“How to Merge Layers in Procreate” All you need to do in Procreate to combine layers is tap the layer and choose “merge down.” However, combining numerous layers is more difficult.
When using design software, layer merging is a key procedure that each application performs differently. However, if you are accustomed to utilizing desktop-based design software, you could find it confusing how this functions in a mobile setting. Typically, you would seek out a button in the user interface (UI) that indicates merging. However, unlike on a desktop, a tool like this isn’t listed in plain sight when it comes to Procreate.

How to Merge Layers in Procreate: How To Combine Layers In Procreate

In Procreate, layer merging is possible in two different ways:

  • Individual layers: Each layer can be merged separately.
  • Multiple layers: You may combine several levels at once.

How to Combine Different Layers

Open the Layers menu in Procreate to combine layers. If you want to merge two layers, make sure the layer you want to merge it with is above the layer you want to tap on. Nevertheless, to the left of the Layers menu, a flyout menu ought to appear. The flyout menu will appear; choose “Merge Down.”
Let’s first go over the very simple procedure of merging different layers in Procreate.

Step 1: Launch the Layers menu.

By touching on the symbol in the top-right corner, the Layers menu can be accessed in two steps

Use the icon in the top-right corner of the screen to access the Layers menu.
Important: In the Layers menu, make sure the layers you want to merge together are positioned directly above and below one another.
If they aren’t already, you can drag your layer above or below the other layer you want to merge it with while holding a tap on it.

Step 2: Tap the layer you want to combine, then choose “merge down.”

We can access the Layer Options menu to combine the layers once they are adjacent to one another in the layer order.
To do this, choose the layer on top that you want to combine with the layer below it, then press on it once more. Immediately to the left of the layers menu, a flyout menu will appear
To open the Layer Options menu, click the layer you’ve chosen.
Simply choose the Merge Down option from the list to combine your layers. However, this will result in a combination (or “merge”) of the specified layer and the layer below it.

How To Combine Several Layers

No direct method for merging many layers exists in Procreate. You can avoid this problem by choosing the levels you want to combine and adding them to a new layer group. After that, you can flatten the layer group to efficiently combine your layers.

Let’s discuss a workaround for combining several levels now that we’ve covered how to merge individual layers in Procreate.

Step 1: Access the Layers menu and choose the layers you want to combine.

To begin, choose all of the layers you want to combine together from the Layers menu
You can pick up numerous layers at once by right-sliding.
Slide right on each layer that you want to combine into one selection in Procreate. As layers are picked, they are each highlighted in a paler blue.

Step 2: Add the chosen layers to a brand-new group.

Tap the Group button in the top-right corner of the Layers menu after selecting the layers
To combine the layers together, tap the group option at the top of the menu.
Performing this will add your chosen layers to a fresh layer group
Shrink the layer group.
To collapse a layer group, click or tap the downward-pointing arrow next to the group’s name.

Step 3: Streamline the layer group

All we have to do to combine our layers now that we have added them to a new group is to flatten the group.
In that it joins layers, flattening is comparable to merging.
To access the layer group options, tap on the layer group to flatten it
By choosing to flatten the layer group, you can effectively merge all of the layers in it.

Conclusion on How to Merge Layers in Procreate:

Knowing how to merge layers in Procreate can be challenging because it isn’t explicitly stated on any of the menu items or user interface options until you visit the Layer Options menu, just like when adjusting a layer’s opacity. Nevertheless, if you understand how it functions, the process is still rather simple.

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