The Green Toilet, in essence, is a dry, off-grid toilet based on batch composting. We contend that it is the ideal option for a contemporary toilet. We will explain more about green toilets in this post.

What is a Green Toilet?

The green toilet may not initially appear to be a toilet. In actuality, it resembles a container more because of its dark green tint. There is no place to sit on it, unlike in most restrooms. However, what makes the Green Toilet so remarkable is not so much how you can use it, but rather what it does for human waste and how it encourages consistent use regardless of any environmental factors.

All human waste can be placed it, and it will handle the rest. There is never a need for sewage, power, water, or chemicals. The Green Toilet will magically compost all of the human waste inside of itself. All you need is some time and a temperature over 0 * Celsius.

How does it work?

The Green Toilet is, technically, a container into which all human waste, including excreta, urine, and toilet paper, is dropped and subsequently combined. There is a double base with a few millimeter-sized holes inside the container. While the majority of the waste is on the double base layer, liquid waste may run through those tiny openings. The Green Toilet container does this to distinguish urine from feces, toilet paper, and other solid waste. Majority of the liquid waste can absorb into the solid waste instead of actually flowing through, and will then evaporate through ventilation.

With time, the solid waste inside the it decomposes into a substance that is use as fertilizer in a variety of settings, including gardens, farms, and forests. Almost no one can tell that a piece of material has fully composted. It appears to be regular mulch and has no smell at all. The typical time it takes to compost completely ranges from 6 to 12 months, although the length of time varies greatly on the area where the it is being used. The warmer the climate, the quicker the waste composts.

Installing the Green Toilet underneath the user and using gravity to deposit waste inside is the most popular method of use. It is initially mostly install in outhouses below a wooden bench.

Other user interfaces, like porcelain chairs and squatting slabs, have been employed with the Green Toilet in more recent times. It is incredibly adaptable for all kinds of use cases and installations because you cannot sit on it.

Important Characteristics

  1. The Green Toilet, a reliable, comfortable, cost-effective, scalable, and versatile sanitation solution, has undergone numerous iterations over its thirty-year existence, resulting in incremental improvements.
  2. The Green Toilet’s double base is crucial for odorless composting, separating liquids and absorbing liquids backward to solid waste through capillary pillars. This keeps the waste wet for the composting process, ensuring the compost never becomes too wet or dries off quickly.
  3. The Green Toilet’s double foundation separates urine from solid waste, reducing liquid waste processing time. This is different from other dry toilet models that separate urine directly on the seat, causing increased urine production.
  4. The Green Toilet has more creative design elements than just a double base and a liquid separation system. The Green Toilet has a lid on top with a shaft that is adjust vertically, making it simple to connect it to various types of constructions. While composting is still taking place, rain or insects cannot enter the spare container since it has a sealed cover.

Who is the Green Toilet for?

  • The Green Toilet originally served as an alternative to the public sewage system. As a result, we are aware that the Green Toilet is effective everywhere.
  • It can accommodate any number of users due to its excellent scalability in both directions. For instance, two Green Toilet containers may offer a family a continuous, sustainable toilet for a whole year. You can achieve same for a small public space, like a school, with eight units. You may require 20 to 50 green toilets for a festival site or refugee camp. A section of a city requires a few hundred Green Toilets.
  • It is more enjoyable to use than any other toilet, including the water toilet, in terms of the user experience. The bathroom has no fragrance. All toilet cultures can use it. The use of the restroom requires no special training from the user. It cannot be damage by abuse. As a result, it’s in use in high-end accommodations like distant vacation houses, five-star hotels, or bungalows. In stark contrast, it is just as well that it may be used swiftly in crisis and relief situations. It may be used anywhere and is predicted to produce good results, with the possible exception of an airplane or space shuttle.


Green Toilet can transport a secure, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly toilet anyplace. It is a whole sanitation system that can manage everything from using the toilet to replenishing the soil’s essential nutrients. You can complete this without using any water or energy.

Because Green Toilet is a system-based product, you can have a composting toilet that perfectly meets your needs by selecting the appropriate model and complementary accessories.

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