“HDMI Nintendo Switch” The Nintendo Switch was a groundbreaking piece of console gaming, combining the portability of earlier models like the Nintendo DS or Gameboy series with the Switch’s motion controls and support for large screens.

The business made it a sensible decision to make changing between these two modes as simple as putting your Switch handheld device into the dock that comes with it. To begin, you must nevertheless connect the video output of that dock to your TV.

In a matter of seconds, we’ll demonstrate how to accomplish it.

How to attach a HDMI Nintendo Switch to your television


You’ll need a TV of your choice, an HDMI cable (included with the Switch), and your Nintendo Switch and dock. It should just take a few minutes, or even less, to complete the process.

1. Open the Switch dock’s back door.

The HDMI Out port on the dock that comes with your Nintendo Switch allows you to connect it to your TV. Both the original Switch and the more recent OLED variant fit this description.

To access this connector on both the original and OLED docks, you must unlock a rear door. You only need to slide your finger under the door and pull until it opens. I/O ports for the OLED model are located inside.

2. Join your HDMI wire to the HDMI Out port of the Switch.

Because both Nintendo Switch models output 1080p, you can use just about any acceptable HDMI cable with them. However, the original and OLED Switch both come with high-quality cables, so unless you have a specific requirement for a longer wire or an angled connector, I’d recommend utilizing these.

The procedure is the same regardless of the cable you use. Simply insert one end of the cable into the HDMI Out connector on the Switch’s dock’s back. Once you’ve finished this and connected all of your other necessary wires, including the ones for power and USB or LAN, you can seal up the Switch’s rear panel and route your cables out of the opening.

3. Connect your TV and HDMI cable

Connecting the other end of your HDMI cable to your TV is the final step in this procedure. To do this, locate the TV’s I/O panel. Usually, it’s on the unit’s side or back. You should see one or more HDMI ports there that are either called HDMI In or just HDMI. These ports typically have numbers next to them that match the input options on your TV.

Locate a free port on the TV and insert the other end of the cable you used to connect your Switch into it. Turn on your TV and then select the appropriate input for the port you picked, such as HDMI 1 for HDMI In 1.


Why won’t my Nintendo Switch work with my TV?

First, make sure that all connections—including the HDMI cable’s two ends and the Switch’s power cable—are solid. Next, check to see that the Nintendo Switch portable is plugged in and correctly situated in its dock.

Last but not least, make sure your TV is set to the appropriate input for the HDMI port the switch is attached to, like the HDMI 1 input for HDMI In 1. Try a new HDMI cable or HDMI port on your TV if you’ve verified that all of these components of your hardware connection are accurate but you’re still not seeing output. The first of either of these could be broken. Hardware problems with the Switch, dock, or TV may be among the concerns.

Can I use my Switch without the supplied dock to connect to the TV?

Yes. You don’t need to carry your entire dock if you just want to connect your Switch at a friend’s house or vacation rental. You will still want a type of adapter, though. This may be a compact portable dock, a dongle that plugs into the USB-C port on the Switch to give the required video and power ports, or even a USB-C to HDMI adaptor that you already have for your laptop. Just make sure that the model you select states that it is Switch compatible.

Sadly, there isn’t a good way to wirelessly link your Nintendo Switch to your TV. Although a wireless HDMI adapter is an option, you would still need to connect your Switch to a wired transmitter dongle, which sort of negates the “wireless” part of the concept. Additionally, the Switch does not have built-in compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay or Google Cast. While your Switch is attached to the TV, you can use your disconnected Joy-Con controllers or other compatible wireless controllers wirelessly.

The Nintendo Switch can cast a video onto a TV.

You are undoubtedly already aware of the option to wirelessly cast tablet and smartphone screens onto televisions. The most common method for doing this is Google Chromecast, which is compatible with PCs running the Chrome browser. TVs and media streaming devices may presently receive video data and show it using a variety of wireless HDMI solutions.

If you’ve ever used Chromecast to stream video from a phone app (like Netflix), you may be wondering if the Nintendo Switch has a similar feature.

Even better, is it possible to wirelessly stream games to your TV?

Awfully, no. It is not currently feasible to cast or wirelessly link the Nintendo Switch display to your TV. The Genki ShadowCast, which also functions as a video capture card, allows you to connect any gaming console to a computer with a USB-C port.

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