Curling irons can be seen by many women as mysterious styling equipment that can only be used by the stylists at their favorite salons. Well, that was the situation up until the invention of the Beachwaver Pro curling iron. With just a button click, this spinning device takes care of all the work for you, revealing the key to the coveted wavy hairstyles. The Beachwaver review and some helpful usage hints are provided below.

How to Operate the Beachwaver

Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa and her sister Erin designed the Beachwaver with everyday women in mind, even though models might use it. With this iron, they’ve successfully demonstrated to regular people that hairstyles can—and should—be enjoyable and simple.

Operating the Beachwaver is a very simple task from the user’s perspective. Simply switch on the appliance and choose your preferred temperature; this iron has settings that are of a professional standard and can reach 450 degrees. Divide your hair into sections and proceed as usual with a curling iron while you wait for your tool to heat up.

How to Choose the Right Size Beachwaver

Do you have lovely short hair that falls below your shoulders, a lob, or a bob? You will love the ¾-inch barrel of the Beachwaver S.75. Moreover, it may be used to accentuate your natural curl or produce incredibly textured waves on long hair!

All hair lengths and kinds look excellent with the classic Beachwaver S1. You get those waves that seem like they just came from the beach with this 1-inch barrel.

Try the Beachwaver S1.25 if your hair is medium to thick or shoulder length to long. You’ll get calm waves with this larger, 1¼-inch barrel as if you just had a blowout!

The Ideal Temperature to Use

Use a lower temperature—between 290°F and 310°F—if you have fine hair or if you just colored your hair.

Keep your hair between 330°F and 370°F if you have medium-to-thick hair.

Raise the temperature to 410°F if you are blessed with thick hair or if your hair is uncooperative and won’t hold a curl

What Should Be Done to Prevent Clamp Marks When Curling Hair?

Rotating the iron in the incorrect direction can result in clamp marks, but this is easily preventable!
Hold your Beachwaver upright with the clamp facing the mirror when curling away from your face. To swivel the device away from your face, clamp the end of your hair and press the outside arrow.

Which Speed is Appropriate?

Low Speed

If you’re new to Beachwaver, go at a slower pace. You have more control over the rotation when utilizing the slow speed, which allows you to gain a feel for how the Beachwaver operates.
For short hair, baby hair, and hair near your scalp, the slow speed is also ideal.

Fast Speed

When you’re comfortable using the Beachwaver to curl your hair, go at a fast pace! Speedier operation equals quicker outcomes, particularly for very long hair!

How to Section Your Hair When Curling

To perfect hair sectioning, just follow these simple steps! After bringing all of your hair forward, divide your head into two sections, a top and a bottom. Beginning from the bottom section, beachwave the top section. The upper section should be released once the lower section has been beached. Proceed to the opposite side. The “back” of your hair won’t ever need to be curled this way!

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

  • After curling your hair, don’t touch it with your fingers or a brush until the curls are completely cool.
  • After releasing each curl, insert your finger in the center and roll the curl up to the base, forming an O shape. Take a hairpin and secure the “O” at its base. Let it curl all the way before taking the pin out.
  • To help your curls last for days, remember to use Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray!

How to Change the Direction of Your Curls

Whenever you’re just starting off, we always advise curling everything away from your face. With the clamp facing forward, begin this process. To spin the hairstyle away from your face, clamp the end and press the outside arrow.

After becoming a professional Beachwaver, you may wish to experiment with curling in different directions to achieve a more textured appearance.

To begin, take the preceding actions.
Start the clamp facing backward on every other curl (instead of forward). Hold the tip of your hair in place and push the outer arrow to turn in the direction of your face.

Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

The primary feature that makes the Beachwaver so appealing is its autorotation feature, which eliminates the need for guesswork when curling hair. Turn on the gadget, slide the ends of your hair into the one-inch clamp, then press the left or right arrow button based on the side of your face you’re working on. Because the Beachwaver has a ceramic barrel, it is suitable for people with dry, damaged, or fine hair because it heats up uniformly and leaves hair shining.

There are three barrel sizes for this curling iron: 75-inch, 1-inch, and 1.25-inch. It will take around 30 seconds to reach the maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit on the Beachwaver. The curls persist longer when using a 1-inch barrel at a higher temperature. In addition, the Beachwaver has an 8-foot swivel wire and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Beachwaver Pro

The Beachwaver Pro, an updated model of the company’s curling iron, costs $70 more than the S1 model. The primary distinction between the two models is that the Pro uses tourmaline technology, which provides moisture to the hair and reduces frizz, and the S1 uses ceramic technology. The S1 has a 5.5-inch barrel and a maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit; the extra inch of barrel length is beneficial for people with longer hair. The Pro has a 6.5-inch barrel and a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the Pro has a 9-foot swivel extension cord as opposed to the S1’s 8-foot swivel cord.


Although using the Beachwaver does require some getting used to, once you get the hang of it, you won’t go back to a traditional iron. Your hair will curl in half the time it would typically take, and your waves will stay in better condition for longer. Without even brushing them, curls are preserved for up to three days with this device. A traditional curling iron can create bother and shoulder aches, so if you want the curls of your dreams without any of that, the Beachwaver is well worth the money.

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