“Dial widgets” Are you failing to produce enough purchases while having a lot of traffic on your website? This is most likely due to the fact that you are not easily accessible. Your contact information may be buried in the Contact Us page or deep in the footer, or the required information may be absent.

Web users are typically impatient. If they are genuinely interested in your product or service, they would most likely prefer to speak with you in person rather than over the phone. If you are unavailable for some reason, they will call a similar vendor or service provider, who will assist them with their inquiries and give pertinent information as soon as possible.

And that is a waste of a genuine lead.

However, the remedy is straightforward. All you have to do is add the click-to-dial widget to your website. It instantly connects you with your potential leads.

Because it is always visible at the top of the website, anyone may simply see it and contact you or your representatives. Your company’s sales increase significantly. This article will go over 5 strategies to create sales leads using a click-to-dial widget.

Dial Widgets

Dial Widgets: How to Implement a Direct Dial Widget in Your Cell Phone

What you’ll need: All you’ll need is an updated Android phone (since you should always keep your OS and apps as up-to-date as possible) and a contact or two to add to the home screen.

  1. Insert the new widget

Long-press any empty space on your home screen that lacks a launcher. Tap Widgets in the subsequent popup.

  1. Find Contacts

Scroll down until you come to the Contacts section. Tap to enlarge.

  1. Activate the Direct Dial Launcher

When you expand the Contacts entry, three options will appear: Contact, Direct Dial, and Direct Message.

Hold down the Direct Dial button and drag it to your home screen.

  1. Choose the contact

After you’ve added the icon to your home screen, a new page will emerge on which you must locate and pick the contact to use for the launcher. When you’ve found the contact, tap it to choose it.

The Direct Dial Launcher is now available on your home screen. You only need to tap the icon to call the contact.

If you, like me, have a lot of direct-call contacts, you could group them together to make a folder. With all of your Direct Dial launchers sorted into a folder, you can always find them on your Android home screen.

Best Way to Add Dial Widgets to Your Website

Utilize the Click to Call feature to make it even simpler for your clients to reach out to you. Visitors to your website can click or tap an icon to call you directly, thanks to this wonderfully helpful feature. They’ll value being able to contact you with literally just one tap of an icon, as more and more people use their smartphones to explore the Internet.
To add one, select Widgets from the widget menu of your CMS and then search for Click to Call. Both the Popular and Business categories are likely to have it, but you can also use the search box at the top to look for it.
You may then drag and drop it to the desired spot on your website. It will be clearly apparent to anyone visiting the website if you set it in the top-right corner of the header.

Choices for Customization

When you left-click on the widget after you’ve added it, a new window presenting numerous customization options will appear. Inputting your phone number and the text you want the button to show are the two most crucial parts.

You should input your primary business contact number because that is the one that will be called anytime someone clicks or taps on the button.
Call us is the pre-selected text, but you can modify it by entering a different phrase in the textbox.
The widget will now be set up with all it needs to function, but the Design tab at the top contains a number of additional choices that are optional.

Here, you have the option to alter the button’s appearance, for instance, by giving it rounded corners rather than straight ones or by decreasing the width and height. Both the button’s actual color and the text’s color are likewise programmable.

What exactly is a click-to-dial widget?

Typically, it is a button integrated into a company’s website. It enables you to communicate with the customer support agent of the website you are visiting in real-time.

Some Click-to-dial widgets ask for your phone number. You will receive an immediate call from the sales team after providing your phone number.

5 Methods for Generating Sales Leads With a Click-to-Dial Widget

The business is expanding rapidly. Many small- to large-scale enterprises compete with one another to attract as many leads as possible. The odds of increasing your lead count using a click-to-dial widget on your website are incredibly great. Click-to-dial can help you create sales leads in the following five ways.

Immediate Client Reaction

The most prominent feature of the click-to-dial widget is the ability to swiftly connect to customer service.

According to a study, more than 60% of consumers are interested in businesses that provide rapid solutions. Customers who receive quick responses are more likely to learn about the product and purchase it right away.

Customers are likely to convert at a rate of 30% to 50% into your business.

The Click-to-dial widget says a lot about your company’s brand image. Customers benefit from speedier service since they prefer speaking with a live person on the phone.

Develop a Perfect Consumer Profile

The most crucial thing to know when running a business is who your target audience is. It depends on the type of product your company provides.

The click-to-dial widget is really useful in this situation. This widget connects you with a variety of customers from whom you can gather vital information about your product.

Click-to-dial can assist you in determining what your ideal clients are normally interested in. It helps you identify the common behaviors of your target audience and create user personas.

In general, it enables you to develop a profile of your ideal customer. In general, it enables you to develop a profile of your ideal customer. These criteria are required for your company to develop a sales plan. With an optimum consumer profile, the firm grows three times faster.

Boost customer retention

The click-to-dial widget is becoming an essential part of the sales process. It is required to increase the rate of customer retention.

When a customer calls, it reflects the human side of your website. This is important because it establishes you as approachable, kind, and helpful.

It allows customers to contact you on their own time and without having to wait.

Agents who have been pre-briefed with caller information provide useful assistance. As a result, the call will be directed to the best agent.

According to surveys, even if they can get a better offer elsewhere, 65 percent of customers will continue with a company that gives great customer service. The majority of clients demand immediate access to an experienced representative.

Make Outbound Phone Calls

Your company’s sales force can use click-to-dial while making outbound phone calls. It easily interfaces with CRM tools.

Integration with a CRM solution is critical since it allows your agents to click-to-dial potential leads directly from CRM.

Agents can now dial leads without having to do so manually. Using this strategy, your company’s sales personnel may reach out to more clients in a single day.

Making an outbound phone call increases your chances of converting one customer into a client by 50%. You will be able to filter key client information, which will help your CRM filter possible leads.

Stop Clients From Leaving

Not every visitor to your website will use the click-to-dial widget to place a call.

The majority of click-to-dial widgets can launch prompts or pop-up deals to keep visitors on your website.

The prompts ask customers whether they want to exit the website or stay on the page. This is a basic yet successful method for getting customers to think about your goods for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, assuming the customers called in some circumstances, but the call did not connect or no agent was available to take the call. Such a situation will result in the loss of a potential consumer, who will seek the product elsewhere.

It is avoidable by making follow-up calls to customers. To make follow-up calls, most click-to-dial widgets request a client number. This enables businesses to communicate with customers in order to secure a potential customer.

5 fascinating statistics about the click-to-dial widget

  • More than 70% of mobile users use the click-to-dial button, indicating that face-to-face phone calls are a significant channel for clients.
  • 61% of mobile searchers rated click-to-dial as extremely important or very Important’ during the purchasing decision-making process.
  • 35% of clients are dissatisfied when a company lacks a click-to-dial option. This is a warning sign that if a company’s website is not optimized for mobile phone calls, its lead generation will suffer.
  • When clients are unable to reach the firm directly via phone, 47 percent are more likely to search for other brands or competitors.
  • Customers’ Google searches generate over 40 million calls every month via click-to-dial widgets.


Adding a click-to-dial widget is the quickest way to turn your target audience into paying clients. It is easy to set up and provides numerous benefits to help your business achieve its goals. It streamlines your sales process so effectively that you will soon be closing more deals in less time. Even though the click-to-dial widget seems helpful, a cloud phone system is still required.

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