Kitchen Sink Lighting is a great option to add lights to your cooking area. But, regular overhead fixtures in many homes don’t function well for some jobs. The more you consider it, sink lighting is a fantastic method to improve the workstation in your kitchen.

Ensure the fixtures dangle 30 to 40 inches above the counter if you install them over your sink for the first time. The same concept applies to small sinks as well. Given their proximity to water, you should also utilize water-safe lighting.

Height, style, and context should all be considered when selecting the lighting type for your kitchen sink.

The Best Kitchen Sink Lighting Fixtures

Sink lighting is one of the most efficient ways to update your kitchen without going overboard with your spending, if you’ve been considering it.

Kitchen lighting is simple to install. However, the lights serve a purpose that goes beyond simply accentuating its appearance.

The Top Kitchen Accessories To Utilize Are:

  • Recessed Lights

They are used to direct light to specific work and display areas in the kitchen. They can be put on the kitchen counter, inside the fridge or oven, and other surfaces.

  • Pendant Light Fixture

They’re a fantastic option for adding color and designating the kitchen’s utilitarian regions. The lights are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials.

  • Multiple Lamp Fixtures

The ceiling-mounted lights may illuminate an area up to two feet depending on how much light they emit. They may also have a fading light, which helps to lessen dispersion.

  • Cabinet Lighting

They are helpful for those who struggle with vision and for displaying content. Installing LED strips for under cabinet lighting or puck lights for cabinets with glass doors are some of the best solutions.

What Light Color Would Be Best In A Kitchen?

One of those queries when there isn’t a right or incorrect response. There are a few common light colors for kitchens, but you can select any style you choose.

The ideal light color for kitchens is warm white. Bright white and soft white are additional light colors to take into consideration.

A Kelvin rating is used to determine how bright a light is. The Kelvin rating increases as brightness increases. Thus, the breakdown of bulb brightness is as follows:

Soft white (2700-3000 Kelvin): This is associated with incandescent bulbs, they are yellow. They are appropriate for restrooms, dens, and bedrooms.

Warm white (3000-4000 Kelvin): These are perfect for the kitchen and have a yellowish hue.

Bright white (4000-5000 Kelvin): It produces blue and white light.

Daylight (5000-6500 Kelvin): Features a bluish tone that improves functioning and is used for reading, working, and on makeup stands.

Ideas For Kitchen Sink Lighting

There are lots of lighting options for your kitchen sink and surrounding area. Pendant lights, over-the-sink lighting, flush mount lighting, and recessed lighting are all common options. Less is more in terms of sink lighting for interior design.

Check Out The Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas Below:

  • Kitchen Sink Island

Your first priority should be task lighting. Hang pendant lights over your sink if it is a part of a kitchen island. The centerpiece of a traditional kitchen, pendant lights have rustic beauty as they dangle over the sink and add visual depth.

You’ll have extra lighting options with kitchen islands, especially if your ceilings are vaulted.

  • Kitchen Sink Pendant Light Fixture

This kitchen, which has two sinks—one in the island and the other next to a window—was created by Studio Warmington & North. They both feature fashionable overhead lighting with identical pendant lights that are situated at the same height.

  • Blue Kitchen Lighting Backsplash

When it comes to over-the-sink task lighting for the kitchen, there are numerous possibilities besides pendant lamps. Three sconces, one above each window, are suggested for this colorful room by Randall Architects.

Fixtures for Kitchen Sink Lighting

Task lighting is the main purpose of sink lighting. The size of the pendant light is significant in light of this.

  • Geometric frame light fixture

A popular alternative is to hang numerous pendants at the ideal height, but sconces, spotlights, and compact chandeliers are also excellent choices.

  • Flushed light fixture

Pendant lighting doesn’t work well in all kitchens. Consider your kitchen decor if you want it to have aesthetic appeal. However, the lighting should complement a kitchen island rather than compete with it.

Flush mount lighting wouldn’t be too bright if you use your kitchen island as a dining table. So, install a dimmer switch so you have more control over the brightness of the room to protect against overpowering lighting.

  • Interior Lighting

You have several ceiling light options when it comes to illuminating your kitchen space, among all other lighting solutions.

Contemporary Style Lighting Ideas

These over-sink sconces are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also quite practical. You can position the Imbrie articulating sconces thanks to their changeable arm design.

Oil-rubbed bronze finishing

You should hang some pendant lights with a rustic or industrial aesthetic over the kitchen island. They would fit perfectly above the sink or in other important locations that require task lighting.

They can be used with sconces or spotlights to produce a unique and useful design that is ideal for this area.

The guiding principle of Kitchen Sink Lighting

Over-the-sink lighting follows specific guidelines, just like other lighting applications:

Prioritize Light fixtures that are corrosion- and water-safe:

It is not advisable to install ordinary lighting in this location since light fixtures installed above the sink are in contact with water. Fortunately, there are lights made to endure contact with water. For instance, the light fixtures in steel lighting are powder-coated to reduce the negative effects of moisture and prevent rust. These fixtures will keep their quality the longest, unlike common lights, which rust the moment they are exposed to water. So bear this in mind while you shop for sink lights.

kitchen sink lighting 2

Height of Sink Lighting:

When placing fixtures over your sink, make sure the light hangs 30 to 40 inches over the counter. You should follow this rule regardless of how big or tiny your kitchen sink is. You should also consider the sink area’s height, style, and size in relation to each other. Otherwise, you risk getting a fit that isn’t perfect and jeopardizes the overhead fixture’s original intent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the lights above the sink called?

Recessed lights are what are used over the sink. In the past, recessed lighting typically used a single incandescent bulb or a strong spotlight, but today there are several options available.

When performing significant kitchen duties, such as washing dishes, pendant lighting is useful. It is advised to hang your pendant between 30 and 40 inches above the sink or countertop.

How high should a pendant light hang over a sink?

When performing significant kitchen duties, such as washing dishes, pendant lighting is useful. It is advised to hang your pendant between 30 and 40 inches above the sink or countertop.

Is it OK to use floodlights above a kitchen sink?

Outdoor use is intended for floodlights. They can, however, be effective in your kitchen when used as recessed lighting. The advantage they provide is how they manage moisture produced by routine chores.

Conclusion on Kitchen Sink Lighting

There are various alternatives available for placing lighting over your kitchen sink. Many homeowners do not give their kitchen sink area lighting nearly enough thought. However, the kitchen is a perfect place to add lighting and create a general atmosphere for your home.

As you can see, adding extra natural light to your kitchen area is a simple and effective way to do so. Your mid-century kitchen, for instance, needs enough lighting after the sun goes down. And this is where additional kitchen lighting, like undercabinet lighting, for example, could make your kitchen sink area more functional. Install a dimmer switch in your kitchen if you worry that there will be too much light.

Your personality and style are important in interior design. The requirement for adequate illumination in your kitchen area, however, cannot be disputed. Consider creating a layout for your kitchen with a rich visual richness.

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