Caulking makes a lot of repairs at home much simpler. The best caulking gun would make it simple and convenient to seal joints in cupboards and closets or fill holes around windows and doors. Caulking guns are tools that make it simple to direct and regulate the caulk flow. In difficult-to-reach places, caulking guns are a more practical option. Continue reading to see our reviews of a few dependable and high-performing caulking guns, the best caulk gun for trim, and what the best brand of caulk is, so you can make the best choice.

Caulk, a flexible material like silicone and latex, is used to protect against moisture, fill gaps, and seal connections. It’s also used to fill in spaces around tubs and showers, between walls and vanities, and around pipes. Although it is technically feasible to apply caulk without a caulk gun, these instruments greatly facilitate the process by amplifying the force exerted on the tube. There are caulk guns with varying pressures, or thrust ratios, made to handle varying caulk thicknesses because there are numerous varieties of caulk and other sealants.

How to Test the Best Caulking Gun

The process of testing the best caulking guns involves loading them, checking for drips, measuring power, and comparing the results. There was one catch, though: our shop was somewhat chilly. We really put the caulking guns through their paces during testing because the temperature was right below freezing.

First, pay attention to components like rubber grips, rods, built-in cutters, and puncture wires. Comparing the caulking guns is essential before testing because they differ in certain aspects.

The process involves testing each mold using an acrylic caulk to assess its ease, consistency, and smoothness. After caulking a seam between two boards, let the guns rest to gauge the amount of drippage.

Finally, fill the caulking guns with cold construction glue and roofing tar, and then apply a bead of each along the board. The strongest gun will be clearly identified, while the most challenging gun will be highlighted in specific situations. Additionally, look for drips; because of the viscosity of the glue, there were significantly fewer than with the acrylic.

The Best Caulking Gun for Trim Reviews

Best Overall: Newborn 250 Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulk Gun

This robust steel caulk gun is not a disposable instrument that will be thrown away after the project is over. This caulk gun is intended for users who desire a tool that can not only finish a task quickly and easily but also enable them to do the same for subsequent projects.

The spinning frame of the Newborn 250 facilitates seamless caulking around corners without requiring the caulk gun to be lifted and repositioned. With an 18:1 thrust ratio applied by the smooth pressure rod, this caulk gun works well with reasonably thick sealants, including silicone, polyurethane, and construction adhesives. The grip and trigger of the gun are made of zinc alloy, which prevents rust and breaks rapidly, and it takes minimal effort to get the caulk to flow out of it smoothly.

Although you must pull a thumb-release tab to stop the caulk from running, this caulk gun is still more durable and performs better than others.

Unlike some other high-ratio caulk guns, this one has a built-in spout cutter and seal piercing tool, so you don’t need any extra tools to open the caulk tube. Additionally, a ladder hook allows you to hang the caulk gun close by while working at a height.

Best Budget: Bates Caulking Gun

If you only plan to use a caulk gun for one or two projects around the house, there’s no need to spend a fortune on one. However, that does not imply you have to accept mediocre work. Despite being considerably more affordable, the Bates Caulking Gun boasts a smooth rod that is almost dripless compared to devices costing much more. With a thrust ratio of 10:1, it may be used with the majority of sealants, such as cement, butyl, and acrylic sealants.

Even if it’s not the strongest gun, it’s still capable of doing the job. Like more expensive ones, it also has an inbuilt spout cutter and tube piercer. But because the frame doesn’t revolve and there isn’t a hanging hook, you’ll have to lift the gun and adjust it in order to caulk around corners.

Best for Thick Sealant: JES 26:1 High Thrust Caulk gun

You require a high thrust ratio when working with very thick sealants or adhesives or while working in low temperatures, which cause even thinner sealants to become rigid. And the JES High Thrust Caulk Gun’s 26:1 thrust ratio is tough to match for that. The effort needed to dispense the thickest caulks is significantly reduced by this metal beast, which dramatically simplifies your task.

