HomeBase 3 and EufyCam 3 Security: A Chinese electronics company called Eufy Security sells smart locks, video doorbells, keypads, sensors, cameras, and HomeBase 2 for specialized systems. The main points of contention for Eufy Security are client misinformation, local data uploads, and remote access. However, the technology company just released a number of security devices to conclude the year, so these assertions come at an inopportune time.

The HomeBase 3 and EufyCam 3 bundle, also known as the Eufy Edge Security System, is one of these recent introductions and appears to compile all the greatest features of rival security camera kits into one package. Those problems might not appear significant with photos in 4K quality, endless power, and expandable storage, all without monthly payments.

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HomeBase 3 and EufyCam 3: Pros and Cons

HomeBase 3 and EufyCam 3


  • Excellent video caliber
  • Absence of any monthly fees,
  • Face identification
  • Burglary prevention
  • Entirely wireless


  • Expensive
  • Had to disassemble and fix outdated Eufy Security devices.
  • Privacy issues
  • Not a direct match for HomeKit

Specifications for the EufyCam 3

Weight 420g
2.5 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches in size
The 4K (3,840 by 2,160) resolution
Evening vision Spotlight or infrared color,
30-foot motion detection range battery, a lithium-ion battery with a built-in solar panel
100-lumen spotlight with motion detection
Audio, dual audio
Weatherproof IP67 Storage Household 3 Power: solar power, optional cable-based recharging
Connectivity: Wi-Fi Installation Using screws
Voice command, both Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa

HomeBase 3 Technical Details

Weight 656g
Dimensions: 3 12 x 4 3 5 inches
Weatherproof Only for indoor use
Detection Face recognition and 100 dB alarm for people, cars, and pets
Storage 16GB of internal flash memory; 2.5″ SATA interface SSD or HDD extendable to 16TB
Only for indoor use: Power Plug-in Connectivity Ethernet Installation

The new security system is Eufy Edge

HomeBase 3 and EufyCam 3

Two bullet-shaped EufyCam 3 cameras that are completely wireless thanks to solar panels integrated into their tips are part of the Eufy Edge Security System. It also includes HomeBase 3, an artificially intelligent hub for all Eufy Security devices that has facial recognition, 16GB of built-in local storage space, and your home security alarm.

The set comes with two EufyCam 3 outside cameras, HomeBase 3, an Ethernet cable, a USB-C cable, a 12V converter, two mounting bases, a quick start guide, and mounting hardware.

This kit can function independently as a security system. You can put one camera up to cover your front yard and driveway and mount another to cover your backyard and back door. According to reports, the HomeBase 3 keeps all recordings made inside our home, and the motion detection notifications work without a hitch. Furthermore, it already has facial recognition .

Video Caliber

The EufyCam 3 is a 4K security camera that easily outperforms any other model I’ve seen. During the day, this entirely wireless security camera records a bright, crisp image that makes it simple to distinguish face characteristics, letters, and numbers, such as those on a license plate, for example.

The EufyCam 3’s picture quality is rather good, even at night when it has the option to switch on a spotlight to record color night vision or infrared night vision. I prefer color night vision because it allows for better pictures with less ghosting and serves as a potential deterrent. It works by turning on the spotlight on the camera when movement is detected.

Anti-theft detection is another feature of security cameras, and it detects attempts to remove them or, in my case, to stand on them by crows. If someone outside activates the anti-theft alarm, it will always be audible from the HomeBase 3 and will also be visible on a mobile notification from the Eufy Security app.

The EufyCam 3 and HomeBase 3 security camera systems are now compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but not Apple HomeKit.

Absence of any Monthly Fees

One of the two areas where the HomeBase 3 shines is in this area, which is the main reason we decided to go with Eufy for our home security system: It serves as both an alarm and a storage device for the video recorded by the exterior security cameras within your home when linked through Ethernet.

Despite having 16GB of built-in storage, the HomeBase 3 has an extension bay that can accommodate an HDD or SSD for up to 16TB of local video storage, eliminating the need for cloud storage.

But keep in mind that Eufy has its own security problems as well. According to Eufy, HomeBase 3 maintains local video content but uses a high-performance database to communicate thumbnails, images, and identifying information to AWS cloud servers.

The BionicMind AI technology of the HomeBase 3 is one area in which it excels. This enables the hub to intelligently learn the various faces of various people and identify who is arriving and departing. You can add a photo of yourself to the Eufy Security app for our house, and after a few sightings, the system began to recognize you. (However, because of facial recognition technology, you should be wary of this information being transferred to cloud servers without our permission.)

Enduring Power

The S330 EufyCam, a wireless security camera that comes with two in the new Edge Security System, features a built-in solar panel on top and a USB-C port for charging on the back. EufyCams’ initial charge discovered ideal installation spots.

The cameras should eventually have “forever power,” meaning that a few hours of direct sunlight should be sufficient to keep the battery charged. Since the original charge was about two months ago, you don’t have any need to charge the cameras.

The EufyCam 3 that monitors my driveway is constantly keeping an eye on our arrivals and departures, as well as oncoming cars and Amazon delivery drivers. That, combined with gloomy, wet fall mornings, makes for the ideal storm for battery drain. 52 days of operation and 2,431 recognized events later, the 12,400-mAh battery on that S330 EufyCam is still at 58%.

The EufyCam 3 has two operating modes: Optimal Battery Life, which records up to 20 seconds of video and modifies the detection time to prevent capturing the same thing repeatedly in a short amount of time, and Optimal Surveillance. Videos can last up to 60 seconds with ideal surveillance, and the system strives to capture as much of each incident as it can. Both clip length and detection intervals are customizable.

The Solar Dashboard and EufyCam 3s’ real-time solar charging are both shown in the Eufy Security app. The app shows daily energy use, solar charging efficiency, and trends in camera battery percentage.


The selling price of the Eufy Edge Security System, also known as the EufyCam 3 and HomeBase 3 packages, is $550. When compared to, for instance, brands like Ring and Arlo, this is pretty comparable. However, home automation enthusiasts would scoff at the price tag given that you can get alternative security cameras for less than $100 or $50 each.

Here is my opinion: The price, while high, is reasonable.

Many people spend close to or even more than the cost of this system installing home security by purchasing many motion sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, alarm systems, entry sensors, and other devices. You may strategically install these two 4K-resolution, outdoor, wireless S330 EufyCams to monitor your home’s front and rear entrances, letting you know if an intruder is seen before they even attempt to enter.

HomeBase 3 uses intelligence to identify captured footage and locally stores it, reducing monthly security subscription costs. However, data security concerns remain, and Anker Electronics will address these concerns in the future.

Additionally, the HomeBase 3 may be configured to sound an alert when the EufyCam 3 outside detects movement, with a variety of highly customizable options for what happens next, including sending notifications and saving video recordings.

Overall, this system is capable of serving as a stand-alone home security system; anything additional you choose to add is purely for your own comfort.

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