Nowadays, it appears like everyone enjoys using green screen edits in their videos. It might be a selfie video meme, a dynamic video effect, or creative banners that take the video to the next level. To participate in the green screen fad, all you need is a video editor with a green screen option, such as CapCut. This blog will show you how to utilize the green screen on CapCut to easily erase its background. Let’s look at it right now!

What exactly is CapCut?

CapCut is a video editor on Android, iOS, and PC that allows you to divide videos, modify the speed, crop them, add stickers, filters, text, overlays, chroma keys, and more. The platform is owned by the same business that runs TikTok, Bytedance. If you want to make short videos on TikTok, this platform is ideal.

First and foremost, you must register or log in to the platform. You can edit your videos online or on your computer by downloading the software.
CapCut greets you with a few questions to provide you with a tailored experience. Believe us when we say that completing these questions will result in a more personalized and enjoyable editing experience.

What exactly is Green Screen Editing?

In film and video methods such as chromakey, green screen is a term. The green screen technology allows video producers to add or modify the background video behind a moving object. Changing the video background, on the other hand, is a fairly common filmmaking technique utilized in a wide range of film projects.

An actor, for example, can easily recreate the soul-stirring mountain climbing scene without having to climb on a cliff, with the use of strings and ropes and a green background. The green screen video editing technology is responsible for all of this.

How Do You Use Green Screen on CapCut?

On CapCut, there are two options for removing the green screen. Which are:

  • Method 1: Green Screening with CapCut Chroma Key
  • Method 2: Using CapCut’s ‘Auto Cutout’ Feature to Remove Background

Method 1: Green Screening with CapCut Chroma Key

Before we begin, keep in mind that to remove the green screen with the chroma key in CapCut, you must first download the software to your PC or mobile device, as it is not available on the web editor.
Let’s get to the good stuff now!
Assume you’re a realtor who wants to impress your audience by exhibiting a cinematic shot of a property location that piques their interest. You can achieve precisely that with CapCut’s Chroma key feature, and it’s easier than you think! Take the following steps:

Step 1: Submit your video to CapCut.

To begin, import your video into CapCut and drag it to the bottom of the timeline. The procedure is simple: simply drag and drop.

Step 2: Assemble Your Green Screen Video As An Overlay

Next, drag your green screen image to the bottom of the timeline after adding or importing it to CapCut. Assemble it as an overlay, which means it should appear above your movie in the timeline.

Step 3: Remove the Green Screen Using the Chroma Key Feature

This is the thrilling part! On the timeline, select the green screen image and click the ‘cutout’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Then, check the ‘chroma key’ box and select the green color from the ‘color picker.’

Step 4: Change the video’s brightness and shadows.

After you’ve chosen the green hue, tweak the brightness and shadows of the green screen to remove it seamlessly and give your video the theatrical look you want.

Step 5: Save Your Video

You’re nearly there! Once you’re pleased, save the video in mp4 format at your desired resolution. And there you have it! Your polished video is now ready to be released and loved by your target audience.

Method 2: Using CapCut’s ‘Auto Cutout’ Feature to Remove Background

If you shoot videos with yourself as the main attraction, this strategy is for you.

Why is this the case?

Consider the following scenario: you’re filming a video, but the background isn’t quite up to par. Maybe you’re utilizing a green screen and want to replace it with a more engaging scene.
That’s where CapCut’s backdrop removal tool comes in, allowing you to easily replace the background in your films.

Step 1: Import your background clip into CapCut.

Begin by importing the backdrop clip you want your final video’s viewers to see. Place it on the timeline; in our case, we’ve chosen a house behind a nice grassy scene.

Step 2: Insert the original video that you want to modify.

Then, retain you as the focal point of the original video. Make sure it’s higher in the timeline than in the preceding video.
We chose a woman speaking in front of a green backdrop for our tests. We’ll remove the green background from this clip and replace it with footage of the house.

Step 3: Remove the background using CapCut’s auto-cutout feature.

This is where the magic takes place! Choose the top video on the timeline and click the ‘cutout’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Then, check the ‘auto cutoff’ box. Allow a few minutes for the software to perform its magic, erasing the background surrounding you.

Step 4: Download Your Video

You’re nearly there! Now, export the video at the resolution of your choice, and your professional-looking film is ready to impress your audience.

Bonus Tip: Improve Your Videos to Increase Views

CapCut does offer inscriptions and stickers, but the styles and quantities are restricted. FlexClip, an all-in-one online video editor, may help you improve your video. It includes a myriad of text animations appropriate for a variety of situations, such as social networking, birthdays, weddings, news, and so on.

It recently introduced background removal to assist you in removing undesirable items from assets. Furthermore, there are a plethora of pre-made subscribe icons available for use with your social network videos.


CapCut green screen editing will be useful if you want to modify the background of your future films, especially if you’re using a smartphone. As a result, I hope you found this instruction useful and learned how to utilize the green screen to modify the video background on CapCut.

In addition, this post explains how to use the green screen on CapCut in two distinct ways. You can select the one that best meets your needs.

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