Because of the gun’s 360-degree rotating barrel, you can work precisely in confined spaces like bathtubs and toilets. Its comfortable ergonomic grip makes long work much easier on your hands. There’s no spout cutter, but there is an integrated tube piercer and a hanging hook. Still, if you are working on a challenging project, this high-quality caulk gun is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Best Dripless: Dripless ETS 2000 Caulk Gun

This dripless caulk gun’s ergonomic grip lessens hand strain, and its lightweight, cage-like shape makes it easier to operate on lengthy projects. The Dripless ETS2000, which has a 12:1 thrust ratio and is made of durable composite material, can handle job after job while dispensing the majority of sealants, such as silicone, acrylic, and latex. Even for people whose hands might not be the strongest, it’s reasonably simple to use.

With the rotating frame of this tool, caulking corners is a cinch, and when the trigger is released, the caulk stops flowing, making the application almost drip-free. Convenient features include a built-in spout cutter and tube piercer, as well as a hanging hook. Ultimately, whether this is your first or hundredth caulking project, this caulk gun is a great option.

Best Battery: DEWALT DCE560 20V MAX Cordless Caulk Gun

If you only need to complete one simple caulk gun task, this is not the tool for you. The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Caulking Gun is a user-friendly tool that may alleviate hand and finger strain, making it an excellent choice whether caulking is your career or you want to caulk several areas in your home. The caulk flow may be adjusted with this electric caulk gun’s variable speed control and anti-drip feature, which prevents messy caulk drips. It works with any 20-volt DEWALT battery and charger.

By varying the flow rate and speed, you may use this caulk gun with nearly any sealant, from thick to thin. Its frame can be rotated, which makes caulking around corners easier. Even the built-in work light illuminates your path to help you stay precise when applying the caulk. This gun is compatible with both sausage-packed caulk and standard 10.1-ounce caulk tubes. Although it doesn’t have a spout cutter, it does have a tube piercer and a hanging hook.

What is the Best Brand of Caulk?

Using a caulking gun, outside caulk is a thick, sticky substance that is applied to a long tube. Its purpose is to keep pests out of a property by sealing the seams around windows, doors, siding, gutters, brick, concrete, and roofing tiles. A cost-effective and user-friendly solution for repairing various cracks and fractures on a home’s exterior is exterior caulk.

Whether an external caulk brand is appropriate for a property depends on a number of factors, including the areas that need sealing, the material being caulked, the size of the crack or gap that needs to be filled, and whether the caulk needs to be paintable or come in pre-colored batches. Above all, if the product is to protect the house, it must be of excellent quality.

The best brand of caulk are:

  • DAP Dynaflex 230 Premium Elastomeric Sealant
  • GE Supreme Silicone Window and Door Sealant
  • Frost King Mortite Caulking Cord
  • Sashco Slab Concrete Crack Repair Caulk
  • DAP Polyurethane Construction Sealant
  • Red Devil 100% Silicone Sealant

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Brand of Caulk Gun

  • Type of Caulking Gun
  • Rod Type
  • Gear Ratio
  • Adjusting Frame


Which caulking gun is the best available?

The first to win the titles of “best caulking gun for silicone” and “best caulk gun for money” is the Bates. It doesn’t leak, and it has a smooth rod for consistent pressure. It is inexpensive and features an easy-to-use built-in cutting and puncture tool.

What is superior to caulk?

Sealants work better in areas where expansion and contraction occur often. “Sealant” caulk, for instance, works better around windows than “caulk.” When choosing between caulk and sealant for your task, take into account the possible amount of stress on the sealed region.

Which caulk brand is the best?

The Best Caulk Brand for Tubs and Showers

  • Gorilla Clear 10 ounces of 100% silicone sealant caulk
  • 10.1 oz. DAP Kwik Seal Plus
  • 2.8 oz of GE Advanced Silicone
  • Mold Armor weighs 5.5 oz.
  • GE Adhesives & Sealants Superior Silicone Sealant

Is a caulking gun really necessary?

It’s possible to apply caulk without a gun to answer your question quickly. On the other hand, compared to caulking with a gun, this takes a lot more time and work. Applying consistent pressure to the tube with a caulking gun results in a more even and polished surface.


Better-looking caulk beads, simpler handling, and less waste may make caulking quick and simple with a high-quality caulk gun.

It’s a smart investment to buy a high-quality caulk gun! It enables you to produce your best work, much like having a superior hammer or saw. It improves the speed and quality of the job you do. Expert caulk application can guarantee durable work and seal leaks; caulk of the right caulk quality and the right caulk gun are necessary.

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