Design concepts for things like animation, fantasy characters, logos, and YouTube banners are created using AI techniques. More innovative applications emerge as a result of the improvement of such tools, such as 3D AI art and animation creation. Finding a solid Discord AI art generator or even tik tok generators will enable you to release your creativity to new heights, regardless of whether you’re a regular user or an artist looking to experiment with generative AI.

Many Discord users utilize the AI art generators there to express their creativity or interact with a group of like-minded individuals. The announcements component of those servers, which is regularly updated with the most recent news, assists members in staying informed about the most recent advancements in AI technology in addition to producing photos.

In this post, we’ll examine the top Discord servers for creating AI animations (animation) and TikTok.

1. Midjourney – Best to generate an endless supply of photographs 

You can make an image for free with this Discord AI image generator. However, there is a limit to the number of free photos you may make.

You must subscribe to one of the offered plans in order to create an infinite number of photos.

And also, you may upgrade your photos to ones of greater quality. Additionally, you may use the type/help function to examine all the commands.

If you want Midjourney to make a picture from an image, you may submit the image and instructions.

Users can ask questions and discuss problems in the “conversation” area of the Midjourney server.

Additionally, there is an “announcement” area where you may read the most current server changes.

2. Blue Willow – Best free AI Animation Generator for Discord

Blue Willow’s Discord server has more than 300 million users, making it a fascinating site to investigate. Users can use it for nothing, and user donations fund its operation.

By signing up for the Blue Willow Discord server, you can post your challenge and immediately create pictures.

Blue Willow is mostly used to create digital artwork, logos, landscapes, graphic concepts, comic book characters, and other things.

Blue Willow excels at creating graphics and digital art. This application stands out since it can produce photographs in under a minute and has a large user base.

You should without a doubt try Blue Willow, another outstanding free server.

3. OpenAI DALLE 2 – The most effective 

This is a well-known OpenAI community. The DALL-E Discord server is a community of users whose mission is to encourage positive contact among its members.

To learn how to bypass the DALL-E prompt effectively, consult the ‘Help & Tips’ sections.

For further inspiration and access to the platform’s many activities, browse the other gallery sections.

You can find out more about the questions that other users are asking in the section with commonly asked questions. You have a fantastic chance to discover more about the server’s capabilities at this time as well.

There is more information about the features of the server under the “info” section. This enables you to use every feature on the server and traverse it as you choose.

4. Maze Guru – AI Art, Anime and Social – Best for making anime characters

With the aid of the Maze Guru, you can create beautiful digital artwork quickly. Using a word prompt, you can swiftly transform your concepts into genuine artwork.

You may also use text descriptions and a different visual style model to create works of art from your imagination.

This Discord AI art generator may help you make customized anime characters using photos or text if you wish to create anime characters.

Maze Guru will select the store’s offerings, which will include old art, modern art, and graphics made by hired artists.

The steps in the process include storing the content, creating AI, creating NFTs, and uploading.  Users of CryptoSanguo BTM and NFT will also have access to more free AI creation time and a wider variety of artistic mediums.

5. Best feature-rich server: OpenArt AI

Another user-friendly AI art generator for Discord is OpenArt AI. You get to explore millions of AI artworks using a “clever” CLIP-based search system. The artwork that your AI created is also yours to share and submit.

Other features of the Discord AI art generator include the ability to browse, rate, and comment on the creations of other community members.

Create creative pieces of art by utilizing the Stable Diffusion AI and DALL-E 2 picture-generating models. Using a particular dataset, develop a customized model through training.

You must introduce yourself in the “introductions” area in order to use the Discord server.

They want to know more about you all the time. After that, you may design your own “roles” profile.

Be sure to check out -announcements for the team’s most current news! Choose your free credits each day from -daily-free-credits!

6. NOWAI– Best user friendly Discord AI art generator

NOWAI AI uses a diffusion model that is based on latent diffusion. It allows for 48 times faster and more precise processing by shrinking the latent space for pictures. Users can enter text, photos, or a combination of both to generate the required visuals.

The NOWAI website states that they first focused on AI-generated visuals but have now added audio, video, and AI assistance.

Additionally, as they advance, they’ll think about the best way to make all AI advancements accessible to people.

NOWAI seeks to dominate the creation of web-3 and AI images. Additionally, the Photonic Engine, Deep Fusion, and INPAINTING for the Web App will be introduced.

In addition to producing AI content, token owners will profit from the platform’s staking, revenue-sharing, and NFT conversion options.

Tik Tok Generators

It is now even more crucial for your company to be a part of this famous network because TikTok influencers are not only becoming more well-known but are also receiving brand deals, promotions, and paid sponsorships. 

It’s worth the time and effort to create a TikTok profile and add content. If you make your material relevant to your audience, you have yourself, devoted consumers, and twice as many eyes and interactions.

Only reputable websites are included on our list when it comes to spending money on a follower generator. These websites will either fully administer your account or securely automate TikTok operations, resulting in long-term followers and the development of your account’s reputation.

1. UseViral

Are you trying to find a safe and inexpensive method to increase your TikTok following? UseViral has the solution! UseViral is a well-known service with a track record for excellence and dependability.

2. TokGrowth

For getting you, actual TikTok users, for your account, TokGrowth is at the top of the list. They focus on account protection and are a completely reputable website. They are well-known and offer excellent customer service.

3. TokUpgrade

Compared to the majority of these TikTok follower services, TokUpgrade has been on the market for much longer. They are among the finest growth tools, which is why they have endured for so long. They have a track record of using demographic targeting and strategy to expand your TikTok account.

Final Remarks

You are aware of the various servers’ features now that you have read this tutorial. You can produce amazing AI photos with the aid of Discord servers and get inspiration from the work of other designers.

Pick one from the list above that corresponds to your artistic requirements when selecting the fines


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