Searching for a fresh addition to your restroom? To add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and make it feel more contemporary and sophisticated, think about installing a smart toilet right now.

What is a Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet is a plumbing item that uses technology to give it extra characteristics like massage, warming, lighting, and self-cleaning capabilities. Voice commands, remote controls, and smartphone apps are available for controlling smart toilets.

The Smart Toilet’s Brief History

Electronic bidets were first introduced in Japan, Europe, and North America in the 1980s, following their introduction in 1596. Several suppliers, including American Standard, Duravit, Axent, and Kohler, started manufacturing single-piece electronic bidets after that. By 2010, home monitoring systems, digital lighting, entertainment, and appliances were increasingly integrated into smart toilets.

What is the Benefit of Smart Toilet?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to smart toilets. Although they are far more comfortable and have numerous uses, smart toilets can be somewhat expensive.

  • Hygienic: The touch-free operation of smart toilets makes them more hygienic than conventional toilets. They are also fairly clean to use because of their self-cleaning characteristics.
  • Low water consumption: Your toilet is a far more sustainable alternative because it doesn’t waste water during the flushing process thanks to its smart features.
  • More comfortable: Adding extra features makes even using the restroom more comfortable. The experience is always more comfortable with the inclusion of voice-activated functions, warmth, and a water spritz.
  • Good for the elderly or disabled: Smart toilets have several functions that are easily accessible to all users, which makes them a great option for the elderly or people with mobility issues.
  • Space-saving: Since smart toilets are often smaller than regular toilets, they are perfect for bathrooms of all sizes and save a ton of space.

What Is the Disadvantage of Smart Toilet?

  • Exorbitant electricity bills: Adding features will use a lot of energy. Your electricity cost will go up if you add a smart toilet.
  • Expensive Repairs: The numerous specialized parts of smart toilets require expensive and time-consuming repairs. Compared to conventional toilets, you should anticipate a lengthy wait for repairs if your toilet breaks down.
  • Total Cost: While the ordinary toilet costs about $250, smart toilets are really expensive; plan to spend at least $2000 for one.
  • Learning Curve-Smart toilets contain a lot of features and functions that aren’t as simple to use as a normal toilet and will take some time to get used to.

Common Smart Toilet Features

The following features are standard on all smart toilets:

  1. Remote control: With voice command, a smartphone app, or touchpad controls, you may operate your toilet in every way, offering you more flexibility when using the restroom.
  2. Overflow prevention: Sensors measure the water level in your toilet and regulate the appropriate amount of water. This will stop any accidents from happening, including spills or overflows.
  3. Self-cleaning: Smart toilets have auto-cleaning mechanisms that guarantee the toilet’s cleanliness at all times.
  4. Adjustable perfume or scent sprays: To help regulate the toilet’s odor, many smart toilets come with perfume or scent sprays.
  5. Light source: To make it easier for you to navigate in the dark, smart toilets provide a number of illumination features.
  6. Seat Warmer: All smart toilets come with heating components that maintain the ideal temperature while the restroom is in use, ensuring that you are always comfortable.
  7. Touchless flushing: All smart toilets come with touchless flushing, which is activated by motion detection or pressure sensors to maintain the hygiene of the toilet.

Best Smart Toilets 2023

These are a few of the top smart toilets available today. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate each model before choosing one.

Aqueous In-Wall Smart toilet and bidet

The high-tech aqueous toilet and bidet are perfect for a bathroom renovation or new construction. The kit includes a wall-mounted smart toilet and a wall-carrier system that mounts to the wall frame and supports both the weight of the toilet and the user. This mounting technique saves room, looks fantastic, and facilitates easy cleaning and hygienic maintenance of the floor.

A warm air dryer, an integrated LED night light, an adjustable water temperature and pressure, and a heated soft-close seat are just a few of the many clever features included in this Fine Fixtures kit. In addition, it boasts an easy-to-use remote control, automatic flushing, and a detachable, self-cleaning bidet. This toilet is best suited for new construction or remodeling because the contractor will need to cut the drywall to install the carrier and then repipe the drain into the wall.

Eplo E16 One-piece Flush Smart Bidet Toilet

Despite its low cost, Eplo’s smart toilet provides a great deal of value. It has an extended shape and is floor-mounted. It is easy to install, has a comfy seat, and has a ton of built-in capabilities.

Numerous clever features on this Eplo model make it more pleasant to use and easier to clean. Both automatic and motion-activated foot flushing are employed. It performs a partial flush if weight is present for less than 60 seconds and a full flush if weight is detected on the seat for more than 60 seconds. A warm-air dryer, a bidet with various flow settings, a remote control, auto-deodorization, automated prewetting to facilitate bowl cleaning, and other functions are also included.

Toto Neorest 700H Dual-Flush Toilet

The Toto Neorest dual-flush toilet is an excellent combination of environmental friendliness, convenience, and comfort. The Tornado flush system on this smart toilet enables it to flush efficiently with minimal water. Its surface is coated with a unique coating that makes it more hygienic than regular ceramic, and a misting system reduces the need for harsh chemicals and labor-intensive cleaning techniques.

Vovo Stylement TBC 090SA Smart Bidet Toilet

With a specifically crafted 4-inch-wide seat that evenly distributes your weight across the additional space, Vovo’s Stylement smart bidet toilet is all about comfort. The experience is complete with a warm air dryer, an adjustable water temperature, and a heated seat. With a tankless design and an integrated ultraviolet (UV) LED sterilizer, the Vovo also prioritizes cleanliness, automatically sanitizing the bowl.

Woodbridge B0960S Single-Flush Smart Bidet Toilets

For optimal remote-controlled toileting, check out Woodbridge’s B0960S smart toilet. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly activate the toilet’s capabilities using this model’s wall-mountable remote. For optimal comfort, this also applies to the dryer’s water pressure and temperature. For individuals who require it, it complies with ADA standards.

Kohler Smart Toilets

Every Kohler smart toilet is thoughtfully designed, meticulously maintained, hygienic, and customized.

It identifies the technologies that are important to users, with a strong emphasis on human-centered design. Then, for visual inspiration, look to nature rather than machines, combining elegant, approachable designs with highly customized, intuitive functions.

Every design choice is made with the goal of providing outstanding cleanliness for both the user and the toilet. Kohler intelligent toilets are made to run cleanly and remain clean in between uses. Features include a stainless steel wand, a pre-use bowl mist for more efficient flushing, and a patented UV light.

Kohler smart toilets provide consumers with an improved degree of cleanliness. While the front and back wash with oscillating and pulsing jets provide comfort and complete personal cleanliness, the automatic flush and automatic lid opening and closing give a touchless experience.

Smart Toilet: Conclusion

Smart toilets are quite functional and only get more valuable with time. They do, however, come with a high initial cost and demand costly maintenance. If you think any of the features are worthwhile, then the cost is justified.

The popularity of smart toilets is rising fast, so if any of the features we covered today appeal to you, think about getting one for your house.

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