The natural bathroom odor eliminator is a useful tool to prevent embarrassing odors, especially when hosting guests. Unwanted and lingering scents can still be present in bathrooms, even when they are physically clean, due to hidden causes. This article provides natural bathroom odor eliminators and housekeeping tips that can be attempted at home without the use of harmful chemicals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a deodorizing and rapidly dissolving chemical that also has abrasive properties that make it easy to remove oil and stains. You will gradually notice that the scent of the bathroom is neutralized if you place a cup of baking soda on a shelf or on top of the flush tank. This is good for one month, after which you will need to replace it. The product can be used in the bathroom to remove stubborn stains and improve the taste of pipes and drains. This natural and non-toxic product is suitable for housekeeping use, even in the presence of children and pets.

Tip: Grease and grout on wall and floor tiles can be removed with baking soda.


A magic element that’s easily found in every kitchen, it keeps the bathroom smelling nice and fresh while eliminating odors. To get rid of the smell and add a hint of citrus to your toilet, simply cut a lemon into pieces and set it inside. Additionally, no more nausea! For efficient odor control, you should replace this toilet scent remover once every seven days.

Tip: Polish all of the bathroom hardware with a lemon. 


Ever wondered how to use vinegar to get rid of the smell of a bathroom? In addition to bathroom odor eliminator, white vinegar also cleans deposits from drains and toilets. It’s also one of the top three housekeeping ingredients to keep on hand since you can use it to unclog faucet filters. To get the best effects, keep it in a bowl and refresh it every two weeks. Aside from this, a vinegar-to-salt mixture is an amazing solution to try washing any surfaces that need it!

Tip: Use a sponge soaked in vinegar to clean grimy shower doors, then let it air dry.

Essential Oil

Even after thorough cleaning, a bathroom’s stench may still be present. This could be due to inadequate airflow. Using essential oils is a simple remedy in these situations. These oils are an excellent way to get rid of bad odors from bathrooms because their perfume stays in the air longer than air fresheners. For a fragrant bathroom, try a diffuser or just add cotton balls steeped in essential oils. For your bathroom, choose strong-disinfecting essential oils like peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus, lemongrass, or tea tree. To hide the smell of the cleaning chemicals, you can even add these essential oils to your own vinegar, lemon, or baking soda spray. 

Tip: To maintain a fresh scent in your bathroom, place two to three drops of essential oils in your toilet paper roll


The musty stink left by humidity and moisture is one of the main causes of bathroom odor. As a result, a desiccant or other dry material that can absorb the extra moisture is required. Although silica gels and camphor are the most common desiccants available, you can also use ferns and lily plants in the restroom. They are the all-natural answer to the question of how to eliminate the foul odor of toilets.

Tip: Another good housekeeping habit is to place a bowl of Himalayan salt in the bathroom before, during, and after your shower.

Bamboo Charcoal

As a fantastic dehumidifier, bamboo charcoal gets rid of one of the things that make bathrooms stink. It is capable of absorbing both moisture and dangerous substances from the air. It is also possible to cleanse your interior spaces with this eco-friendly powder or solid block.

Tip: To reuse the charcoal dehumidifier as a deodorizer and smell eliminator in the bathroom, place it in the sun. 

Lighting a Candle 

One easy way to get rid of bathroom odors is to light a candle, which will instantly replace the odor with a more enduring fragrance.

There are lots of non-toxic, organic candles on the market that can be used in bathrooms. In addition to making your space peaceful and comforting, they may cover up unpleasant odors from bathrooms instantly and rescue you from awkward circumstances with your guests. 

Bathroom Odor Eliminator: How to Prevent Odors in the Bathroom


The unpleasant smell of a bathroom can be eliminated and the air recycled by ventilation, since moisture can lead to the growth of mold or mildew. Maintaining the toilet’s hygienic environment is also essential. Here, windows and exhaust fans can be of assistance. In case this isn’t the case, purchasing many air purifiers is also suggested. Your housekeeping duties will be greatly reduced as a result.

Frequent Cleaning

As previously mentioned, your greatest housekeeping allies when it comes to cleaning are natural substances like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. Clean the tiles as well as the sinks and toilets, as dirt accumulation on the tiles can contribute to the lingering smell of the bathroom. The first step in fixing a smelly toilet is to unclog the drains and remove any material that has become lodged in the drain stopper.

Examine the mold

The wet condition that your toilet is generally in makes it easier for mold to grow. Examine the walls, ceilings, and areas behind sinks for any signs of mold or black spots. This may make your bathroom smell much worse. Combine 4 tablespoons of white vinegar with a spoonful of salt to remove mold and as a quick fix for toilet odor removal. Scrub. Additionally, bear in mind that ventilation is a crucial component of any bathroom odor removal method because moisture is frequently the source of lingering odors.

Bathroom Odor Eliminator: Conclusion

In order to keep your bathroom healthy, there are certain regular housekeeping tasks that you should not neglect.
Regular trash removal is the key to keeping bathrooms odor-free. Another useful trick for a stinky toilet is to close the lid when flushing. If your bathroom has rugs, towels, or mats, wash them frequently to prevent mildew and to keep your hygiene up to par.

Try these solutions for eliminating odors from bathrooms. In addition, adhere to these guidelines if you want to completely transform your bathroom.

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