It takes exploration to find that ideal throne that turns the ordinary into the beautiful. Achieving a healthy balance between design, innovation, cutting-edge functionality, and opulent aesthetics can make selecting the ideal luxury toilet for your haven a personal process. Luckily, we have picked the top selection for you. We have dug far into the world of opulent restrooms, venturing into the domain of outstanding sanitation. Following many hours of evaluation and contrast, understanding the subtleties of both style and performance, we present the top luxury toilets for an opulent bathroom experience. Transform from a functional space to a stylish haven of comfort with each of these options.

Every brand, the pinnacle of luxury and utility, deserves the most opulent bathrooms.

The type of toilet installed in your home’s bathroom can be improved to be more comfortable, fashionable, and water-efficient.

Ensure the toilet you purchase meets your mobility and lifestyle needs and is compatible with your home’s existing plumbing system. Advanced toilets with specialized internal plumbing may be more expensive to repair due to potential leaks or clogs. A pressure-assisted toilet can be great because it uses less water, but certain models can be extremely noisy.

What To Know Before Purchasing Luxury Toilets

With unknown jargon and a wide variety of designs to pick from, the toilet purchasing process can seem overwhelming. Before you start your search, be sure you understand the following terms:

1. Three categories of toilets exist: one-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted. Two-piece toilets are more expensive due to their separate tanks, but they are not as easy to clean as one-piece versions. Tankless wall-mounted toilets hang from a wall rather than being set up on the floor. 

Elongated seats are more comfortable but take up more room, while round seats save space in small bathrooms.

3. In search of a toilet with a low GPF (gallons per flush). Any device that has a GPF of at least 1.2 gallons is highly effective.   

4. The phrase “rough-in” is mentioned in our product specifications and on store pages. This refers to the distance from the rear wall to the toilet discharge opening. Toilets typically have a 12-inch rough-in measurement, which is the design standard for most homes.

The Top 5 Luxury Toilets for 2023

Piece Glacier Bay N2420 1-Piece High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet

An economical one-piece toilet can get the style you want if you want to upgrade your bathroom fixtures without incurring some of the costs of certain design-forward products. The Glacier Bay N2420 1-piece High-Efficiency Toilet is one of our favorites since it has a contemporary, low-profile tank and is effective with a dual flush button. This toilet satisfies the EPA’s WaterSense requirements for water conservation with low flush volumes of 1.1 gallons for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons for solid waste. Additionally, compared to a normal flush handle, the contemporary top-mounted button is less intrusive.

Although the weight of this one-piece toilet may make it more difficult to install at first, it is considerably simpler to clean than a two-piece toilet since there are fewer gaps for dirt to accumulate over time. Additionally, the small water tank makes this toilet perfect for bathrooms with lower clearance and hanging cabinets. The elongated seat may not be the best option for toilets near doors, as it may hinder door opening entirely.

This toilet is reasonably priced, allowing for the purchase of additional units for a comprehensive house makeover. Additionally, people with mobility challenges can use this toilet because of the seat’s higher than typical height. The rough-in for this toilet is 12 inches, which is the typical installation depth in most homes. This toilet is a reliable and effective choice for various households due to its cozy design.

Two-Piece Kohler Corbelle Two-Piece Toilet

One of the most well-liked two-piece toilets on the market is the Kohler Corbelle, and for good reason. Its timeless style complements any bathroom’s decor, and it offers a variety of colors. Additionally, it has a 360-degree swirling flush that helps to quickly eliminate waste and keep the bowl clean. It receives the WaterSense badge for good efficiency because it only needs 1.28 GFP. 

This toilet is also chair-height, making it more convenient for people with restricted mobility and more comfortable to sit on. This toilet has a skirted trap way that can make installation more difficult because it conceals the pipes under the tank. Kohler’s unique ReadyLock installation method makes installing a non-skirted bowl toilet as easy as possible. The skirt of this toilet minimizes the accumulation of dust and debris in crevices, making cleaning a breeze.

Delta Foundations 2-Piece Toilet

Although it may not win any design awards, this toilet is a dependable option for homeowners who only need to replace their current toilet. With this toilet, there is no risk of stumbling into the weeds due to the flushing options or additional features. It is as simple to understand as they come. The ADA-compliant seat is chair-height, and the elongated bowl provides a more comfortable sitting position. 

We particularly appreciate the fact that, unlike some models, this toilet comes with everything you could need to install it. Installation should be simple thanks to the mounting hardware and wax ring; additionally, the soft-close seat means you won’t have to worry about children slamming the cover. This toilet weighs 96 pounds, making it heavier than the other models in this comparison. However, the two-piece construction should reduce the overall weight during installation.  

Kohler Highline Arc 2-Piece Toilet

Toilets with the option of either a round or an elongated bowl are frequently available. Our favorite round toilet design is the Kohler Highlight Arc 2-Piece Round Toilet because its elevated and tall tank makes up for its smaller seat. However, for those who have packed bathrooms, the smaller seat saves a few inches. The best part about this toilet is that it has a slow-close seat with a cleanable hinge.

The canister flush feature on this toilet creates a strong gravity-fed system by swirling water around the toilet’s rim. We do not, however, know how much solid waste this toilet can manage with a single flush because there is no MaP Performance Rating provided for this model. Although MaP scores are not needed, they are a useful tool for shoppers in homes with fussy plumbing. In spite of this minor flaw, we believe that this circular toilet is a fantastic option for homes that don’t want to skimp on design but must carefully consider space.

Kohler Highline Classic Toilet

While pressure-assisted toilets are probably best known for their potent flush in public restrooms, they may also be a fantastic improved appliance in your home. The Kohler Highline Classic 2-Piece Toilet is an effective model with a forceful flush to reduce required maintenance if your previous toilet simply isn’t up to par—or frequently clogs. Remember that the biggest drawback of pressure-assisted toilets is their loud flush, but this particular model is advertised as having advanced noise mapping and frequency analysis for a gentler flush. 

Along with saving water over time, the greater water surface of this toilet also reduces odors, so you can anticipate cleaning it less regularly. We appreciate that this toilet has the same 12-inch rough-in as previous residential versions and that installation should be simple as a result. Although a toilet seat must be purchased separately, you may still upgrade to a lid with a soft-close mechanism.    

Conclusion on Luxury Toilets

The restroom can feel like a spa thanks to luxurious toilets. Luxury toilets include a number of conveniences that make using the restroom more relaxing, from heated seats to a nightlight in the toilet bowl. Knowing what features to offer will assist you in determining whether a high-end toilet is the best option for your bathroom if you have never owned one before.

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