With its stunning design, amazing functionality, adaptability, and quality, the new Cradlewise Smart Crib and Bassinet are changing the infant industry.

According to a recent study, smart cribs’ calming vibrations may swiftly and efficiently settle a fussy infant, reducing their fussiness by 73% and promoting deeper sleep. 

With its firm mattress, snug-fitting sheets, and breathable mesh, it will not only guarantee your child’s comfort and sound sleep but will also make it easier for you to adhere to the safe sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

There are several positive aspects to this durable all-in-one product. In this Cradlewise crib review, we thoroughly examine each of its components and how they function together, as well as how the Cradlewise stacks up against other products (our testers used the product for months).

About Cradlewise Crib

Parents Radhika and Bharath Patil, of San Francisco, California, launched it in 2018 after seeing the need for intelligent cribs that could calm infants and allow parents to sleep more soundly.

They gathered money in 2019 thanks to their technical talents to create the first smart bassinet and crib prototype.

They started distributing this smart crib across the USA in 2021 after receiving TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions Award in 2020.

Since then, they have swiftly expanded and assisted thousands of parents in making their nurseries smarter, more user-friendly, and better and longer sleep-friendly!

Our investigation shows that Cradlewise responds to consumer questions quite fast and provides assistance when it is required.  

We had to test out all of the functions on the Cradlewise Smart Crib and Bassinet!

We start with a list of the features, talk about assembly, quality, comfort, features, and adaptability, before concluding our review with a few minor flaws that are important to note.

Features and Specifications

Even the greatest bassinets and cribs would be proud of the Cradlewise Smart Crib’s many top-notch features.

The following are some of the main characteristics and details of Cradlewise smart crib:

  • Smart cameras can recognize waking signals.
  • Calming up-down motion with a range of speeds.
  • An embedded baby monitor.
  • An integrated sound system.
  • A smart app that is free.
  • Using an app to track sleep.
  • Adjustable sedative practices.
  • Converts to a mini crib from a bassinet.
  • Comes with an excellent mattress.
  • Contains waterproof fitted sheets.
  • Gold certification from Greenguard.
  • Accredited by the JPMA.
  • Birth to 33 pounds.

That is a lot of features packed into a large yet somewhat portable container. It is about the size of a standard mini crib; it is relatively big for a bassinet.

To our knowledge, no other device has this degree of adaptability and depth of features in comparison to other smart bassinets and smart cribs available on the market.

Assembling Cradlewise Smart Crib

One enormous cardboard box holds the Cradlewise Smart Crib. 

The box measures around 42″ long, 30″ broad, and 20″ high, and it weighs roughly 70 pounds. The weight and bulk make it quite difficult to handle.

Ask for assistance in lifting and carrying the box up any steps as soon as you receive the shipment notification. Despite being highly active parents in our 30s, we still required assistance from our neighbors. We urge you to follow suit!

Out of the box, it is immediately apparent that this is a piece of nursery furniture of exceptionally good quality and solid construction.

It’s obvious that Cradlewise gave initial impressions a lot of consideration. The organization of everything is excellent, and they prepared a terrific video demonstrating how to put up the crib.

Even though it takes around 30-45 minutes to put together, we have to acknowledge that the assembly instructions were quite clear and that the package included everything you need. This contains all the equipment and tools (such as a screwdriver and an Allen wrench).

The next step is to connect the power adapter once you’ve finished this process. Be cautious to place the crib close enough to a wall outlet because the cord is approximately 6 feet long.

Installing the Cradlewise app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and creating a free account are the next steps.

When the crib is prepared to link with the app, a little blue LED light on top of the monitor arc will turn blue.

The app walks you through the pairing procedure and is user-friendly. The iPhone and Android apps successfully paired with one another without any problems.

Overall, despite the box’s unwieldy size and weight, we rate the Cradlewise assembly method an A+ for its thoughtfulness and simplicity. Not to mention how perfectly each component fits into the others!

The finished product is really pleasing to look at!

How much does Cradlewise smart crib cost?

The cost of the Cradlewise crib is $1,999, but the business provides discounts for purchasing early and choosing a later delivery date. For a total price of $1,399, ordering six months in advance will save you $600 (the savings amount is changing on April 1, 2023, so purchase now to save even more).

How long is Cradlewise usable?

Your kid may use Cradlewise until the age of two, unlike other smart baby beds that are designed just for the first six months. (Or, if earlier, when they weigh 33 pounds.)

What drawbacks does Cradlewise have?

The absence of a button to totally switch on or off the Cradlewise is another flaw. In order to use the capabilities of the crib, you must be close to your phone unless you have the bounce and white noise functions set on automatically. The Cradlewise bar also has a little light on top of it.

How secure are smart cribs?

Yes, smart cribs and bassinets are safe, but as with any infant product, you should carefully follow the instructions and use restrictions that come with your particular piece of equipment.


You’ll get a lot of emails after buying a Cradlewise, but the one asking you to plan a one-on-one training session with their team so they can show you how to properly set up and utilize the crib stuck out to me the most. If you have any queries, you may also participate in a virtual group demo with Radhika, the creator of the company. Furthermore, you may interact with Product Support right inside the app.

The Cradlewise comes with a one-year warranty that guarantees you a free replacement if any mechanical or electronic components on the sleeper malfunction. 


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