“How to Fill in Procreate” In most design programs, employing the bucket tool is typically required to color fill. However, there is no bucket-fill feature in Procreate, and this is for good reason. We’ll cover all of Procreate’s filling options in this piece, including how to fill individual objects, entire layers, and selections without using a standard fill tool.
Simply tap and drag the color disc in the top-right corner of Procreate onto the object you want to color. The most straightforward approach is to carry this out. Once applied, the color you’ve chosen from your color menu will fill the subject. Let’s analyze this in greater detail.

How to Use Procreate’s Color Fill Tool

There isn’t a conventional bucket-filling tool in Procreate. Simply tap and drag the color disc in the top-right corner of your screen onto your subject in Procreate to add color. Once released, the topic will be filled with the chosen color.

How To Fill Objects With Color

Let’s start by talking about how to color specific objects and subjects to get things going.
Selecting a color to fill the subject with is the first step. To achieve this, select your color from the Color option in the top-right corner of the screen.
Simply tap and drag the colored disc onto your topic in Procreate once you’ve made your selection.
To fill your topic with the desired color, tap and drag the color disc onto it.
When released, the subject will be filled with the color of your choice.
And it’s really that easy! When a straightforward UI hack would do the task, who needs a bucket tool?
Procreate will utilize its own internal algorithm to decide where and how to apply the color whenever you color-fill objects in the program. This implies that there may be circumstances in which you attempt to color-fill an object but the software is unable to accurately define the borders, resulting in an imperfect outcome. Therefore, be ready to change as needed.

How To Fill All Layers With Color

We discussed how to color fill in in the previous step so that you could alter the color of an object. But what if you want to use a solid color to fill an entire layer?
First, click the Layers menu in the top-right corner of the screen to access it.
After it is opened, tap the layer you want to fill to bring up a submenu for that layer
When you tap on your layer, a submenu will appear with the option to fill the layer entirely with a solid color.
You can choose the Fill Layer option from that submenu. By choosing that option, you’ll fill the layer with the color you’ve chosen right now.

How to Fill Selections with Color

The last method of color filling in Procreate is selection.
Selections are portions of your image that you have outlined and separated from the surrounding text. Any modifications made while a selection is active, including color filling, will be specific to that choice.
In Procreate, you can apply a variety of selections, such as:

  • Automatic
  • Freehand
  • Rectangle
  • Ellips

Opening the Selection menu should provide a Color Fill option in the menu’s bottom right-hand corner.
By turning on the Color Fill option, all newly formed selections will be automatically filled with the color of your choice.
When you choose that option, Procreate will use the color you have chosen to automatically fill any new selections you make in the future.
To fill out your selections, you do not need to have this option activated.
Alternatively, you can fill your selection by simply tapping and dragging the color you want, just like you would fill any other item.
This will also fill your selection with the color of your choice, and it’s a useful option to have available in case you forget to turn on Color Fill before.

Conclusion on How to Fill in Procreate:

If you’re new to mobile design, the lack of a bucket-fill tool might be perplexing. However, Procreate does not include a bucket tool because it is not necessary. Procreate’s color-filling interface is so basic and intuitive that including a bucket tool would merely add further clutter.
I think Procreate’s simplicity is what makes it so brilliant. Once you get to know it, Procreate is a welcome change of pace because it frequently questions the conventions of design software and reimagines how we operate.

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