“How to download movies on HBO Max” When you don’t have an internet connection, you can download movies and TV series from Max (previously HBO Max) to watch offline. This article discusses how to download from HBO Max and what restrictions there are on downloading stuff.

How to Download Max for Android, iPhone, and iPad

For all the major platforms, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android, you may download Max via first-party apps. Use these steps to get movies or TV shows using those apps. (Although the screenshots below are from an iPhone, the same procedures apply to an iPad or an Android device as well.)

Find the movie or TV show you wish to download using the Max app’s search or browsing functions. The indicator for downloading is a down arrow pointing at a line. The download icon becomes a rectangle with a checkmark when the video or TV show has finished downloading. Now you can watch this whenever you want, offline.

How to Download Movies on HBO Max

Methods for Erasing Downloads from Max

The procedures below apply to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well if you want to erase any movies or TV shows that you downloaded from Max:

  • At the bottom of the app, on the menu bar, tap the download symbol. On this screen, you can see every download you’ve made so far. Pick up the pencil icon.
  • You can select Clear All from this edit mode to remove all of your downloads, or you can hit the X next to each individual item you want to remove.
  • In the confirmation pop-up, select Remove All to delete many episodes at once.

Can You Download Max’s Content?

Remember that not all Max subscribers have this option if you’ve attempted the preceding methods without success. Only Max’s $15.99/month Ad-Free plan allows for the downloading of material for offline viewing. The “With Ads plan,” which is less expensive, does not permit downloads.

Additional Details On Downloading On Max:

There is a 30-item limit on the number of downloads you can make at once. This is applicable to all user profiles and devices using the same account.

The combined number of downloads on two devices, for instance, cannot exceed 30 if both you and your spouse use the same Max account.

Expiration of Downloads:

After you begin watching a download, you have 48 hours to complete it before it expires and is automatically deleted. By pressing the downloads menu at the bottom of the screen, select the! icon next to an expired file, and selecting Renew, you can renew a download.

There are two download parameters that you might want to alter. Go to User Profile > Gear Icon > Downloads to get to them. Slide the Download over Wi-Fi Only slider to only ever download over Wi-Fi (a smart idea to prevent using up your monthly high-speed cellular data plan). In the Download Quality menu, you may also select faster downloads with lower-quality video or slower downloads with high-quality video.

FAQ of How to Download Movies on HBO Max

On my PC, can I download movies and TV shows?

No, Max only permits downloading via the first-party app on mobile devices.

On Max, how many streams can you support?

Three devices can broadcast content simultaneously. You can get around the three-stream restriction so that more than three viewers can enjoy the video by downloading it on mobile and viewing it on a desktop.

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