“Avatar The Way of Water DVD Release Date” The 2022 blockbuster movie Avatar: The Way of Water now has a Blu-ray release date. On June 20, 2023, the movie is scheduled to be published on Blu-ray. During its lengthy theatrical run, the movie amassed nearly $2 billion in box office revenue, ranking it third among all motion pictures. On the same day as its Blu-ray release, the movie will also be available on DVD, 4K UHD, and Blu-ray 3D. Not only will this happen, but the franchise’s groundbreaking 2009 opener, Avatar, will also get its first 4K UHD release.

The eagerly anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water is the follow-up to James Cameron’s global phenomenon Avatar. Despite being released a stunning 13 years apart, the two movies are linked by the grandiose mythos that the venerable and very ambitious Cameron created. Both movies depict interactions between the inhabitants of Earth and the Na’vi alien race. The second film developed this mythos and exposed viewers to the aquatic side of the world, while the first film established the planet of Pandora and introduced them to the Na’vi people.

The sequel maintained existing characters, including Jake Sully, a former human turned Na’vi, and Neytiri, a Na’vi lady played by Zoe Saldaa, while also introducing viewers to new ones. In the sequel, Jake Sully has created a family with Neytiri.
The second movie features new actors Kate Winslet and Edie Falco. Winslet, who previously collaborated with Cameron on the legendary 1990s film Titanic, gushed about the pleasures of their most recent project.

When will DVDs of Avatar: The Way of Water be available?

The Way of Water from Avatar The Blu-ray release coincides with the DVD release date of March 13, 2023 (estimate). Usually, DVD releases come out 12–16 weeks following the theatrical debut. Some movies are created for exclusive premieres on streaming services like Apple TV+, so they might never be released on DVD.

What date will the digital release of Avatar: The Way of Water be?

Prior to the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K releases, Avatar: The Way of Water will be available digitally from Amazon Video and iTunes. March 2023 is the anticipated VOD release date. Netflix purchases TV shows and movies from worldwide studios. Due to license agreements, a lot of movies and TV episodes will likely never be available on Netflix.
Avatar 2’s financial backer accuses Disney of “cheating” and “chilling” accounting. With Thousands
In a “scary” example of Hollywood accounting, TSG, one of the backers of Avatar 2, has launched a lawsuit against Disney, accusing the business of hiding money.
TSG Entertainment Finance claims over $40 million in debt after auditing three films, including The Shape of Water. 20th Century Studios has invested over $3.3 billion in over 100 movies.

John Berlinski, the lawyer for TSG and Johansson, alleges Disney executives manipulated film distribution and prohibited TSG from selling holdings to boost the share price, leading to a $35 million Hollywood Accounting Scandal.
Through sweetheart deals, the studio engages in self-dealing and artificially lowers earnings payments to supporters like TSG.
TSG alleges 20th Century Studios brokered an agreement with FX Networks, allegedly tying license fee payments to Avatar: The Way of Water success, for a secret side deal at a fraction of fair value.
The lawsuit alleges Disney’s pressure on 20th Century Studios to negotiate with HBO to boost Disney+ and Hulu’s streaming portfolios, causing deviations from conventional Fox film windowing.

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