“Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate” Has Procreate reached its optimum? How does Fresco, Adobe’s latest drawing app for the iPad, compare to Procreate or Photoshop? Is it a viable rival or something you should avoid? Here are some comparisons, an overview, and first thoughts for your consideration.

Procreate vs. Adobe Fresco User Experience

It is simpler to create original artwork and designs with Procreate’s clean, straightforward user interface. Ten icons representing various software features will appear in the top banner of the screen whenever you begin a new project in Procreate. The canvas has a little sidebar on one side and a white space in the middle for users to fill in. You can find out more about the choices available for each feature as you click on each icon.
Adobe Fresco, on the other hand, gives you the ability to explore features while receiving a complete picture of your project. This unique feature is the same in the Fresco software and throughout all Adobe design applications. Although Procreate’s interface is a wonderful option if you like art and visual design, its display is expert and detailed.

Storage comparison between Adobe Fresco and Procreate

Procreate is a straightforward app that stores all of your artwork. However, Procreate storage is dependent on the RAM and storage space on your device, which can be troublesome if your gallery contains a lot of high-resolution canvases.
In order to maintain and manage storage, Procreate users must regularly delete projects from their applications and devices, as well as manually back up their work using an external cloud storage service.
The Adobe Fresco application’s free version comes with 2GB of external cloud storage through Creative Cloud. If you choose the Premium plan, you get 100GB more Creative Cloud storage. Users don’t need to worry about creating or moving artwork within the application.
Users may safely back up their work with the help of the software, which also makes sure that artwork storage is correctly maintained. This eliminates the possibility of losing all of your work in the event that your device malfunctions or your manual backup fails.

Animation features of Procreate compared to Adobe Fresco

Through the Animation Assist options, Procreate offers fundamental animation features. Most simple animation projects can use the file types that Procreate exports. However, storage is not Procreate’s strong suit, and animations can consume a lot of it.
Using the frame-by-frame method, you can build and edit animation. You may control various parts of it, including playback, frame pattern, and frames-per-second operations. It has several versions.
With Adobe Fresco, users may create more complex animations by using motion paths as opposed to only frame-by-frame controls. Additionally, this software appeals more to those who concentrate on animation thanks to the vector artwork function.

Time-lapse features in Procreate vs. Adobe Fresco

Time-lapse videos are not only beautiful to look at, but they also help you comprehend and assess your approach. Time-lapse films are frequently used by lecturers and artists to demonstrate their techniques and as sources for online lessons or material.
Both Adobe Fresco and Procreate offer a built-in time-lapse recording option for your artwork that records each stroke you make. After that, it is automatically pieced together to create a little video that shows the development of your work from beginning to end.
Adobe Fresco handles everything for you, allowing you to effortlessly access, save, and share your time-lapse recording. As a result, users always receive a flawless recording that doesn’t require any camera work.
Once you’ve finished a project, Procreate includes a simple approach for using and sharing your time-lapse videos. By default, this setting is on, but you can turn it off if you like. This will preserve your battery if you don’t require a video.

Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate

Comparison of Adobe Fresco with Procreate’s compatibility

The iPhone, iPad, and Apple Pencil were all considered when designing Procreate, which is available only for the Apple operating system. The application is said to function best on these programs because they were designed especially for Mac machines, according to the developers.
This implies that no other devices, including your Macbook, can have the Procreate or Procreate Pocket programs installed. This completely blocks access for both Windows and Android users, which has a severe effect on the applications’ accessibility throughout the world.
Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as Adobe Fresco, are all compatible. It is accessible for download on Windows and desktop computers, as well as on all compatible Apple products running the Mac operating system.
Additionally, you can combine your subscriptions to get access to more than 20 Adobe Creative Cloud products. You can switch between these programs on your devices and effortlessly share data between them.


The user interface, animation features, time-lapse features, storage, compatibility, and other factors have all been considered in the Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate comparison. Procreate or Adobe Fresco, which would you choose? Please share your opinions in the space below the comment area.

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