One of the most important things about utilizing any gadget, including an iPad, is searching for specific material. Using the computer keyboard shortcut Control+F is one of the most often used methods for searching.

Using this command, you can look for particular words or phrases within a document or web page. But how can we replicate the Control+F command on an iPad if it lacks a Control key? The solution is to become familiar with the iPad’s features and find other ways to accomplish the same objective.

So, Here Are the Three Well-Liked Ways to Imitate Ipad Control+f Are as Follows:

Option 1: make use of the browser’s search feature.

Most web browsers come with an integrated search feature that is accessible via an easy-to-use interface. For example, to utilize this functionality in Safari, take the actions listed below:

1. Turn on your iPad’s Safari browser and go to the website you wish to search.

2. Tap the top of the screen’s address bar.

3. Enter the term you wish to use to search the website.

4. Once you reach the “On This Page” box, continue scrolling down through the search suggestions.

5. To see every instance of the search term on the page, tap the “Find [search term]” option.

While this is an easy and efficient way, it does not work with papers or PDFs stored on your iPad; it is only applicable to web pages.

Option 2: Utilize the App Store’s Search Bar

The majority of iPad apps provide a search bar that makes it easier to locate particular material inside the app. For instance, you can use the search box in the Notes app to locate notes that contain particular words or phrases. To utilize this functionality, take the actions listed below:

1. Launch the app you wish to search with.

2. Press the upper search bar on the screen.

3. Enter the desired search term.

4. The application will display every instance of the search word it discovers.

Searching within documents and PDFs saved on the iPad is an excellent use for this technology. It is, however, restricted to specific apps.

Option 3: Employ Apps from Third Parties

If you want a more powerful search option, you can download an application from a third party that mimics the Control+F keystroke combination. GoodReader, PDF Viewer Pro, and Notebooks are a few of the well-known programs.

You can use the sophisticated search capabilities of these programs to look for content on web pages, PDFs, and documents. In comparison to the built-in search features of the majority of iPad apps, they also offer more filtering choices and improved search accuracy.

To sum up, while the iPad does not have the Control+F command, you can mimic its functions with one of the three solutions mentioned above. The third alternative necessitates downloading additional software, whereas the first two techniques are integrated and provide basic search functions. Nevertheless, depending on your needs and the circumstances of your search, each approach is worthwhile to attempt.


How Can I Use a Mac to Control F?

Press Command+F on your keyboard to utilize Control F on a Mac. To find anything in an Apple app, use the search box within the app or pick Edit > Find from the menu bar.

Must I purchase an iPad keyboard?

In some situations, an on-screen keyboard could be more efficient than a wired one. But if you type a lot on the fly or want to use your iPad as a computer, you might want to think about purchasing a keyboard for it.

On my iPad, how can I enlarge the keyboard?

Spread apart your two fingers and place them on the keyboard to return it to its original size. If you want a larger keyboard, you can use third-party software or the Zoom feature.

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