“Bird Buddy Review” The Bird Buddy Smart Feeder blends bird-feeding enjoyment with cutting-edge technology. It’s a bird feeder with a built-in camera that photographs your backyard birds as they feed. This sophisticated feeder recognizes the types of birds that visit your garden and provides a live view of the activity on your smartphone via the Bird Buddy app.

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Buddy the Bird

The Bird Buddy is a cute yet simple bird feeder with a 720p camera module that sits in the right position to record and picture birds that stop by for a feast. Additionally, the Bird Buddy app notifies users’ smartphones of bird visitation and provides access to recorded footage, images, and information. The Bird Buddy provides bird feeder customers with bird identification as well as front-row access.

Bird Buddy Review


  • Beautiful photographs
  • Simple to set up
  • Various methods for installing exterior
  • Bird identification
  • Birds will find it comfortable.


  • Requires recharging once a week.
  • The app is a little sluggish.
  • It does not capture all bird visits.
  • It must be within the Wi-Fi range.

The bird feeders in my yard have always drawn the attention of those of us watching the epidemic from the couch. Watching our feeders is a delightful pastime for everyone, whether it’s extremely crowded on a bright afternoon or a squirrel is performing acrobatics to acquire food. The Bird Buddy, on the other hand, has taken it to the next level.

Bird Buddy Review: The Bird Buddy App

When you scan the QR code on the box, it will prompt you to download the Bird Buddy app for iOS or Android, allowing you to complete the rest of the setup procedure.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you simply connect it to your wifi, let it update to the latest firmware, and you should be ready to go. It does take a little longer than I thought to set it up, so start it and come back in 5 minutes when it’s finished.

When it’s finished, you can add another bird friend to your account (they’ll also be alerted of new arrivals) and even test out the camera’s live stream.

Then you just hang it up, add your food, and wait for your first bird to come.

Camera Quality

Bird Buddy Review

The Bird Buddy makes no compromises in terms of quality. Its photographs and videos are stunning, capturing every detail of the visiting birds, from the color of their feathers to the patterns on their wings. You may also share these photographs and movies with your friends and family, making them an ideal tool for both bird watchers and photographers.

What is the price?

The cost of the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder is $199.

Another advantage is that there are no subscription costs. Expecting it is rather typical these days, especially when it comes to saving images and videos on your account.

What is the optimum location for your bird feeder?

A birdfeeder is ideally placed in a peaceful and secure area. It should be located away from busy streets and loud noises. It’s also critical to situate it near a tree or shrub, which will provide a safe haven for birds if they feel threatened.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t anticipate birds flocking to the feeder right away. They’ll discover something new in the surroundings, give it some time to adjust, and then begin investigating.

The software is unquestionably sluggish, and there is much potential for improvement. It occasionally has problems loading photographs and videos, and it might be more user-friendly. Personally, I’d forego the postcard style for presenting bird visitor information in favor of a simpler, more basic method that would be more natural for new users.

The battery life isn’t fantastic, but it’s a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery heading out into the avian world, so anticipate no more than a week or two. This might be enhanced in future versions or simply by installing the solar panel roof.


The Bird Buddy app presents such close-up, high-quality photographs of the birds that frequent your backyard that may completely blow them away.

It takes stunning photographs of bird visits, and I really appreciate the AI-powered species detection tool.

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