You might not want your children to use the iPhone or iPad to watch videos on YouTube for extended periods. Youngsters typically enjoy watching YouTube, but you might want to restrict their access to certain content and privacy settings when it comes to screen time. Even though you might want to give your kids access to an iPhone or iPad, you should exercise caution. Certain videos might not be suitable for young viewers. Also, you might want your children to divert their attention from the iPhone or iPad to something else.

As a result, you might want to disable YouTube on your gadget. I’ll demonstrate how to accomplish this in this post without the need to download any third-party software. Just adhere to these techniques:

How to Block YouTube on iPhone

Method 1:

Block YouTube on iPhone Using Apple’s Screen Time
Here are the steps, advantages, and techniques for utilizing Screen Time to restrict YouTube on an iPhone.


Using the built-in Screen Time function of iOS is another technique that works well for blocking YouTube on an iPhone. You can use this tool to impose limits on content and privacy, such as blocking particular websites.
You can use this tool to impose limits on content and privacy, such as banning particular websites.


There are various advantages to using Screen Time to restrict YouTube on an iPhone:

Integrated feature: Screen Time is a built-in function of iOS, so no additional software or apps are required.

Customizable Controls: Screen Time allows you to restrict which websites are accessible, giving you authority over the content that is available on the device.
Usage Insights: Screen Time also provides information about how long your child spends using apps, websites, and other media, which can help you monitor and control their device usage.

Why this is a wise decision:

If you’re looking for a free solution, Screen Time is a fantastic option for blocking YouTube on your iPhone.
Screen time settings, however, are device-specific and simple for a kid to change. Canopy is the best option for a more complete solution that functions on all networks and devices.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Blocking YouTube on iPhone Using Apple’s Screen Time

  1. Go to Settings:

Select “Screen Time” after selecting “Settings” on your child’s iPhone.

  1. Activate Screen Time: You must follow the instructions to set it up if it isn’t already.
  2. Access Content and Privacy Restrictions: Select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ after turning on Screen Time.
  3. Turn on Content & Privacy: Toggle the switch to turn it on if it isn’t already.
  4. Access Content Restrictions: Choose “Web Content” after selecting “Content Restrictions.”
  5. Add YouTube to the blocked list: Type as the URL for YouTube and select “Add Website” under “NEVER ALLOW.”
    Performing the aforementioned will prevent YouTube from appearing in iPhone browser apps. We must now prevent access to the application as well.
  6. Retrace your steps and enter the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu once more.
  7. Block the YouTube app: Select ‘Allowed Apps’ and click the YouTube app to turn the switch to the off position.

Method 2:

How to Block YouTube on an iPhone Using Your Home Router

Here’s how to use a home router to block YouTube on an iPhone, along with some advantages and a step-by-step guide.


You can restrict particular websites for all devices linked to your network using the built-in functionality found in a lot of contemporary routers.


There are various advantages to blocking YouTube on an iPhone via your router:

Router-level blocking applies to any devices linked to your network, including a network environment. For all devices on your network, including PCs, iPads, and iPhones, you just need to set up the block once.
Persistent Blocking: The settings will remain unchangeable for your child.
No Need for Extra Software: On every device, there’s no need to install extra software or extensions.

Why it’s a wise decision:

If you have many devices at home and want to ensure uniform blocking across all of them, using your home router to block YouTube on an iPhone is an excellent option.

Unfortunately, it is only functional with the devices linked to your home network. Thus, your youngster has access to YouTube even if they turn off the wifi or leave the house.
In contrast, Canopy protects all of your devices, whether or not you are at home.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Blocking YouTube on an iPhone Using a Router

  1. Go into the router’s settings: Entering your router’s IP address into a web browser is how most routers work. In the IP address, it displays “” or “” Usually, your router has it.
  2. Open your router and log in: You’ll need to provide your password and username. You can find the login credentials online or in the router’s handbook if you don’t know them.
  3. Locate the settings for website filtering or parental control: Usually, it’s located under “settings” or “advanced settings.” Search for phrases such as “block sites,” “content screening,” or “parental controls.
  4. Establish a website filter: Put the URL you wish to block here. Here’s the URL: “”
  5. Configure your network using the settings: Remember to save the configurations. It might be necessary to restart the router for it to take effect.

Method 3.

The Best Way to Block YouTube on an iPhone Employing the Parental Control App, Canopy

Here are the instructions, advantages, and methodology for utilizing Canopy to block YouTube on an iPhone.


On iPhones and other devices, Canopy is a parental control app and porn filter. Canopy secures your family’s online experience by preventing access to YouTube and other potentially hazardous websites and apps.


Canopy is the best option for preventing access to YouTube on an iPhone for the following reasons:
All-around Security: Canopy works flawlessly on all of your devices, providing constant security irrespective of the gadget your kid chooses to explore.
Instant Content Filtering: Canopy’s AI-powered content filtering technology instantly detects and prohibits objectionable information to make browsing safer.
Customized Controls: Canopy gives you the ability to restrict particular websites and adjust the amount of filtering according to your child’s age and maturity.
User-friendly: Canopy makes it easier to set up and manage your child’s online safety with its simple instructions and intuitive design.

Why it is superior:

The best way to block YouTube on an iPhone is to use Canopy, which has removal prevention capabilities, works on multiple devices, and bans the app and website whether or not your child is at home.
Moreover, Canopy offers real-time content screening for all browsers and devices.
It’s more than simply a content blocker; it helps you create safer online environments and better digital habits.
You may use Canopy to block YouTube and any other website or content that poses a risk to your child’s safety.

How to Use Canopy to Block YouTube on an iPhone: Method by Step

Open an account on Canopy: Start with a complimentary trial.

Get the Canopy for Kids application: Put it on any device you want to use to prevent access to YouTube. An iPhone, in this instance. I took care of my eight-year-old’s iPhone.

Configure protection filters: To block a particular website, sign into the Canopy web dashboard or launch the Canopy app on your mobile device. Select “Security Settings” and then select “User Filter Rules”.

Block YouTube: Click ‘Websites’ on the dashboard and select the ‘+ Add’ option.

Type in the URL for YouTube: “” You should select “Blocked” and then click “Save” for this.
If your youngster tries to view YouTube using a browser, this prevents them from doing so on their iPhone. Continue reading to ban the app.

Click on “Applications”: Go to the “Applications” tab (or Apps, if you’re using the Canopy for Parents app) on the dashboard. The list of all the installed apps on your child’s device will appear on the following screen.
Next, choose Block User by clicking the More button (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner. However, this option just prevents that individual from leaving comments on your videos. By selecting More > Don’t recommend channel, you can instruct YouTube to stop suggesting posts from channels on your main feed; however, you can still access the channel directly.

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