The Gizmo Watch 3 is Verizon Wireless’ newest wristwatch for kids, just released. Parents may use the watch to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, and, new in version gizmo watch 3, make and receive video calls, in addition to viewing their child’s location. 

As a result, this page has all you need to know about the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3.

Gizmo Watch 3

The newest kids’ watch from Verizon is the Gizmo Watch 3, which runs on the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. A built-in camera is included on the Gizmo Watch 3 for taking pictures, movies, and video calls. 

Additionally, the Gizmo Watch 3 offers improved security thanks to the addition of security features, including trusted contacts, app installation limitations, and a dedicated SOS button. The Gizmo Watch 3 focuses on security and safety to protect kids from danger.

The youngster doesn’t need a smartphone for the wrist-worn device to function. The built-in cellular connection is included. 

With 20 trusted contacts now available on the new watch, parents can use the companion app on their phone to manage who the kid may speak to. When your child leaves a safe environment, such as a school or babysitter, an alarm can be set to go off. 

There will be two color options for the Gizmo Watch 3: mint and blue clay. It costs $149, which you may pay upfront or over 36 months at a rate of $4.17 per month. For servicing the watch itself, you must pay $10 each month. 

The Gizmo Watch 3 claims a longer battery life, more watch faces, different games, and the option to pair Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with the watch, in addition to a new camera, more contacts, and safe zones.

The Gizmo Watch 3 won’t be available for purchase for very long, in contrast to most other routinely unveiled CES products. This Thursday, January 5, you may order it straight from For families with several children, Verizon offers a discount at launch that saves you $100 on a second Gizmo Watch 3.

Gizmo Watch 3: Attributes

The watches in Gizmo Watch 3 have the following attributes:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Time-based location alerts
  • Geofencing
  • Parent-controlled contact list
  • Pre-defined text options
  • School/quiet mode
  • Remote shutdown
  • Compatible with Verizon network only
  • Swappable wristbands
  • 36-month financing
  • Auto answer
  • Step counter
  • To-do list
  • Funny sounds game


Additionally, you can get location-based notifications. You must first set up and name the places you wish to keep an eye on, such as your house, school, park, library, or friends’ homes.

On the map, a circle appears around each place. That is the geofence (virtual boundary). When the GizmoWatch enters or leaves this area, you will get alerts.

You may touch and drag the circle’s size on the map.

The main drawback is that this won’t function well in apartment buildings or other monumental structures. You won’t always be able to tell what floor they’re on.

Parent-controlled Contact List

You have complete control over who can use a phone to contact or text your child and vice versa. On the GizmoWatch 2 and Disney Edition, the contact list can hold up to 10 people; however, the Gizmo Watch 3 can hold up to 20. 

Monitoring and Check-in of Locations

You may check your child’s whereabouts using the GizmoHub smartphone app to ensure they arrived at school or are still at a friend’s house. The best part is that since your child won’t know you have checked their whereabouts, you can do this without coming across as a hovering parent.

Your youngster may manually check in by tapping the location sign (a white arrow on a teal backdrop). Location information will be sent to contacts identified as the child’s guardians or caretakers.

Only the Gizmo Watch 3 produces a report on its location history. Use the GizmoWatch 2 and Disney Edition’s time-based location alerts function to get daily information.

Custom Text Messages

Additionally, you have total control over the text’s content. You may compile a list of short texts for your kid to pick from when sending SMS using the parent app. Various other emojis are also available for kids to send with the GizmoWatch.

Automatic Response Option for Parents

For parents, GizmoWatches all include an “auto answer” option. To make your child watch a two-way speaker if they aren’t taking calls, toggle on this mode in the parent app.

Gizmowatches Can Only Connect to the Verizon Network

You may select your cellular carrier for many other children’s smartwatches, but Verizon is your only option if you want a GizmoWatch. 

If you reside in a Verizon service region, that’s good, but it’s terrible if you require AT&T or T-Mobile. 

It doesn’t hurt to double-check the FCC’s map (click the “Verizon LTE Data” box), since Verizon confirms coverage throughout the checkout process, so you shouldn’t be in for a surprise once the GizmoWatch comes. Check the coverage of your precise location by zooming in.   

Swappable wristbands

When ordering the GizmoWatch 2, you may choose between pink or blue wristbands. The Disney Edition is available in an off-white hue, and you can pay an additional $35 at checkout to add an Elsa, Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, or Minnie wristband.

The original wristband of the watch had a secondary clasp to tuck the lengthy “tail” out of the way and a buckle fastening to secure it. Your child can run around without losing the watch since it fits securely.

There is no Direct 911 Option.

Kids may activate an SOS button on the Gizmo Watch 3 and Disney Edition by pushing and holding for five seconds, then swiping on the touch screen to make the call.

You can specify just one contact as the designated emergency number. If you are unavailable, the phone does not ring a backup number. Your youngster must manually go through their contact list to make another call.

There is no direct 911 option or method to add 911 to a list of authorized contacts. Although this isn’t unusual for a children’s smartwatch, the TickTalk 4 may be a better option if it’s a deal-breaker for you.

Gizmo Watch 3: Does Not Function Globally

You can’t rely on a Verizon GizmoWatch to keep track of your child if you’re traveling abroad. Global coverage exists for the TickTalk4, Angel Watch, and Xplora X5 Play.


The Gizmo Watch 3 offers the best features—including a location history report—at a price that shouldn’t break the bank, according to a comparison of all of Verizon’s children’s smartwatches. 

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is an excellent option for kids who are too young for a phone but still need a way to reach their parents. 

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