“Mavix chairs” If you spend a large amount of your day at a desk, one of the most crucial investments you should make is a comfortable, ergonomic chair. Gaming chairs are perfect for both work and pleasure due to their emphasis on ergonomics. If you have the money to spend, the Mavix M9 is about as premium as it gets. Late last year, Mavix entered the gaming chair industry.

The company now offers three models, each with a similar design. The M9 is Mavix’s most costly model, costing $1,000. While that is a hefty price for a chair, the M9 certainly delivers; it is, without a doubt, a very comfortable chair.

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Mavix Chairs: Design


While many popular gaming chairs resemble racing seats, the M9 is subtle. The M9 has an elegance about it that will certainly appeal to individuals who want something that blends with their area while being designed to seem more like a traditional ergonomic office chair. It’s not flamboyant or raucous, yet it has a distinct style.

The M9 has a broad seat cushion with a gentle curve. The two-piece backrest is composed of soft, multilayered nylon and grows broader as it rises. The ergonomic lumbar support has a noticeable curve, and the upper half of the backrest is coated in “M-Breeze Fabric” to complement the seat cushion. It has a leather-like texture but is softer than other synthetic leather seats.

The M9’s exterior is relatively clean, with minimal emblems sprinkled around. The M9 has soft rollerblade-style wheels, which provide a cleaner roll and avoid scratches on hardwood floors produced by standard casters.

The M9 is also available in a variety of colors. There are chairs in solid black and white, as well as two-tone black/white and black/blue color schemes.

Mavix Chairs: Ergonomics

The M9’s design is deceiving in its simplicity. It’s easy to mistake the M9 for a standard, albeit stylish, office chair. It lacks the very obvious lumbar pillow or neck cushion that many gaming chairs have, and the simple color schemes don’t highlight any of its features more than the others. When I initially sat on the M9, it was evident that Mavix had put a lot of effort into the ergonomics.

The M9’s seat cushion is without a doubt its greatest feature. A modest inward slope on the cushion relieves pressure on your legs. It rises in the center, providing a small nook for each leg to comfortably cuddle into. The cushion on the M9 is made of cool-gel memory foam.

The mesh seats of the other Mavix chairs, the M5 and M7, make the cushion the most prominent upgrade—and it’s certainly a game changer. The cushion is soft but not overly mushy, making it one of the most comfortable seats. For want of a better phrase, sitting in a chair all day causes my buttocks and tailbone to ache.
The backrest and headrest, on the other hand, make the most of limited space. The lumbar support, which is a curved part coated in soft elastic nylon, is just as supportive as the memory foam pillows I’ve tried with other gaming chairs. The backrest is constructed of the same material but is covered in soft fabric for a more expensive appearance.

In terms of comfort, the mesh base is more than adequate to support your back and the backrest performs an excellent job.

Mavix Chairs: Adjustability

Mavix Chairs

Naturally, everyone needs something different in a gaming chair; no two people want the same settings. In this regard, the M9 is everything but stiff. You have a plethora of adjustment choices at your disposal.

The Mavix M9 has two knobs and three levers hidden inside the cushion. One knob controls the reclining function, while the other controls the tilt tension. The M9 gaming chair reclines to 127 degrees, making it a suitable lounge chair for resting. It features a tilt tension knob, depth and height adjustments, and a modular design that allows for optimal positioning of the seat relative to the legs, reducing strain and promoting proper lower-body posture. Adjustments are based on individual height and setup.

The M9 gaming seat has adjustable lumbar support, backrest height, seat depth, and height. Its fragmented design allows for an ideal seating position, preventing strain and maintaining correct lower body posture. Adjustments depend on individual height and setup. UVC radiation, produced by the sun, is not harmful to viruses but can damage genetic components and cause skin cancer and cataracts.

The lumbar support is not technically adjustable, but the backrest height can be adjusted to change the lumbar curve’s location. The ergonomic design allows for easy adjustment, and the headrest is optional. The chair’s 4D armrests can be moved up and down, and the angle can be adjusted by twisting inward or outward.

Mavix Chairs: Assembly

Having said that, Mavix offers a helpful instructional video for M9 assembly on its website. Then I took the chair apart before putting it back together. Because there are just a few primary elements and a handful of screws, the entire operation took no more than 15 minutes. Some gaming chair constructions are difficult to do without the assistance of another person, but the M9’s simple design extends to its assembly procedure.


The Mavix M9 gaming chair is one of a kind. Its modest design makes it appealing to individuals who dislike the showy appearance of many other gaming chair alternatives. Almost every component of the chair is customizable, making it an immensely adaptable alternative that focuses on ergonomics that fit you rather than ergonomics that fit others. The cool-gel memory foam seat cushion outperforms the competition, remaining as comfy as a sofa even after extended usage. If you can get past the price, the Mavix M9 is an excellent gaming chair.

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