With the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple competes with timepieces from brands like Garmin and COROS. The Apple Watch Ultra is a great choice for intrepid athletes and adventurers since it has a tough build, a bigger battery, better GPS, a bigger and more robust display, and a built-in action button.
Although it is prepared to be used straight out of the box, the correct accessories might help you get the most out of it. To learn more about Apple Watch Ultra Accessories, read on.

These are the top Apple Watch Ultra accessories currently on the market:


Why It Passed: We didn’t think it was possible, but the Wristcam converts the Apple Watch into a viewfinder for taking photos and recording videos.


  • Innovative style
  • Water-resistant
  • Allows for image stabilization


Taking pictures and films with your wrist can be unattractive.

To deliver on the promise of having a watch that can take photos and videos, Wristcam leverages the Apple Watch. Although the outcomes might not have been ideal, Wristcam deserves praise for making the effort. Wrist cameras have a physical shutter button, so there’s no delay in taking a photo or starting a video and it happens.

According to Polycom, the band is IP68 water-resistant, meaning it can be fully submerged in water for 30 minutes without damage. It has the same IP rating as the Apple Watch Series 7, so you don’t have to worry about one coming out ahead of the other. The only real issue with the wrist camera is that it’s a bit difficult to take photos and videos with the watch’s built-in camera. This is not Listcam’s fault.

This is the reality of having a camera on your wrist. In addition to the complex social optics, it can be difficult to frame the shot you want because the lens is pointed at you. Regardless, the wrist camera is the most innovative Apple Watch accessory we’ve ever seen. If you can get past the initial discomfort, you can fully embrace your Dick Tracy.

USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable from Satechi
The ideal charging cable

Reasons It Passed: The Apple Watch charging cable from Satechi is more robust than the one that comes with the timepiece from Apple and is made to function with the newest power supplies and laptops.


  • Reliable
  • Capable of charging the Apple Watch Series 7 quickly
  • Compact design


  • It might be too brief.

No matter how or how often you use your smartwatch, Satechi’s USB-C charging cable is the one accessory we can without a doubt suggest to everyone. The cable ends in a USB-C connector and is compatible with all Apple Watch models. Apple provided cords for its smartwatch that terminated in a USB-A connector up until the Apple Watch Series 7.

As chargers and computers switch to USB-C ports, upgrading existing cables is recommended. Apple Watch Series 7 charging speeds can be improved by using a USB-C connector cable with a 20-watt power adapter.

Satechi’s Apple Watch charging cable has a major advantage over the cable that comes with the device. That’s because the outer shell is woven. This means cables are much less likely to break or fall apart, even after regular use. In our tests, the Satechi cables were robust and showed no signs of wear even after repeated bending. The only downside of the Satechi USB-C magnetic charging cable is its short length. The cable is only 8 inches long. It’s fine if you’re charging your Apple Watch at your desk or plugged into a nearby outlet, but it might be too short in other situations.

Best Watch Stand: Elago W3 Stand

Why It Made the Cut: Elago’s W3 is an homage to Apple’s vintage hardware and aids in using a really practical Apple Watch feature.


  • Convenient to any Apple Watch
  • Available in two colors
  • A playful retro design


  • It might not be to your liking

“Nightstand mode,” a software function that Apple added to the Apple Watch, transforms the wristwatch into a desk-side clock that shows the time and date. Only when the Apple Watch is placed on its side can this mode be accessed, and numerous accessory manufacturers have created it to give the smartwatch a stylish appearance when in this mode.

Elago’s W3 is based on the first Macintosh computer, which Apple unveiled in 1984. The screen of the first-generation Mac was ideally sized for the Apple Watch display. If you don’t have nostalgia for earlier technology, this Apple Watch stand might not inspire you, but it’s a cute enough throwback that we couldn’t leave it out.

The Best Screen Protector is InvisibleShield Ultra Clear.

Why It Made the Cut: If you inadvertently knock your Apple Watch into something, this is the one item that can genuinely save you hundreds of dollars.


  • Avoids dents and scratches;
  • Doesn’t interfere with the visibility of the screen; and
  • Has a glass-like feel.


  • It’s important to make sure the model you choose suits your watch.

InvisibleShield’s iPhone and Apple Watch screen protectors are highly robust, with a self-healing nano-textured substance providing military-grade edge-to-edge protection. These protectors can withstand light and unintentional impacts on various surfaces.

InvisibleShield offers a lifetime replacement for Apple Watch screen protectors, ensuring minimal damage. UltraClear offers a replacement option for severe damage. Despite concerns about vibration, feel, or responsiveness, users have reported no issues with InvisibleShield devices, indicating the company’s commitment to material quality.

A final note for screen protector skeptics: The InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Apple Watch Screen Protector is affordable, but replacing a cracked screen can cost $300, especially for aluminum models with glass displays. It’s recommended to buy a screen protector that matches your Apple Watch model.

Best Headphones: AirPods Pro

why they cut: Apple’s AirPods Pro are the most practical way to listen to music through your Apple Watch.


  • It makes it possible for you to listen to music on your Apple Watch.
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Backs noise-canceling


  • Exorbitant

The Apple Watch features internal storage for syncing iPhone music for offline listening, making it ideal for those who prefer to leave their phone at home. Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones, particularly the AirPods Pro, perform best.

Apple headphones automatically connect to the Apple Watch when removed from the battery holder, allowing streaming of audio without using a phone. They communicate using energy-efficient Bluetooth, lasting hours without charge.

AirPods Pro can be used to stream music from any smartphone, tablet, or computer when you’re not using your Apple Watch. The AirPods Pro topped our best wireless headphones guide for their sound quality, active noise cancellation, and fit.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Apple Watch Accessories

Your daily commute:

Apple Watch is designed so that you don’t have to have another device with you all the time, even your iPhone, so you should seriously consider what accessories you use. For example, if you’re carrying a backpack with you during your trip, it might be a good idea to bring a battery so you don’t feel too burdened. If you travel light, you might want to use an Apple Watch screen protector.

Multifunctional accessories:

We always try to recommend a variety of tech accessories that we believe reduce waste. The best examples in our guide to the best Apple Watch accessories are AirPods Pro and Satechi batteries.

Final Thoughts on Apple Watch Ultra Accessories:

The Apple Watch accessory market has evolved significantly since its launch, offering numerous options for bands, cases, and gadgets. It’s crucial to consider your usage before selecting the right accessory. Is the Apple Watch a communication tool or a fitness tracker? Do you sleep with it on or leave it on the charger overnight? Do you hold the Apple Watch until it breaks down or do you upgrade? These very personal problems are worth mentioning, as sometimes amazing answers lead you to the right Apple Watch accessories.

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