The Homegeek Blender is a potent smoothie maker with eight-speed settings The Homgeek 1450W High-Speed Blender can blend and shatter ice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, frozen desserts, etc.
The blender includes a 68-ounce Tritan pitcher, a motor base with a cup-off safety pad, a tamper to splash contents about, and a handbook with more than 50 recipes. The device has eight three-layer stainless steel blades that can spin up to 33000 RPM and is driven by a 1450W motor. This makes it ideal for emulsifying challenging materials and shattering ice.
The pitcher may be cleaned by itself with a few drops of liquid detergent and water on a medium-speed mixer because the container and lid are free of BPA. This appliance can pulverize almost anything, including nuts, batters, seeds, tough fruits and vegetables, and soup, and is just as powerful as a Ninja or Vitamix blender at less than half the price.
This product is worth considering if you need a powerful blender and don’t mind the noise. Allow me to elaborate and demonstrate the full potential of this device if you’re still not persuaded.

Homegeek Blender

Pros and Cons

  • A lot of power
  • 2 litres in size
  • Utilizable and clean


  • Hefty and large
  • When combined, a plasticky odor

The 2000W blender from Homgeek has more than enough power for almost any domestic usage, and then some, with eight speeds, a two-liter capacity, and the ability to smash ice (and just about anything else).
That has the drawback of being large, heavy, and cumbersome. This is almost definitely unnecessary if you only occasionally want to prepare a single-serving smoothie. However, if you have the room and know you’ll utilize it, this is a terrific purchase.

Homegeek Blender: Build and design

This thing is huge, as I stated. Standing on the base, it is 55cm tall, or more than half a meter, and weighs about 5kg, with the base’s extraordinarily dense composition accounting for the majority of the weight.
The blender is heavy and spacious, making it difficult to move around. It feels solid and secure, making it difficult to tip over. The base only fits in one position, and it turns on only when the jug is in the correct position.
There are straightforward controls. A dial with Start/Stop buttons incorporated into the knob moves between the eight selectable speeds in the center. Four custom setting buttons (Ice Crush, Smoothie, Grind, and Pulse) are located below that. Above those four buttons is a little LED display that just displays the amount of time you’ve been blending, in case you want to time it.
The jug is made of durable plastic with a stainless steel front panel and eight aviation-grade blades, and Tritan, a BPA-free plastic base.
The Homgeek blender is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and comes with a tamper for larger blends and a removable plastic top. Its design is not much to criticize, as long as it doesn’t pose a problem for your kitchen.

Homegeek Blender: Strength and effectiveness

This blender, which has a rated power of 2000W, is at the very edge of what you’d consider a consumer blender; you’d be just as likely to find one in a professional kitchen or cocktail lounge.
This is a wonderful option for normal smoothies and soups, as well as crushed ice cocktails or nut butter, because it is pretty comfortable grinding through ice or nuts at higher power levels.
Although there are specific settings for crushing ice or grinding nuts, I generally found it to be simpler to use the standard power dial, which allows you to adjust the blending speed as needed.
Because it has a 2-liter capacity, you can blend large amounts of soup or smoothies at once. However, you shouldn’t use the entire capacity at once for thicker blends because the machine won’t have the power to keep everything moving. That probably won’t be a problem unless you want to create 2 liters of peanut butter all at once.
The blender does emit a mildly unsettling plasticky smell when run hot and long enough. Homgeek advises consumers to anticipate this during initial usage, but it continued for a considerable amount of time, especially when operating the blender at its highest power, which suggests that some portion of the plastic may be getting hot.

Homegeek Blender: Pricing and accessibility

The Homgeek 2000W is currently not for sale in the US at all, and Amazon is the only online retailer we can find it at. Amazon has it listed for £109.99.
That may seem like a lot for a blender, but there aren’t many on the market with that kind of power or a container that size.

You can save money on smaller, less potent models from Homgeek or other manufacturers if you don’t need to blend huge batches or don’t anticipate using it on tougher items like ice or nuts. However, if you anticipate using all the extra oomph, this pricing is reasonable considering what you’re receiving.

Hand Blender by Smeg

Homegeek Blender

Among the most sought-after kitchenware and accessories are Smeg items. And the business’s brand-new hand blender is no different. Is its design equally as stunning as its performance, though?

The hand blender from Smeg has a variable speed 700-watt motor. This hand blender has a fairly powerful motor. It also has a turbo button for further power. With the blender function, this level of power is not typically required unless you want to combine a bucket of rocks into a smoothie.


  • The additional tools include a whisk,
  • A 1.4-liter bottle, a potato masher, and
  • A container-sealed food processor.

Pricing and accessibility

Although the hand blender (HBF01) itself has an RRP of £99.95, it is now being offered for sale between £59 and £79. It only includes the common blending head (as shown in the images above and below). There are four colors on hand. It is available in pastel blue at for £79.


I’ve only had this blender for a short while, but I’m extremely happy with what it can do. I want to take it to my next apartment and use it as my primary blender there.
This adaptable device can whip cream, chop almonds, emulsify cream, combine fruits, and make a variety of beverages.

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