It might be difficult to achieve a salon-quality blowout at home, but there are a number of pieces of equipment that can make the process easier, such as curling wands, straightening brushes, and—the most useful of all—flat irons. In addition to creating beach waves or flippy ends, a flat iron may be used to straighten or curl hair and achieve a number of other stylish effects. Since they may be used for the same purposes as a curling iron or round brush, flat irons can save you space when traveling.

When used correctly, a flat iron smoothes the cuticle and locks in the style with less tension and fewer passes over the hair fibers, giving the appearance of smoother, longer-lasting hair.

We’ll educate you on flat irons and how to prevent heat damage to your hair, so you can select the ideal flat iron for your type of hair. 

How To Pick the Best Flat Iron

Take into consideration the following aspects when looking for a flat iron:

  • Plate type: The three primary varieties of flat iron plates are titanium (which is the most durable and works well for thick, coarse, curly, and oily hair), tourmaline (which works well for all hair types), and ceramic (which is more economical and suitable for dry, damaged, or fine hair).
  • Plate size: The majority of flat iron plates come in diameters ranging from one to two inches. Larger plates work well for longer hair, but smaller plates work best for shorter hair and offer more styling options.
  • Heat settings: Depending on your hair type, your hair may be able to withstand varying degrees of heat. To adjust the heat level to your particular hair type, look for numerous temperature settings. In order to provide you with precise temperature information, certain flat irons also feature a digital display.
  • Cost: Generally speaking, ceramic-plated flat irons are less expensive, while sturdy titanium flat irons will cost more. Its pricing should reflect how frequently you intend to use your flat iron.

Top 5 Best Portable Flat Irons

These are the best portable flat irons with different plate kinds, sizes, and heat settings.

Dyson Corrale

Hairstyling becomes quicker and easier with the cordless Dyson Corrale. This straightener has magnesium-copper alloy plates instead of the more common ceramic or titanium ones, which reduces the amount of heat damage to your hair and eliminates the need for repeated passes. With three preset heat settings (330, 365, and 410 degrees Fahrenheit), the flat iron can be used cord-free for 30 minutes before shutting off automatically.

CHI Original 1-inch Digital Ceramic Iron

The brand’s temperature reaches 425 degrees Celsius in 60 seconds, and after an hour of inactivity, it automatically shuts off. You can easily straighten, curl, or wave it thanks to its stylish design.

T3 Micro Lucea Straightening and Styling Iron

T3 is a reputable brand of high-end hair tools. The company’s renowned model offers nine heat settings that are customizable through an integrated digital display. Additionally, the flat iron has a clever microchip that keeps track of temperature changes and adjusts the heat when needed. There are two sizes of flat iron available: the 1-inch and the 1.5-inch.

GHD Platinum+ Styler 1-inch

The GHD handy flat iron features a tiny curvature that aids in creating a beachy wave. It leverages the brand’s smart technology to maintain a predetermined temperature of 365 Celsius throughout styling, despite the absence of a digital display. Additionally, the gadget turns off on its own after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Paul Mitchell Express Smooth Lon & Ceramic Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell’s flat iron boasts an easy-to-read digital temperature display and heats up and cools down rapidly. In just 60 seconds, the temperature on its ceramic plates may reach up to 410 degrees Celsius. For safety, the flat iron also automatically switches off after an hour.

Cordless Flat Iron

Instead of going with the conventional compact, consider getting a cordless flat iron, which is significantly more portable and ideal.

You can style your hair anywhere, even on your best friend’s balcony or in the back of an Uber. In addition, the tool is easier to use and simpler to style when there are no wires.

There are, however, a few things you should never compromise on when choosing a cordless flat iron. First, temperature settings: it’s critical to confirm that the heat may be changed to accommodate your hair type. For example, 210°C on fine, thin hair is just unnecessary and would overstress the strands. Consider the size of the plates when using straighteners for curling and smoothing your hair. Narrower plates will produce tighter curls, while larger ones will produce looser waves.

Best Cordless Flat Iron

Dyson Corrale Cordless Flat Iron

It is brimming with cutting-edge technology made to minimize heat harm to hair while also optimizing the straighteners’ usability. Because the copper alloy plates are flexible, they may bend to fit the hair strands without putting too much strain on them or causing splaying.

The battery lasts for around 30 minutes, and there are three heat settings: 165°C, 185°C, and 210°C. It just takes 70 minutes for it to fully recharge if you place it back on the charging dock once you’re done. 

BaByliss Cordless Flat Iron

The stylish flat iron has a 30-minute battery life for cordless styling after three hours of charging.

It has three heat settings (160°C, 180°C, and 200°C) and heats up in a matter of seconds. In order to ensure that you never run out of battery life when styling, the flat iron also has a handy small indicator. In addition, it includes a little travel case, which makes it ideal for vacation.

Cloud Nine Cordless Flat Iron

Within the cosmetics sector, Cloud Nine has long been a trusted brand. With two temperature settings (160°C or 170°C) and the brand’s well-known “revive mode,” which vibrates 8,000 times per minute to reduce friction, hair can be styled effortlessly at lower temperatures.

After just 45 minutes of charging, you may use it for 30 minutes of style.

GHD Unplugged Cordless

When it comes to style necessities, the hair tool brand is renowned for always delivering, and it appears that the Unplugged Styler is no different.

The battery may be used continuously for 20 minutes at 185°C, which is the ideal temperature for ghd, after taking two hours to fully charge.

The GHD styler is more technologically advanced than some of the other variants; it has a USB-C connector and plug, which increases its versatility and portability.

Flat Iron: Final Thought

Hair can be damaged by improper use, such as using a temperature that is too high for your type of hair. Since hair is a fabric, heat can degrade and disintegrate its structure just like any other material. Heat above 356 degrees Fahrenheit, or 180 degrees Celsius, can “very easily” destroy a hair strand’s cuticle, which is its outermost layer. The hair will become more porous if the cuticle layer is damaged, making it more difficult for it to retain moisture and leading to breakage and dryness.

Your hair type and texture will determine the safest heat setting. One should use a lower heat setting on thin hair and a higher one on thick hair. When utilizing any hot tool, always use a flat iron on low or medium heat and wear some sort of heat protectant. Severe damage must be grown out and is probably irreversible.

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