Do you dislike wasting hours on YouTube looking through innumerable videos? Do you find it difficult to stay focused while continually enticed by the infinite entertainment available on your phone? If so, you are not alone. Due to the appeal of YouTube, many people have trouble staying focused and successfully managing their time. But don’t worry, there is a fix: simply disable YouTube on your phone.

In this post, we’ll look at several strategies and tactics that can give you back control of your smartphone and get rid of YouTube as a distraction. We provide solutions for increasing productivity, reducing screen time, and overcoming addiction. Let us now explore the process of permanently blocking YouTube on your phone.

Why block YouTube on your phone?

YouTube has become a very popular platform for entertainment, information, and even education. With millions of videos at their fingertips, it’s no wonder people spend hours scrolling through the app. But there are times when you need to block YouTube on your phone. Here are some reasons:


YouTube can be quite a distraction. This is especially true if you are always obsessed with watching videos instead of focusing on important tasks. Blocking YouTube can help you improve your productivity by eliminating these distractions.

Time Management:

Watching YouTube videos may be a time-consuming activity, with hours passing without one’s knowledge. Blocking YouTube can help you manage your time and use it more effectively for other activities that are important to you.

Use of Data:

Streaming YouTube videos consumes a lot of data. If you have a limited data plan or want to save data, blocking YouTube on your phone can prevent unnecessary data usage and avoid paying extra.

Parental Control:

As a parent, you can restrict your child’s access to certain content on the Internet. Blocking YouTube can help you prevent kids from watching inappropriate videos or spending too much time watching age-inappropriate videos.

Content Moderation:

Since YouTube is a user-generated content platform, not all videos are appropriate for public consumption. You can defend yourself from harmful, offensive, or abusive content that might circulate on YouTube by blocking it.

With these reasons in mind, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to block YouTube on your phone. It is important to evaluate your needs and priorities to determine whether it would be beneficial to temporarily or permanently block YouTube.

How to Block YouTube on Your Phone: Android Devices, iOS Devices, Third-Party Apps and Software

If you spend too much time on YouTube and it affects your productivity or distracts you, blocking YouTube on your phone can be a useful solution. Fortunately, there are several ways to effectively unblock YouTube through your Android or iOS device, as well as through third-party apps and software. Let us take a deeper look at these approaches.

Using Android Devices to Block YouTube:

  • Using the parental control options that are already there on your Android device is one way to ban YouTube. Here’s how to go about it:
  • on the device, access the “Settings” menu.
  • choose “Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls” or a comparable choice.
  • Turn on parental controls and make a new account for yourself.
  • Select content restrictions from the profile options.
  • Add YouTube to the list of prohibited websites by selecting “Video.”
  • These instructions will prevent YouTube from playing on your Android device, freeing you up to concentrate on other crucial chores.

Using iOS Devices to Block YouTube:

Blocking YouTube on an iOS device is equally straightforward. Let us take a deeper look at these approaches:

  • Your iOS device’s “Settings” app should now be open.
  • After swiping down, tap “Screen Time.”
  • Choose “Privacy & Content Restrictions.”
  • Turn on the limitations and create a passcode.
  • Select “Web Content” from the list of content restrictions.
  • In the “Never Allow” list, add YouTube after selecting “Limit Adult Websites.”
  • By blocking YouTube on your iOS device, you may maintain your attention on your tasks by making it unreachable.

Using Software and Apps from Third Parties:

You may want to think about utilizing third-party apps or software made specifically for blocking websites and apps on your phone if you want a more complete filtering solution. These programs frequently have configurable settings that allow you to restrict particular websites or apps, including YouTube.

Several well-liked third-party programs and applications consist of:


With this application, you can block certain websites and applications, including YouTube on all devices.

Cold turkey:

With the cold turkey, you can create individual block lists and install tables when websites or specific applications are blocked. – Clean Nanny:
Net Nanny offers advanced parental controls that restrict access to websites and block certain applications.

These apps and software give you an extra layer of control over your phone’s browsing habits, making it easy to block YouTube and other distractions. Remember, blocking YouTube on your phone will help you focus and be more productive. It is critical to choose the strategy that works best for you and your requirements.

Whether you use your device’s built-in parental controls or opt for third-party apps and software, monitoring your YouTube usage will help you get the most out of your time and stay on track.

Tips for effectively blocking YouTube

Blocking YouTube on your phone can be a useful way to improve productivity, stay focused, or control access to inappropriate content. Here are some pointers to help you improve the effectiveness of your YouTube banning-efforts:

Use parental controls

Many smartphones have built-in parental controls that can block certain apps or websites, including YouTube. Use this feature to block access to YouTube on your phone.

Restricted profile settings

Create a limited profile on your Android phone to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing YouTube.

Block YouTube on your router

Another effective way to block YouTube on your phone is to configure your home router to block access to the site. This method applies to any device connected to your Wi-Fi network, including mobile phones.

VPN Services

The VPN (virtual personal network) service will help you bypass the YouTube restrictions that have entered the Internet or MANAGER supplier. But be careful and use the VPN service responsibly.

Block YouTube at work or school

If you need to block YouTube on your phone while you’re at work or school, check with your IT department to make sure the necessary restrictions are in place.

Control of Internet use

You can monitor your or your child’s internet usage to check or block access to YouTube. For effective blocking, periodically check your browsing history or install internet monitoring software.

Things to remember

YouTube is constantly updating its features, and you can find ways to bypass blocking methods. Check out the latest YouTube blocking technologies and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Communication and training

If you block a child or family member from YouTube, it’s important to explain why you’re doing it and offer them alternative activities or entertainment options.

Protect your restrictions with a password.

To prevent unauthorized changes or circumvention of YouTube blocks, you should password-protect your block settings or restricted profile.

Monitoring and coordination

Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your YouTube blocking methods. If you still can’t access YouTube, try adjusting your settings or finding additional tools or methods.
By following these tips, you can effectively unblock YouTube on your phone and create a more focused and productive experience.

Summary of How to Block YouTube on an iPhone:

Blocking YouTube on your phone can be a useful tool to help you manage your screen time, stay focused, and avoid distractions. If you want to limit your use or prevent others from accessing it, there are several ways to do this. You can also use parental control apps, and network-level filters, and change device settings.

Please note that the implementation of these measures must be done carefully and with respect for privacy and freedom. It is important to strike a balance between using technology responsibly and embracing the benefits it provides. Experiment with different methods and find what works best for you to maintain a healthy and caring relationship with your phone.

So, use the methods in this article to take control of your YouTube usage and free up your time and attention. Remember, you have the power to shape your digital habits and create more focused mobile experiences.

Frequent Questions on How to Block YouTube on an iPhone

How do I block YouTube on my iPhone?

The steps for iOS are the same as for iPadOS. Use usage time to restrict both apps and websites in Settings.

How do I block a YouTube channel?

To block a channel, go to the main page of the application. Then select the Show More icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner and select Lock User. However, this option will prevent users from commenting on your video. You can tell YouTube not to recommend channel posts for your default channel by clicking Advanced > Do not recommend channel, but you can access the channel manually.

How to unblock YouTube on Android?

There are several methods you can use to block YouTube on your Android phone. One option is to use a parental control app or built-in settings to block certain apps or websites. Another option is to modify your device’s host file to redirect to the YouTube domain, effectively blocking access to the site. The Google Play Store also has special apps that block YouTube.

Can I block YouTube on my iPhone?

Yes, you can block YouTube on an iPhone using the same method as on Android. You can use the parental controls built into iOS to restrict access to certain apps or websites, including YouTube. There are also third-party apps in the App Store that can help you unblock YouTube on your iPhone.

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