Balcony Shade: Nothing compares to reading a book or having company on the balcony. But in the summer, if there isn’t enough shade, you’ll find yourself fleeing indoors to avoid the oppressive heat, glare, or UV rays.

There are many options to shield your balcony from the weather, including retractable awnings and outdoor shades. Here are the top 8 balcony shade suggestions, so you can quickly get back to enjoying the outdoors.

8 Best Balcony Shade


A pergola is an open ceiling structure made of wood (or metal) slats that are evenly spaced apart or arranged in a lattice, frequently with plants trailing over it. It is a good approach to create shade without obstructing the sun’s warmth and light. The pergola also serves as a decorative element that improves the balcony’s overall appearance.

This contemporary pergola design incorporates a steel lattice structure to partially cover a portion of the balcony. The metal lattice offers a covered seating area and regulates the brightness of the sun.

Tips: To further shade the balcony, grow vines on top of the pergola.

The illustration depicts a balcony with a solid roof and a grid of rectangles with alternate slat rows. This configuration blocks the sun’s angled rays and creates intriguing shadow patterns on the balcony floor.

The balcony features two distinct areas and a relaxing outdoor area, thanks to a sturdy concrete roof and pergola.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can be completely tailored to match the aesthetic of any balcony thanks to the variety of fabric colors and patterns available. Additionally, you have the choice of motorization, timers, sun, and wind sensors, all of which make using your awning a genuinely simple process.

Install an awning for seasonal shading because it serves as a decorative element. The picture showcases awnings in various materials, and patterns, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor furniture and décor. The finest awnings to use are retractable, UV-resistant ones that can be folded up when not in use. You should be aware that the awnings have two opening options: manual and motorized.

Patio Umbrella

Install an outdoor umbrella because it’s one of the cheapest ways to make a shaded seating area without sacrificing the balcony’s openness. When preparing for a storm, ensure your umbrella is strong enough to withstand winds and fold it when it’s approaching.

The heat inside your home is reduced by outside shade, which is another great benefit. They reduce cooling system load and electricity bills by preventing sunlight from shining through windows.

Using a crank handle or a remote control or smartphone app, outdoor blinds can be operated manually or automatically. Timers can be utilized to automate the closing and opening of blinds.

Attach an acrylic sheet.

The balcony can also be shaded by creating a metal semi-permanent roofing structure and covering it in acrylic or polycarbonate sheets. It is best to choose translucent sheets, which not only let light through but also provide decent protection from the sun and rain.

Consider installing a toughened glass roof to enhance the aesthetic appeal, allow light into the balcony, and provide shade. However, the difficulty of accessing and cleaning glass as a roofing material is a significant disadvantage.

Roller shades

The sun’s angle varies throughout the day, making overhead shade insufficient as heat can enter through the balcony’s sides. In this picture, the roller shades provide privacy from the neighbors while also creating a cozy indoor-outdoor seating area. Roller blinds are made of durable, long-lasting materials, including wood, bamboo, PVC, or jute.

Blinds made of translucent PVC are used to exclude sunlight while shielding the area from sweltering heat and downpours.

Decorative metal grilles

Consider constructing a balcony enclosure out of beautiful metal grilles to provide shade and seclusion. The balcony’s dominant feature, characterized by ornate grilles on the ground, ceiling, and railing, enhances the home’s security. However, one disadvantage of using laser-cut grilles to enclose the balcony is that it could feel cramped.

Shade with plants

Another inexpensive option to offer protection from the sun is using hanging plants and greenery. The tall plants in this example provide the balcony more seclusion, offer natural shade, and also make the area more attractive by softening the appearance of the house.

Make sure to select outdoor plants for your balcony that will flourish in their particular environment and growing conditions. For instance, whereas Rhapis palms and devil’s ivy gladly flourish in filtered light or complete shadow, bamboo, and gardenia thrive in direct sunlight.

Retractable Roof

You can install retractable roofing on your balcony space to provide amazing dynamic sun protection and enable year-round outdoor enjoyment. That’s correct; putting a retractable roof on your balcony is like adding a room to your house because it instantly transforms the space from being entirely open to being able to endure any weather.

You can enjoy your balcony rain, shine, or hail thanks to retractable roofs’ 100% waterproof textiles, integrated water seals, and strong wind resistance. Your roof will automatically extend or retract to suit the weather if equipped with optional sun and rain sensors, without you having to lift a finger.

There is now the option to add dimmable LED downlighting to your retractable roof for those who enjoy hosting dinner parties or drinks outside.

Balcony Shade: Conclusion

A fantastic approach to making the most of your outside space is to shade your apartment balcony. You may pick the ideal shade for your style and location by taking into account the sunshine, furniture, and other existing characteristics. Use plants to make a more long-lasting solution, or use a freestanding umbrella. With a little imagination and the appropriate supplies, you can quickly turn your balcony into a relaxing haven.

When the summer sun hits your balcony, you won’t need to flee inside if you have a good source of shade. Just make sure to give priority to a sturdy and useful system that will offer your home a long-lasting solution.

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