Not clogging your toilet should be your main concern when flushing, as the waste and water are sent to a treatment facility. That being said, if your house has a septic system, you also need to be concerned about your septic tank. Using toilet paper that is suitable for septic systems is essential for avoiding blockages, leaks, and costly, dirty repairs. This article will explain what septic safe toilet paper is, which brands are the best, and more about Scott and Costco septic safe toilet paper.

What Is Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

The phrase “septic safe” basically refers to toilet paper that is free of chemicals that could harm the baster inside your tank and that decomposes swiftly into much smaller bits. Toilet paper that is safe for septic systems is therefore less likely to harm your system. Due to its rapid decomposition upon contact with water, toilet paper designated for septic systems also has a lower risk of clogging pipes.

There are numerous varieties of toilet paper that are safe for septic systems. While some, like conventional toilet paper, are comprised of wood fibers, others are made of a range of other plant fibers. They are typically only one or two plies, which guarantees that they will break apart into little pieces more readily. The only thing that unites them all is this.

Best Septic Safe Toilet Paper

You could assume that any type of toilet paper is suitable for your septic system when you inquire about the best toilet paper for septic toilets. If you buy toilet paper that is “septic safe” because you believe all toilet paper is equal, you may later discover that it is not completely good.

The septic tank receives the toilet paper that is flushed down the toilet. Your septic tank’s sediments settle to the bottom and turn into sludge there. Over time, the accumulation of sludge may necessitate more regular cleanouts. It’s crucial to purchase toilet paper that won’t add to this accumulation because of this.

Here are some of the best and varieties of toilet paper that satisfy some of the previously mentioned criteria, just in case you’re in the market for a new brand. These toilet paper products have been demonstrated to be both friendly to your plumbing system and pipes and robust enough for regular usage.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfortcare Toilet Paper

There are no harsh chemicals in Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare 2-ply toilet paper. You need less of it because it is three times stronger and more absorbent than other brands. 108 standard toilet paper rolls are equal to twenty-four of their giant rolls.

Their lack of harsh chemicals or components do not disturb the delicate equilibrium of your septic system. The Forest Stewardship Council validate their certification.

Scott Septic Safe Toilet Paper

For corporate restrooms, Scott septic-safe toilet paper is a wise selection if you’re searching for useful supplies. It’s probably going to be a terrific option for your septic system if you notice RV toilet paper. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper is still septic-friendly even though it was made for boats and RVs.

This one-ply RV toilet paper dissolves quickly and has no aroma, making it kind to septic systems. It’s still one of the best RV toilet papers because it’s soft and absorbent to ensure your comfort. Furthermore, Scott septic toilet paper comes from forests that are sustainably maintained. Scott, if value, dependability, and practicality are the most important factors to you when choosing bathroom products.

Solimo Two-ply Toilet Paper

You can be sure that Solimo’s 2-ply toilet paper from Amazon is eco-friendly because it is made from pulp that comes from responsibly trees. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has certified it.
Septic systems and sewage can safely use it.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

An excellent substitute for conventional toilet paper is Caboo’s bamboo and sugar cane toilet paper. Bamboo and sugarcane are excellent choices for RVs and septic systems because they disintegrate rapidly as grasses. And don’t worry, they should still be comfortable to use because they have soft fibers, especially sugarcane.

Caboo holds certifications from the FDA, FSC, BRC, and ISO. Caboo’s 2-ply toilet paper is not only entirely biodegradable and fragrance-free, but it’s also environmentally beneficial! It is devoid of elemental chlorine, parabens, and other compounds.

Charmin Extra-Strong Toilet Paper

Charmin’s soft-touch toilet paper rolls are septic-safe and offer more paper for less money. Ninety standard toilet paper rolls are equal to just eighteen of their gigantic rolls. They have a clog-free guarantee and are four times stronger than popular brands. Charmin has a Rainforest Alliance certification and is sourced ethically.

Moreover, Charmin offers a roll fit guarantee. You can get your money back by submitting a form on Charmin’s website if the roll doesn’t fit! This makes it an even better choice for consumers who are experimenting with various brands.

Is It Safe to Use Costco Toilet Paper in a Septic System?

Due to allegations that Costco toilet paper harms septic tanks, the brand became popular amongst homeowners who own homes with septic-safe toilets earlier this year. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

You undoubtedly already know this if you own a septic toilet: flushing toilet paper, regardless of brand, will harm your septic system. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that, you should maintain your system properly, Costco toilet paper is just as safe as any other brand.

In actuality, toilet paper is made to be flushed, and there’s no proof that regular toilet paper will be tough for your septic tanks to filter out. As long as you don’t try to flush too much at once, you can keep buying your preferred toilet paper and flush it whenever you choose. Your septic toilet may safely use Costco toilet paper.


Can Scott toilet paper be used in a septic?

Scott septic-safe toilet paper has been around for years; it degrades more quickly, lasts longer, and has clog-free technology.

Which kind of toilet paper is safe for septic toilet?

Toilet paper that breaks down quickly into little bits is ideal for use with septic systems since it should be robust and absorbent. The best paper is one-ply, however many people think that two-ply is a decent middle ground. Generally, it is more appropriate for breaking down and is powerful and soft enough for effective performance.

How is a septic safe toilet cleaned?

White Vinegar: The acidic nature of regular household vinegar helps dissolve stains left by hard water in the toilet bowl. Add one cup of vinegar to the bowl, cover it, and leave it overnight. The next morning, scrub the area. However, avoid combining vinegar and baking soda together since they will neutralize one another and lose their effectiveness.

How long does septic-safe toilet paper take to decompose?

When buying toilet paper marked “septic safe,” it should dissolve entirely in 20 minutes. Scrunching a piece of toilet paper that is safe for septic systems into a cup of water is one way to test this for yourself.


Your septic system’s health and functionality depend on the sort of toilet paper you use. But there are many more things that can cause septic problems besides toilet paper.

Numerous chemical products have the potential to destroy the bacteria in your septic tank, increasing sludge buildup and necessitating more frequent sewage pumping. In a septic system, do not use chemical drain cleaners as the harsh chemicals will quickly kill off the majority of the microorganisms in your tank.

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