One of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s toughest adversaries is the Lynels. They are enormous, vicious creatures with a high damage-dealing and absorbing capacity. Fortunately, you may defeat a Lynel using the appropriate strategies and utilize its priceless materials to improve your weapons and armor. However, this post will walk you through how to defeat Lynel.

What exactly is a Lynel vulnerability?

A Lynel can be stunned by a bow blow to the face if you are proficient with it. This is slightly simplified by using a bow that can shoot several arrows. To momentarily freeze the Lynel, use stasis or ice arrows.

To fight a Lynel, follow these simple steps:

Get the appropriate armor and weaponry.

You must equip yourself with the greatest weapons and armor you can before battling a Lynel. Equip high-attack-power weapons, including two-handed weapons or weapons that can knock the Lynel unconscious, like bows and arrows. For safety, you should also put on your best armor. Put on armor that boosts your defense and could also grant you benefits, like enhanced damage when in the air.

Observe how Lynel moves.

You need to keep an eye on Lynel’s movements so you can prepare your attack. Lynels go through various phases, and each phase has a unique set of movements. If the Lynel raises its bow, for instance, you can avoid it or hop to the closest obstruction. Likewise, if it charges at you, you can avoid its strike by backflipping or sidejumping.

Utilize environmental considerations

To defeat Lynels, the environment is also very important. Utilize your surroundings during the battle by hiding behind pillars or obstacles. As another method of attack, you can throw bombs at the Lynel or use heights to do kamikaze dash attacks.

Attack Lynel’s vulnerabilities.

Lynels have vulnerable areas that you can attack to dramatically lower their health. Lynel’s head and legs are often his two weakest points. The Lynel will be stunned if you shoot it in the skull with an arrow or strike its legs, which will allow you to assault the Lynel’s body.

Never give up

Keep in mind that a Lynel is a strong foe and that defeating it can take some time. Never give up. Continue your attacks while being patient with your plan. An all-around successful battle can be achieved by observing the enemy’s actions, making use of the surroundings, and attacking the enemy’s weak places.

How to Defeat Lynels: Different Lynels

All Lynels can benefit from the aforementioned advice, but here is some more information on the many Lynel varieties seen in Breath of the Wild.

Lynels with red faces

Red-maned As soon as you get close enough, Lynel’s will start firing shock arrows in your direction, so get as close to them as you can. Get out of the way or cover it with your shield before it jumps to avoid taking a sweeping strike.

Sky-Maned Lynx

The only difference between blue-maned Lynel’s and red-maned Lynel’s is that the latter is much stronger. The benefits of defeating them are also substantially greater.

Black-Maned Lynx

Silver-maned lynels, sometimes known as white-maned lynels, are nearly twice as strong and have twice as much health as red-maned lynels. They were the hardest foes to defeat in BOTW until the introduction of Golden Lynels, and they also dropped the most potent weaponry.
gleaming lynels
Only those who own the Master Trials DLC and are playing in Master Mode can engage in combat with Golden Lynels. Even with Link’s health at its maximum, they can kill you with just one attack because their attacks are twice as powerful as those of white-maned enemies.

Summary of How to Defeat Lynels:

Although defeating a Lynel is challenging, you can prevail with the appropriate plan, gear, and weaponry. You’ll have a better chance of defeating a Lynel if you research the opposition, use strategy, and take advantage of the surroundings. Remember that Lynolds are known to drop valuable and uncommon items, so be ready and armed for the fight that lies ahead.


What arrows to use against Lynels?

Stasis or Ice Arrows will cause the Lynel to momentarily freeze. Once you’re close enough, you can mount it to deliver more damage! The Lynel might use some fire magic throughout the battle.

Are Lynels difficult to beat?

Fighting a Lynel, no matter what kind, is not an easy task. Players should become extremely proficient at backstep evading and shield countering before taking on one of these large, powerful lion centaurs.

Before facing up against a Lynel, how many hearts are appropriate?

While it might seem apparent, boosting Link’s health and endurance will be quite beneficial while facing one of the most formidable opponents in the game. Even while an experienced player could be able to defeat a Lynel with just the first three hearts, it is highly dangerous to try this if you are new to hunting them.

Which temple boss in Tears of the Kingdom is the hardest?

Naturally, the hardest boss in Total War: Talisman would be none other than the Demon King. There are three phases to his fighting style, however, Link may have more problems in the second one. Phase 3 is not as difficult as Phase 2, but it is still not as easy as Phase 1. Phase 1 is comparable to fighting Phantom Ganon.

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