“Air up Water bottle” In case you were curious, the water bottle in question is an Air Up, a new sort of scented water bottle that uses, an aroma to flavor plain water. To say the least, it’s a fascinating thought.

That’s why you cannot underestimate the olfactory-activating abilities of the Air Up water bottle. Could the aroma, “taste,” or interest entice you to drink more and become better hydrated? Continue reading for an honest assessment of the product as well as information on how it works.

What exactly is Air Up Bottle?

Lena Jüngst and Tim Jäger founded Air Up after reading Neurogastronomy: How the Brain Creates Flavor and Why It Matters, a book by neuroscientist Gordon M. Shepherd. The book makes the case that flavor is more strongly influenced by scent than previously believed.

As a result, Jüngst and Jäger built the first version of the Air Up prototype with the slogan “Neuroscience meets design.” The motivation is to improve global health by addressing the drinking of water. This viral water bottle works with 15 different Air Up flavor pods. It is available in two forms (plastic and stainless steel) and may be personalized with vibrant add-ons.

Air Up Water Bottle: What Is The Process Of the Scented Water Bottle?

An Air Up water bottle can be used just like any other: fill it with water, sip from it, and keep going. However, all you have to do is to sample the company’s distinctive “scent tastes” after popping a specially manufactured pod into the mouthpiece.

The pods have the desired flavor’s exact aroma. The lemon and lime pods both have distinct citrus aromas and are color-coordinated. The aroma enters your mouth, moves up your nose to the olfactory receptors, and then, as you take a sip, your brain interprets the scent as taste. This is known as “retronasal scent,” or tasting with your nose, according to Air Up.

Have you ever observed that when you have a congested nose, food doesn’t appear to have as much flavor? This is because 80 percent of what you taste actually comes from the smell. The Air Up bottle reverses that idea: As you take a sip, you catch a whiff of the flavor pod, and instantly, your water seems to be infused with lemons or limes only because you’re inhaling that aroma.

If you want something effervescent, you can even fill the scented water bottle with sparkling water. Additionally, it is stated that three flavor pods should last for roughly four gallons of water. In addition to making water more enjoyable, adding natural aromas to it helps you keep free of sugar, tastes, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.

Air Up Water Bottle: What are the flavor pods made of?

The flavorings in the pods are derived from natural flavors extracted from plants, fruits, and spices, according to Air Up. Particulars “relate to Air Up’s [intellectual property] and are proprietary,” the company claims.

The brand’s website now offers 15 varieties, ranging from apple to basil-lemon to orange-vanilla. Scents are offered in a variety of packs that allow you to test five of the most popular scents, or you can get three packs of your favorite scent. Each scented water bottle starter package includes a few flavor pods.

Air Up Water Bottle: How long do Air Up pods last?

According to the manufacturer, each pod holds around 1.3 gallons of water. Air Up also suggests that you check the “best before” date on each pod because the aroma fades over time and is best when fresh. Keep pods in their packaging because they should only be opened before being put on your water bottle and cannot be cleaned.

We discovered that if the pods were not utilized promptly after being placed in the water bottle, the odor disappeared, lowering the “flavor” of the water. Given the cost per pod and the fact that they are now only available online, our experts wished the pods were longer-lasting. Given the cost per pod and the fact that they are now only available online, our experts wished the pods were longer-lasting.

Air Up Water Bottle: Notes from the lab and the testers

We found the plastic Air Up bottle to be lightweight, but the stainless steel version to be heavier.
After being dropped five times onto hard concrete from a height of around five feet, the plastic Air Up water bottle did not shatter or break, although it did receive some noticeable scratches. The bottom of the stainless steel bottle had a sizable dent, and part of the black coatings were chipped away to expose the stainless steel underneath. We can confirm that additional water bottles made of similar materials that we tested yielded similar findings.

Comfort: Experts found the mouthpiece to be more pleasant than other water bottles tested with soft silicone material.

Cleaning ease: Experts found the stainless steel bottle to be easier to clean due to the cap that screws off so you can fit your hand into the bottle; the plastic bottle was a little more difficult to clean and required the use of a bottle brush. The majority of testers also stated that they wanted the water bottle to be dishwasher safe because they dislike hand-washing water bottles.

Air Up Water Bottle: What You Should Know About the Air-Up Water Bottle

It will take you a few minutes to figure out how to utilize the flavor pods and get used to the air bubbles that form when you activate the pod. Although the bubbles are intentional, the water flow sometimes feels halting.

It’s also on the more expensive end of the water-bottle spectrum. The lowest beginner kit, which includes a bottle and three flavor pods, costs around $45; if you choose a more costly color and flavor, it may cost $55. The following three packs of pods cost $8 each. Sure, it’s less expensive than a six-pack-a-day La Croix habit, but it’s still a cost to consider.

The pods are also made of plastic, which is important for eco-conscious water lovers to know, though Air Up says that the exterior of the pods is made of recyclable materials and the interior is made of polyester. Although the pods cannot be reused, Air Up asserts that refilling their water bottles would prevent single-use plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills.

Grab an Air Up Water bottle and enjoy drinking water.

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