting a light, neutral paint color for the remainder of the space. Large windows and natural wood floors go perfectly with white-washed wood for a farmhouse look.

Additional fantastic ideas for accent walls

A creative arrangement of hooks in a hallway or entranceway could serve as a feature or accent wall in a smaller room. Make hooks with skis or snowshoes if the house is in a mountainous area. Use Oars as hooks in a boot room or entranceway of a coastal house.

If you live in a small flat with no access to the outside or perhaps the balcony is designated as a relaxing area, use the wall for bike storage. Another option for an accent wall is a colorful bike hanger system.

Can White Be Used as a Wall Accent Color?

It’s a terrific idea to use one white wall as an accent wall in a room with other contrasting colors because the white will stand out if your space is decorated in dramatic stripes or a grey tone. To make a statement, include a spectacular work of art.

Will a black accent wall make a room Darker?

No, not always. It depends on how the remainder of the space is decorated and where the light enters the space. A living room with one dark wall might look wonderful in a neutral color also like a sophisticated dark blue or dark gray where there is plenty of natural light. To avoid a cluttered appearance, combine this with lighter hues for the furnishings and also use streamlined, uncluttered furniture.

Consider the color of your ceiling as well. It is preferable to paint the ceiling a lighter color if your accent wall designs call for darker hues. Ceilings usually look great when painted white.

What Creative Ways Can You Use an Accent Wall in a Dining or Living Area?

If you have an open floor plan living room and also are having trouble adding interesting features, pick the area where the dining table is located and simply paint a section and hang beautiful plates, or construct a circular bookshelf for cookbooks. In an open-plan design where accent wall ideas can seem more constrained, this may also help define the space.

In Summary

Accent wall designs are a terrific way to add character and interest to any area in your home, whether it’s the living room, the bedroom, or anywhere else. An accent wall is more than just a wall with a different color on it. There are numerous possibilities, so however you decide to design yours, keep in mind that there aren’t any strict guidelines.

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