The iPad 5th gen case with pencil holder, offers many stand combinations and stylish designs in addition to protecting your tablet.

The iPad Air 5th Gen and iPad Air models in general provide great performance and connectivity for a smaller form. We feel the display is “on par” with the 11-inch iPad Pro. However, if your tablet isn’t well safeguarded, none of it matters. 

Though not all iPad air 5th gen cases and covers are made equal, they are all excellent forms of protection. Durability is probably a key consideration if you want to take your tablet to a job site. But multitaskers might be searching for kickstand functionality. Of course, money is a factor. In the end, you’ll need to do some comparison shopping to select the ideal case.

We’ve compiled a list of the top iPad Air 5th Gen cases that will not only keep your tablet safe but also improve its usefulness.

OtterBox Defender Series Pro Case

On the sofa, some individuals use their iPads for scrolling, but some people require a tablet for work. You might want your iPad Air to be portable if you work in an outdoorsy profession like construction, utilities, or another. 

It provides drop protection for your screen and camera with raised edges. Also included with every purchase on Amazon is a screen protector. Additionally, the Defender Series Pro ipad Air 5th gen case from OtterBox has an antibacterial component made of silver, which actively inhibits the formation of microorganisms.

Timovo Slim Stand Protective Cover

This iPad Air 5th Gen case from Timovo is a very reasonable $8 if you’d prefer to spend less. It accomplishes nearly all of what the Smart Folio does: It is a magnetic cover that supports Apple Pencil charging and has automated wake-sleep capabilities. Additionally, it includes a tri-fold design that permits various stand arrangements. 

The case is lightweight, which, depending on your needs, may be a benefit or a disadvantage. The cover isn’t bulky due to its fairly fragile construction, but it also won’t provide much protection if you drop your iPad Air.

Positively, the Timovo Slim Stand Protective Cover comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to select the best look for you. All of these hues are present on the front cover, however, the rear of the case is transparent, allowing users to clearly see the Apple logo). 

Consider this choice if you’re searching for a cheap and lightweight case. Additionally, you are not required to believe us. This case speaks for itself, with 4.6 stars from more than 10,000 Amazon reviews.

Apple Smart Folio

A case that comes directly from the manufacturer is difficult to beat. You’re not just assured of a flawless fit when you pick the Apple-designed Smart Folio for your iPad Air. You also get features like the ability to charge your Apple Pencil while the cover is on that might make it simpler to both protect and utilize your tablet. 

Ryan Ratkowski, the founder of Cascade Interactive, says, “My life as a digital marketing genius keeps me hopping, so I need a case that’s as much about protection as it is about practicality.” The automated wake/sleep function is the “kicker,” the attribute I adore most.

When you open the case, your iPad Air display instantly wakes up. Ratkowski refers to this feature as the “unsung hero of iPad functioning.” The tablet turns off when you close it to conserve battery life. However you might not need it given that the most recent models have up to 10 hours of battery life. 

Magnetic attachment secures the Smart Folio to your iPad. This keeps the design thin and light, but it exposes the iPad Air’s edges to harm if you drop it. 

The Smart Folio’s cover has a tri-fold layout and is available in eight different colors. This enables you to wrap it up and use it as a little bump to make it simpler to type on the tablet’s surface. As an alternative, you may fold it to use as a stand. This will hold the iPad Air nearly vertically for convenient viewing. 

Moshi VersaCover Case

You may use any of these covers as a stand to see your iPad Air in landscape mode, but there may be times when you’ll need to or want to view it in portrait mode. Both tasks are possible with the VersaCase. 

The award-winning, origami-inspired design of this case really gives you a variety of alternatives for turning your tablet’s cover into the ideal kickstand for your particular requirements.

The cover is magnetic, just like other cases; however, this one has additional capabilities.

The VersaCover features little drop protection, much like many of these other magnetic flip-cover covers. However, it does include a little flap that fits over your Apple Pencil to secure it while in transit.

Holimet Shockproof Protective Vegan Leather Cover

Compatible with 4th and 5th gen iPad Air models, made of vegan leather, and made of thermoplastic polyurethane to cushion stress from drops.

This cover combines some new benefits with many of the essential characteristics of earlier covers, such as a magnetic closing, automated wake-sleep, and a folding case for numerous stand possibilities. 

To begin with, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) used to make the case’s rear absorbs stress. It will provide some protection in case you drop your iPad Air with this case. You’ll also receive protection for your Apple Pencil because the TPU section has space for it.

Although the leather on this Holimet case has a conventional appearance (specifically, it comes in black and brown), the leather is vegan, so you don’t have to worry about any negative effects from animal cruelty. 

What’s the best iPad Air 5th Gen case?

The Apple Smart Folio is the top iPad Air case. You can adjust the iPad in a number of standing positions thanks to its tri-fold construction, and it will undoubtedly fit your iPad comfortably.

How did we pick these iPad 5th Gen Air cases?

These cases were selected by our team after carefully considering the reputation of the producers, the number of favorable reviews, or both. Additionally, we looked for luxuries like numerous stand options. Apple Pencil charging capabilities, and places to put your Apple Magic keyboard.


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