“How to get DJ on Spotify” With Spotify AI DJ being one of the most recent additions to the famous streaming music service, you may be wondering how to use it and how to obtain access to it in the first place.

The AI technology has been progressively spreading out in beta since its introduction in February 2023, first for users in the United States and Canada, but it has not always been available to every subscriber of the premium music streaming site.

The AI DJ capability, which was released in the United Kingdom and Ireland in mid-May, is hidden and only available in certain situations, requiring only a few simple steps to utilize.

Access Spotify DJ to listen to unique songs alongside millions of other people.

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How to get DJ on Spotify: What exactly is a Spotify DJ?

Spotify DJ is an AI-powered, curated music service based on your listening patterns that employs a DJ-like voice to mimic the sound of a radio station.

The DJ selects a set of tunes depending on your music preferences and then utilizes comments surrounding the tracks and performers to suggest what you should hear next.

Spotify’s AI function, accessible directly from the platform, joins Discover Weekly and Wrapped playlists to assist users in discovering personalized music.

How to Install Spotify’s AI DJ

How to get DJ on Spotify

You must have a Premium subscription in order to use Spotify AI DJ. You can register for this on Spotify’s official website for $9.97 per month for one account.

Before you begin, make sure you have the most recent version of Spotify on desktop or mobile, or the functionality will not appear.

Verify that you have the most recent version of Spotify by searching for it in your app store or pressing on your profile image and selecting ‘Update Spotify Now’ for your desktop.

After installing the newest version, launch Spotify on your preferred device and navigate to the Home screen.

Go to the top of your device and select the ‘Music’ option. When you arrive at this screen, you should see a huge blue box with a dancing circular green symbol and a welcome. This is the DJ’s business card.

To begin your experience, tap the Play button on the DJ card. By pressing on the Plus symbol to the left of the box, you can also add the feature to Your Library.

How to Make Use of Spotify’s AI DJ

To utilize Spotify DJ, go to the Home screen and select the Music Feed option. You may then select to play the experience by pressing the Play button or save it to your Music Library by pressing the Plus symbol.

Following a quick introduction, the function will select what it will play for you based on a few themes. These are: From Your Past, a collection of songs you may not have heard in a long time or that bring back memories, New Releases Inspired by Recent Listening, based on your most recent tracks and genres, Editor’s Picks, and You are both recommended.

If you want to change your theme at any moment, you may return to the DJ and have him re-select music for you by tapping on the circular blue symbol at the bottom left of your screen. Actively follow DJ’s advice to increase accuracy.

How to get DJ on Spotify: How does Spotify DJ function?

Spotify DJ combines the platform’s own personalization engine, which provides you with a list of music suggestions based on what you like, with generative AI via OpenAI technology.

With the help of editors, Spotify offers users insights into artists, genres, and pre-set statistics.

Furthermore, the functionality takes advantage of a recent Spotify purchase known as Sonatic, a dynamic AI speech engine that creates lifelike voices from text.

How to get DJ on Spotify: Top 7 Spotify MP3 players

Among all MP3 players, these are the seven most common models that can install the Spotify app and stream Spotify Music without connecting to other devices.

Top 1: Mighty Vibe

Mighty Vibe is the first popular MP3 player that works with Spotify. It has a small size and only a few buttons, making it portable and simple to use when playing music. This MP3 player can install the two most popular music streaming applications, Spotify and Amazon Music, allowing you to access and enjoy online music resources without the need for a phone.

Because it includes a clip on the rear, the gadget can be fastened to your clothes, making it easy to take it with you when doing outside sports like running, jogging, and so on. Mighty Vibe has at least 8GB of internal capacity and can store over 1000 high-quality Spotify Premium tracks for offline playback. You may also utilize its Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities to transfer and save any downloaded tunes on it for subsequent playback. With Mighty Vibe, you don’t have to carry around hefty phones all the time to listen to music.

Top 2: iPod Touch

Spotify supports Apple’s iPod Touch, which has a substantial market share. You may install the app from the App Store and then sign in to your Spotify account to stream the music with a network connection, or if you are a Spotify Premium member, you can download Spotify Music for iPod Touch to enjoy offline.

However, you should be aware that not all iPod Touch models enable the installation of Spotify. According to the official statement, only the iPod Touch 5th generation and later may immediately install Spotify.

Top 3: Apple Watch

In recent years, many people have chosen to purchase an Apple Watch. Instead of showing the time, the gadgets may be used to play music, and the Spotify software can be immediately loaded on them so that you can enjoy Spotify on your Apple Watch. You merely need to link your Apple Watch to your iPhone and install the software from the “Watch” app. You may install Spotify on it and instantly play music with your Apple Watch while connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data (depending on the Apple Watch model you purchased).

If you have Spotify Premium, you can also use the Apple Watch to manage the music downloads on your iPhone.

Top 4: Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman is one of the most popular MP3 players on Spotify, and many people use it to carry their music with them wherever they go. Like iPods, not all Sony Walkman devices enable simply installing the Spotify program to play music from a playlist. At the moment, you can only have it installed on the NWZ-A and NWZ-ZX series to play Spotify Music as you do on your mobile devices. If you install the Spotify app and want to listen to it online, you’ll need to connect to a WiFi network.

Top 5: Samsung Gear S3.

As a Spotify partner, Samsung has begun to provide the Spotify Music listening experience to Samsung consumers on wearable devices. Actually, you can already install the Spotify software directly on the Samsung Gear S2 to control music playback on a linked device, such as your phone. However, in the latest Samsung Gear S3, Samsung improved Spotify compatibility, allowing you to utilize it much like on mobile devices, including streaming, downloading music, and even creating playlists as needed.

The Samsung Gear S3’s internal capacity starts at 4GB, which is enough to download a decent quantity of Spotify tracks to enjoy offline.

Top 6: Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a lesser-known smartwatch brand that should be considered alongside Apple and Samsung watches. Fitbit Versa announced Spotify compatibility in 2020, making it easier for customers to enjoy high-quality audio playback services without a phone.

Spotify can be installed successfully on many Fitbit Versa models, including Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3, and Fitbit Sense, and provides you with a high-quality Spotify music streaming experience. However, in order to install the program, you must connect using an iOS or Android smartphone. Unfortunately, the Fitbit Versa does not yet support offline mode.

Top 7: FiiO M6

The FiiO M6 is the last recommended MP3 player for Spotify. This gadget is well-suited to Spotify since it can give a high-quality playing experience both online and offline. It offers several sampling rates, allowing you to tailor the audio quality to your specific requirements. FiiO M6 can make it easier to listen to free music.

FiiO M6 is compatible with additional streaming music platforms than Spotify, including Tidal, Qobuz, and others. Furthermore, FiiO M6 has more fundamental functionality, making it usable by anyone. Except for a simple MP3 player with Spotify, it is used by both adults and children.


These Spotify-enabled MP3 devices have contributed to a more comfortable music streaming experience for you. If you’re still using an MP3 player that Spotify doesn’t support, use MuConvert Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify playlists and listen to them without the Spotify app. It’s also convenient and simple to use!

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