“How to cancel Disney Plus” With a Disney Plus subscription, all you have to do is sign up to access an ever-growing library of shows and movies. However, even the best streaming service doesn’t have much to offer.
Maybe you’ve watched all of your favorite movies and TV shows, or maybe you’ve spent your days binge-watching. Whatever the reason, you are sure of one thing:
It’s time to cancel your subscription. So get your devices ready and keep reading to learn how to cancel Disney Plus based on your subscription method. Cancel Disney Plus

What is Disney Plus

Disney Plus has a large library; however, it is not free to use. The monthly recurring cost of the subscription will increase over time. Additionally, Disney Plus is limited to content that Disney owns streaming rights to. This may not include your favorite movies or TV series. The frustration of finding something to watch can sometimes lead people to cancel their Disney Plus subscription. Follow the instructions below to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. Please note that you must unsubscribe using the same platform you signed up for. In other words:

Disney Plus subscriptions must be canceled through iTunes if they have been purchased through that platform.
You must utilize Google Play for app payments or the website for direct payments if you want to stop receiving Disney Plus.
For instance, if you subscribed straight through the Disney website and have always watched Disney Plus using the iOS or Android app, you can cancel using the website.

How to Terminate Disney Plus Online

The quickest and simplest method to remove Disney Plus from your computer is as follows:

  • Select your profile icon after signing into your account.
  • Go to Account.
  • Select your subscription (for instance, monthly Disney Plus).
  • Please choose Cancel Subscription.
  • If you choose, include a justification for your cancellation.
  • By selecting Continue to Cancel, you can confirm your decision.

Unless you confirm the cancellation, you will still have access to Disney Plus for the rest of the membership month.
After that, there won’t be any more fees, and you won’t have access.

Disney Plus Cancellation from an iPhone

You can cancel Disney Plus on your iOS device by following the instructions below if you signed up using iTunes or your Apple account:

  • Launch the Settings program.
  • At the top of the screen, click the button bearing your name.
  • Subscriptions on Tap
  • Select Disney Plus.
  • Then select Cancel Subscription.

Unless you confirm the cancellation, you will still have access to Disney Plus for the rest of the membership month. After that, there won’t be any more fees, and you won’t have access.

An effective way to Cancel Disney Plus from an Android

If you’ve been paying for Disney Plus with your Google Play account, you can cancel your subscription.

  • Activate the Google Play Store.
  • Select the menu by clicking the corner icon with the three bars stacked on top.
  • Decide on a subscription
  • Select the Disney Plus tile.
  • Decide to cancel your membership.

Until you officially cancel your subscription, you will still be able to access Disney Plus for the rest of the current subscription month. After that, there won’t be any more fees, and you won’t have access.

How can I renew my Disney Plus subscription?

You can always renew your subscription to Disney Plus. The process of re-subscribing after you cancel is the same as for the first registration. As soon as your subscription payment is made, you will have access to Disney Plus again.
Regardless of the platform you originally used to sign up for and pay for Disney Plus (e.g., iTunes, Google Play), you can still use the same platform to renew your subscription. You can also use another platform if you want. Please note that if you delete your account, your data will not be recoverable. You will need to create a new account and register it. Information like your watch history and playlists will be gone.

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to cancel Disney Plus.

Does Disney Plus have a cancellation fee?

Disney Plus doesn’t charge a fee for cancellations. You can cancel for free at any time, but you will not receive a refund.

Is it possible to revoke my Disney Plus membership at any time?

Disney Plus subscriptions are easy to cancel at any time. However, remember that you will not receive any refund if you cancel your subscription. Instead, you’ll be able to continue using Disney Plus for the remainder of the subscription period. After this time, you will not be charged but will lose access.

How do I cancel my Disney Plus subscription for free?

If you signed up for the Disney Plus free trial, you can cancel at any time before your first payment is due. You can follow the same instructions as canceling a regular Disney Plus subscription. To ensure that you are not charged, you should make sure to cancel your trial before your first payment. You will not be able to get a refund if you cancel later. Instead, you only get Disney Plus access for the entire subscription period.


If you don’t know how to cancel Disney Plus, there are three options:

  1. On the Disney Plus site
  2. Using Google Play Store on Android
  3. Use an Apple account on an iOS device. Choose the platform you subscribe to, even if you normally use another platform to watch. There are no refunds for canceled subscriptions, but you can continue to receive benefits until the end of the subscription period unless you delete your account.

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