When purchasing crabgrass killer, it’s crucial to examine your lawn and determine the locations of the troublesome weeds. Is it spreading over your yard, or is it restricted to select spots? After you’ve identified the location of its spawning grounds, you can decide on the most effective method to eradicate the weed from your yard. There are several uses and formulations for crabgrass killer, including sprays, powders, and chemical and organic solutions. Furthermore, there are pre-emergence and post-emergent crabgrass killer solutions available, allowing you to determine which is best: stopping the growth of crabgrass or eliminating it immediately. For your lawn to be free of crabgrass, it is helpful to know a little bit about this very effective crabgrass killer. First, we’ll go over the best and post-emergent crabgrass killer for lawns. and additional information regarding crabgrass killer

What is Crabgrass?

It is a grass, as the name implies, crabgrass. It is not, however, a “turf-type” grass that is utilized on lawns. Crabgrass is a “annual grass,” which is the main distinction between it and attractive lawn grasses. Lawn grasses are considered “perennial” grasses.

The Best Crabgrass Killer

Best Overall: Preen Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass Killer

Lawns can be treated with Preen Crabgrass Control four weeks before the growth of crabgrass, and it can be used all year round. Along with 40 other weeds, such as spurge and purslane, it also serves to both prevent and kill crabgrass. This works on everything from Kentucky bluegrass to Zoysia, whether you have warm-season or cool-season grass.

This preventative, which you may put in the fall or spring, continues to eliminate emergent weeds before they mature and keeps weeds at bay for up to four months. That implies you won’t have as much time to debate when to use it.

Best Budget: Spectracide 510072

It’s not always the case that the most expensive thing is the best. One affordable option is Spectracide’s Weed Stop.

Crabgrass Killer

Spectracide Weed Stop eradicates more than 470 species of grassy and broadleaf weeds, such as crabgrass and dandelions. The ready-to-use liquid starts to work just six hours after application, which is great news for those who value speedy results. Up to 5,000 square feet can be covered using a 1-gallon container.

The chemical spray gets into the roots of the crabgrass, which causes the visible part of the plant to die. With the spray formulation, you may target weedy areas in your lawn without having to worry about damaging the grass.

Best Pre-Emergent: Scott Halts Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Preventer

With this one-and-done product, you can avoid crabgrass for the entire season—perfect for people with hectic schedules. It doesn’t eradicate existing crabgrass or stop residual crabgrass seeds from developing because it is a pre-emergent treatment. To fully address your crabgrass issue, it may require many applications every season or possibly more seasons.

Crabgrass Killer

The product’s manufacturer advises against putting it near shrubs or other decorative plants and advises against walking on treated lawn until it has completely dried.

Best Post Emergent Crabgrass Killer: Fertilome’s Weed-Out Lawn Weed Killer

Select an appropriate weed killer when the first signs of weeds appear. Fertilome Weed-Out Lawn Weed Killer is a quick-acting spray that effectively eliminates unwanted broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. It should not hurt the majority of lawn grass species, even though it has conquered over 200 broadleaf weeds, such as spurge and dollar weed.

Additionally, this product is made to make weed removal on hardscapes like patios, walkways, and driveways simple. With a 1:8 product to usable solution ratio, the concentrated recipe in the 16-ounce container produces enough spray to fill several gallons.

Best for Flower Beds: Preen Weed Preventer

Preen Weed Preventer is safe for use on around 200 types of plants, including trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables. For up to three months, it inhibits grassy and broadleaf weeds like thistles and purslane, as well as crabgrass. Applying it as a pre-emergent is simple and works best in the spring. A standard tennis court is roughly two thirds the size of one bag, which should cover little more than 2,000 square feet.

One possible solution is to apply a thin layer of mulch to the damaged area. After eliminating the current weeds, you can apply Preen to assist combat those that survive the mulch barrier. Make sure you wet the area you applied water right away.

Best Crabgrass Killer: What to Look for


It may seem obvious, but be sure the weed killer you buy clearly states that it controls crabgrass before using it to kill crabgrass. For optimal effects, the product should include precise application instructions and advise customers to follow them to the letter.

Crabgrass killers come in two primary varieties, and each has a unique outcome:

Pre emergent are referred to as crabgrass preventers since they are made to stop seeds from sprouting. Regarding your current cannabis issues, these products are ineffective. Use this product early in the growing season, and it will prevent the germination of annual weeds like crabgrass when administered as recommended on the label.

Post emergent crabgrass killer eliminate fully grown plant material, eliminating weeds subsequent to their seedling stage. Used when the crabgrass is actively developing, these chemicals work best at eliminating hard-to-treat crabgrass. It is recommended to use both a pre-emergent and a post-emergent at the dates specified on the labels if you have a lot of crabgrass regions.


The most common forms of crabgrass killers are liquids or granular formulations. Granules work well in larger yards since they are simple to apply evenly using a push spreader. You can save any leftover product for a later time. Granular pre- and post-emergent crabgrass killers are available.

Grass Types

Despite appearances, grass varies greatly! There are many different varieties of lawn grass, and every area has its preferred variety that thrives in that particular community. Selecting a crabgrass killer that won’t damage your lawn requires an understanding of the species of grass in your area. Using pre-emergent management on cool-season grasses differs from that on warm-season grass in terms of time.


What substance kills crabgrass?


Crabgrass grows over or around most broadleaved ornamentals; treat it with a post emergent selective herbicide such as fluazifop, quinclorac, or sethoxydim + oil. Herbicides that are not specific can also be used, such as glyphosate, pelargonic acid, or glufosinate-ammonium.

What causes Crabgrass?

Sunlight, water, and exposed soil regions are what draw crabgrass. It usually grows beside driveways, roads, and walkways (which typically receive less fertilizer) and in areas of your lawn and grass where they are weaker. It is important to note that crabgrass is a symptom of unhealthy lawns, not the cause of them.

How can I permanently remove crabgrass?

Remove the entire clump, including the roots. Use a garden weeder designed to pull up crabgrass roots. These instruments usually have a claw or plunger that you can use to pull the plant out from under the roots by driving it deep into the earth.

Does crabgrass pose a threat?

Because crabgrass is so resilient and self-sufficient, it can flourish even in the most unfavorable circumstances. It can deprive other grasses of vital nutrients and moisture from your lawn, hindering their ability to develop.

Crabgrass Killer: Conclusion

It took time for crabgrass to spread over your lawn, so don’t expect it to go away immediately. Many products include visual indicators, like leaves that get black or dry out a few hours after application. Organic herbicides that contain vinegar, iron, or essential oils may not be as effective as regular herbicides and may take longer to produce noticeable effects.

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